Exceedingly Rare 1766 New York Siddur

This prayerbook, with an English translated by Isaac Pinto, is the very first prayerbook printed in the New World and the first translation into English.

Jewish Geography, Part IV: Where In The World Are The Ten Lost Tribes...

Were the Jews Eldad encountered during his life and travels really descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes?

Israel’s Educational System And Chinuch Atzmai

Secular educational experts argue that the state has the right – indeed, the duty – to prepare children to become responsible members of a democratic society, based upon Jewish values, including dignity, tolerance and love for the land of Israel.

George H.W. Bush vs. Israel

Although some argue Bush’s foreign policy was a complex mix of support and opposition to Israel’s foreign policy, a strong case can be made that the Bush administration was the most hostile to Israel in American history – until Barack Obama indisputably seized the presidential anti-Israel crown.

A Morah’s View from Out-of-town

When you‘re here, over the rainbow, it is different. Being out-of-town is not about living in some neighborhood of Brooklyn (other than Boro Park, Williamsburg, or Flatbush). Living out-of-town also does not mean living in other parts of the Big Apple, like Manhattan or Queens. It doesn’t even mean living in the suburbs – like the Five Towns or Great Neck. Being here, over the rainbow, means living away.

The Nuremberg Photographer

Notwithstanding the tribunal’s strict imposition of restrictions on taking photographs... D’Addario proved to be incredibly prolific, as he took many thousands of amazingly sharp photographs in both monochrome and color.

The Ridbaz’s Yerushalmi

He started publishing a set of Yerushalmi with his commentary and others in 1899, but found himself lacking funds to print the final volume.

Jewish Modernity In Renaissance Italy

An unpublished manuscript I acquired recently by one of the greatest Italian Rabbis of the 18th century was an exciting find for me. Being a collection of halachic rulings and chiddushim, it was written by Rabbi Yishmael Ha-Kohen, rabbi of Modena.

The Jewish-Historical Philosophy Of Heinrich Graetz

In his first essay, a well received article published in The Orient (1844-45), he emerged as a powerful champion of traditional Orthodoxy and, as per his mentor, an opponent of Reform Judaism.

A Sefer By New York’s Chief Rabbi

Orthodoxy in America at the time was in a dismal state, and R. Jacob Joseph's courageous attempts to raise the standards of the kosher meat industry faced fierce opposition.

Karaite Marriage Controversy

In the Shulchan Aruch, the Rema forbids marriage with Karaites, though historically, we have many records of Karaites rejoining the Rabbinate community and numerous rabbinical authorities have been recorded as allowing such marriages.

Archive Comes To Life At New Holocaust Education Center

People often ask me why do we need another Holocaust center? The story of Isaac Avigdor is the answer.

The Judaism Of Joseph Pulitzer

Among other evidence, researchers have uncovered any number of official records, including passports and issued passes that conform Pulitzer’s mother was a Hungarian-born Jew.

Zionism – Made In China

It’s true. My Zionism was made in China. I grew up in New Jersey in a town that was nearly one third Jewish. Everyone on my street was Jewish. Half my soccer team was Jewish. In Synagogue, my Cantor infused every message with Zionism, as did his wife and children. To my parents this was pure mishugas.

Issac Mayer Wise vs. Isaac Leeser

It is undisputed that, unlike Leeser, Wise was an academic and rabbinical fraud.

The Origins Of The Purim Adloyada

Unlike carnivals in other countries, which were known for their licentiousness and violence, the Adloyadas were characterized by proper behavior.

A Day Of Tragedies – 20 Sivan

Following the Chmielnizki pogroms in 1648-49, the Vaad Arba Aratzot (Council of Four Lands) reinstated the 20th of Sivan as a fast day to commemorate the pogroms and suffering the Jewish community underwent during this period.

1800s New Orleans Jewry

He also gave thousands of dollars each to existing 23 Jewish congregations in 14 states – especially the Newport, RI synagogue, where he endowed the cemetery in which he was laid to rest, the final surviving member of the Touro family line.

How Do You Say Horseradish In Cantonese?

I am vegetarian, kosher and have read Charlotte's Web more than once.

Mourning To Morning

What makes this diary so historically significant is that it is not just the private memoir of Dr. Seidman. Rather, it is a reflection of the suffering of Klal Yisrael at that time.

Rachel Citron, Heroic Daughter Of The Rogatchover Gaon

Much has been written about Rev. Mrs Citron and her devotion to publishing her father's writings.

The Jewish Catacombs Of Rome

The catacombs also include beautiful illustrations of animals, which include birds, peacocks, ducks, and eagles; bulls, sheep and rams; and hens and roosters; as well as flowers and fruit trees, many of which may symbolize paradise.

Before The Deluge: Jews Of The Mediterranean Islands (Part II)

In biblical times this island was known as Kaftor. It had close relations with the Philistines, who already swelled in the Land of Canaan when the Jews migrated in, and this Kaftorland is conceivably the Philistine homeland.

How ‘Righteous Among The Nations’ Angelo Rotta Saved The Jews Of Budapest

Rotta’s interventions not only resulted in saving Jewish lives on his own account, but he also facilitated and promoted the ability of others, including particularly Raoul Wallenberg and Carl Lutz, to perform their heroic work.

Thomas Edison, The Jews And The Edison Israel Stamp

All of these songs have been selected because of special demands from the public, each composition being very popular among the Hebrews.

The Responsa Of Rav Shlomo Kluger

He was a prolific writer, writing more than 160 books, many of which were printed.

Chariots of Fire And The Jewishness Of Harold Abrahams

A year after winning gold in Paris, Abrahams broke his leg while attempting to improve on his English long jump record, which lasted for over 30 years, thus ending his athletic career.

Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Grodzinsky

Omaha's relative isolation as a Jewish community allowed Rav Grodzinsky to focus more of his time on his writings, and in the ensuing decades, he wrote and published an impressive array of halakhic works.

One Crown Heights To Hold Neighborhood Festival On Sunday

The Black and Jewish communities had a wonderful relationship before 1991, Lipkind observed. Could the community’s wounds heal? Or would it spill over to hate, racism, and anti-Semitism?


Our paths were paved, streetlights went up and we started looking like a place and not just some scattered houses.


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