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The Jewish Legacy Of World War I

Though a vicious civil war divided nationalist Ukrainians, Bolsheviks, and anti-Bolsheviks, they were somehow able to unite in committing atrocities against Ukraine’s one million Jews.

Robert Kennedy: Assassinated For His Support Of Israel

A great champion of Israel throughout his professional life, Robert F. Kennedy supported Jews and the Jewish State from an early age. While a...

Who Wrote The Tefillah L’Shalom Medinat Yisrael?

People from various communities in the Diaspora are asking me to amend the prayer for the well-being of the state and its leaders.

The Fascinating History Of ‘Hatikvah’

In one of the great ironies of Jewish history, the much-beloved Israeli national anthem was written by Naftali Herz Imber (1856-1909), a complex and...

Abe Fortas And Nixon’s ‘Franking’ Privilege

The United States Postal Service is compensated for servicing these mails through annual tax-funded appropriations; in other words, you, the citizen, are paying for it.

A Father-Son Duo: Utopian Proto-Zionist And America’s First Jewish Senator

Nonetheless, to his political enemies – and there were many – his very name was an anathema.

The First Jew To Hold Public Office In America

At a time when Maryland Jews lacked even the most basic civil rights, including the right to vote, Reuben Etting (1762-1848) joined many Colonial...

Edward Teller And A Nuclear Israel

The “Einstein letter” to which Teller refers is undoubtedly one of the most important and consequential letters in human history.

Yorkers – But Are They Kosher?

In honor of Sukkos, The Jewish Press decided to feature pictures of six of the winning designs.

Thanks For The Set!

The rights Rosen won for Jews included the right to emigrate, and he oversaw a tremendous exodus of some 400,000 Romanian Jews to Eretz Yisrael and elsewhere.

Kapparot: ‘A Wing And A Prayer’

In Levy’s drawing, the children do not seem particularly enamored by having a chicken waived over their heads, as the boy seems to be shielding his eyes and the little girl seems to be recoiling in horror.

Rosh Hashanah Greetings From WWII’s Jewish Brigade

Broadly heralded as the contemporary embodiment of the Maccabees, some 30,000 Jewish volunteers from Eretz Yisrael served with the British Army during World War II, and more than 700 were killed in active duty.

The First Jew To Serve On The Federal Bench

However, the main target in Lauder’s piece was “the Orthodox,” who he paints with one brush, as if there are not huge differences within Israel’s vibrant modern Orthodox, nationalist religious Zionist and charedi communities.

For The First Time, Antarctica Within Reach Of Frum Travelers

Because only 100 passengers from any one ship are allowed on shore at any one time, visitors to the Frozen Continent will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities during its mildest time of year when temperatures average approximately 34 degrees.

The German Reparations Question

This protest became the first time in Israeli history that demonstrators interrupted a Knesset session seeking to overturn a democratically made Knesset decision.

The Halachic Obligation To Report Abuse

Some Rishonim write that one may speak lashon hara to prevent potential damage or injury.

Fewer Than One In 10,000 Survived

I had no idea what I was getting myself into; I had joined a Holocaust family and jumped through the rabbit hole.

Former IDF Soldier, Father Of Two, Needs A Kidney

I desperately want [my wife] and I to grow old together, to be with my family and friends, and to watch my grandchildren grow up,"

‘The Jew Of A Thousand Voices’

His multi-lingual immigrant community, a paradigm of the American melting pot (including Russian Jews), provided a virtual cornucopia of languages, dialects, accents, intonations, and vernaculars that supplied a rich and abundant source of material for the prospective voice actor.

Rav Moshe Feinstein, Golda Meir, And Redeeming Skyjacked Hostages

Interestingly, among the unreleased hostages were Rav Yitzchak Hutner, the former Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivas Rabbi Chaim Berlin in New York and author of Pachad Yitzchak, and members of his family, who were on their way from Israel back to America.

Hiding History In Hungary

Most of the Jews could have been saved if the government had really wanted to protect them.

Beilis: From Jewish Victim To Jewish Hero

Menahem Mendel Beilis (1874-1934) was a Russian Jew accused of ritual murder in the “Beilis Affair,” an infamous Russian anti-Semitic trial reminiscent of the...

500 Transplants and Counting: The Lifesaving Work of Renewal

Renewal never recruits potential donors, but when calls come in from those contemplating kidney donation, they answer questions and put callers in touch with previous givers.

Madame Dreyfus And Madame Zola

Dreyfus was one of some 50,000 attendees at Zola’s funeral in the Montmartre Cemetery. He remained deeply grateful to Zola and apparently never forgot his benefactor.

Freud’s Twisted View Of Jewish Origins

That Freud was Jewish is universally recognized. Not as well known is his strong and proud self-identification as a Jew. Freud was also very...


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