How Four Partisan Brothers Saved Over A Thousand Jews

With the danger of being discovered always a possibility, the partisans not only moved around in the forest, but also eliminated any collaborators.

Three Women Parachutists In World War Two

On an ice-cold night in 1942, while taking part in a demanding Palmach training course in Juara in north Israel, Chaviva Reich made the...

From Funeral To Gala Dinner: ‘V’nahapoch Hu’ In The Five Towns

Twenty-four hours of tragedy turned to joy. A true v'nahapoch hu story for the month of Adar.

An Ancient Prayer – Not By R. Levi Yitzchok Of Berditchev

The mis-attribution is the result of a book titled Shnei Hame’orot published in Kishinev in 1896.

Chagall’s Inspiration For His Jerusalem Windows: Eretz Yisrael, The Bible And Jewish History

Before their final installation at Hadassah, the windows were on view at the Louvre during the summer of 1961 and at the Museum of Modern Art in New York at the end of the year, where an all-time record of 175,000 visitors came to see it during the seven weeks it was on display.

A Yemenite Work In Defense of Kabbalah

Both camps produced polemical works defending their positions, and one rare publication I acquired this week, titled Emunat Hashem, published anonymously, was a defense of the Kabbalah and an attempt to refute R. Yihya Qafih's writings in his Milhamot Hashem (1931 Jerusalem).

A Haggadah With A Map

The map was created for an earlier edition of this Haggadah, first printed in 1695, a birth of a new trend of Haggadot publications, with illustrations and iconography.

Billy Graham And The Jews

Jacob Baal-Teshuva, an authority on Marc Chagall and one of the most distinguished international editors, appraisers, and critics of modern and contemporary art, served...

The Judaism, Zionism And Jewish Poems Of Emma Lazarus

Lazarus wrote several pieces on Jewish holidays, including The New Year (Rosh Hashana, 5643), in which she beautifully conveyed her vision of a people rolling homeward to its ancient source.

Double Bris In The Amazon

Against all odds, the spark of Judaism continues to burn brightly in the Amazon as two members of the Brazilian city of Porto Velho underwent a bris milah performed by a renowned Argentian mohel just days after Rosh Chodesh Adar.

A Womens Prayer For An Easy Birth

In Sansan Leyair published by the Hid"a first in 1794, a version of this prayer appears but from a man's perspective, of a man praying on his wife's behalf.

The Art Of Passover

As Passover approached in 1858, tens of thousands of Jews lived in Manhattan, comprising about three percent of the population, and there were thousands of poor Jews needing kosher staples for the holiday – not the least of which, of course, was matzah.

When Ponovezh And Chabad Were On Friendly Terms

While I wasn't able to find confirmation as to his appearance at the event, it is worth noting that R. Kahaneman kept a relationship with the Rayatz's successor, R. Menachem Mendel Schneersohn, and there are records of their meeting and friendship until the passing of the Ponovezher Rav, in 1969.

Our Yom HaAtzmaut Chassid

his is not the standard look for someone who attends our shul even if just passing through, especially since there are other shuls on the block that may be considered a better fit. I'll be honest that if someone comes in looking like this, it's usually to collect tzedakah.

A Prayer From A Woman In Labor

The text of the prayer is riddled with grammatical irregularities and comprises odd mix of verses and pleas.

Justice, Justice Shall You Pursue (Deut. 16:18-20)

As the freight train rumbles down the tracks running along East Cary Street in the historic Shockoe Bottom district of Richmond, Virginia, it passes by a former tobacco warehouse. Parked conspicuously in front of the massive building stands a train car that once carried a different kind of freight. Step inside and you discover you're in a cattle car used to transport Jews to the death camps that sprang up like poisonous mushrooms, throughout the European landscape. This is your entrée to the Virginia Holocaust Museum.

Before The Deluge: The Jews Of Holland (Conclusion)

Under the influence of the Age of Enlightenment, the cultural union “Toalet” was formed, which published a number of works of by Hebraic scientists and works of fiction. In recent times, the Jewish-scientific movement has found its stride with the “Union of Jewish Science,” which was founded by S. Seeligmann, a historian and a bibliophile. In its university library, Amsterdam possesses a most valuable Jewish section, the so-called “Rosenthaliana,” which was named after the philanthropist Leiser Rosenthal, who was the father of the Baron von Rosenthal.

The ‘Zionism’ And ‘Judaism’ Of Esperanto Founder Ludwik Zamenhof

Nonetheless, Esperanto itself, stripped of its religious machinations, grew in popularity worldwide, albeit gradually.

Was T.S. Eliot An Antisemite?

Perhaps inexplicably, Eliot voiced support for the State of Israel and increasingly viewed Judaism as a paradigm for the survival of diverse religious cultures in an increasingly secular world.

Purim All Year Long

One of the earliest special Purims we have on record was celebrated by the Jews of Granada and Shmuel HaNagid, the eleventh-century rav, poet, soldier and statesman, and one of the most influential Jews in Muslim Spain.

Help Wanted. Must Live In Israel

The option of doing business with Israeli-based service providers has recently become much easier.

Optical Antique And A Puzzling Bar Mitzvah Gift

Indeed your chanukiah has been in your husband’s family a long time – quite likely well over 100 years.

The Teshuvah Journey

The Ultimate Self-Help Book − Everything Is In It

Before The Deluge: The Jews Of Turkey (Part Two)

The French traveler Nicolay, who in 1551 accompanied Jews exiled from France to Constantinople, depicted the life, activities, trade and traffic, culture, and the social setting of the Jews in the following manner:

From The Depths Of The Dead Sea To A Lion Of A Find

If it can be determined that your chanukiah is an authentic original, the value would be $2,500 -$3,500.

Before The Deluge: Kenya-Uganda (British East Africa)

In 1903, the English colonial minister offered a district for a Jewish settlement in Uganda to the Zionist leadership, whereby the English government brought to realization its efforts “to bring to pass the improvement of the Jewish race.” The 6th Zionist Congress (August 23-8, 1903) concerned itself with the English offer and decided to send an investigative commission to Uganda, but because of strong resistance inside the Zionist organization, the project was not followed up.

Pesach Art – And A Voice From The Past

What had this soldier experienced? What horrors might he have seen? His future, and the future not just of the Jews, but of the entire planet was at stake.

The Tragic Story Of Herzl’s Family

The great visionary of the Jewish State did not bother to provide his children with even the rudiments of Jewish education or a Jewish identity; in fact, he taught them that assimilation, liberalism, and an enlightened education would finally bring an end to antisemitism and Jewish isolation.

Study Examines State Of Orthodox Marriage

The state of marriage in the Orthodox community is hard to gauge, but the Orthodox Union, in alliance with the Aleinu Family Resource Center, took up the challenge last year by engineering an online survey taken by thousands of married observant Jews.

Matzah Ball Soup In Strange Lands

[I]n every generation, our enemies stand up against us to destroy us, but G-d always saves us from their hands.


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