Three Nuremberg Documents

It was through Jackson’s leadership that the Nuremberg trials were organized; standards of evidence developed; rights of defendants defined; and prosecutorial action commenced.

Pete Seeger: An Anti-Zionist Who Sang Israeli Songs

None of this should have been surprising to those who knew him because he was always first and foremost an unrepentant communist who, despite his repeated assertions of standing for peace and mutual cooperation, was actually a great anti-Israel public figure.

The Zionism Of Winston Churchill

Some people like Jews and some do not; but no thoughtful man can doubt the fact that they are beyond all question the most formidable and the most remarkable race which has ever appeared in the world.

Israel’s Educational System And Chinuch Atzmai

Secular educational experts argue that the state has the right – indeed, the duty – to prepare children to become responsible members of a democratic society, based upon Jewish values, including dignity, tolerance and love for the land of Israel.

Montefiore Reports To Parliament On The Damascus Affair

Upon his return to London, Montefiore was given a hero’s welcome, including a big ceremony and special synagogue services and, when he met with Queen Victoria to present her with the firman, she honored him by permitting him to add the Lion of Judah holding a banner bearing the word “Jerusalem” to his coat of arms.

Editing Gemara On Shabbat?

In the Yevamot volume of this edition appears an extraordinary haskamah by the Divrei Chayim, R. Haim Halberstam of Sanz.

The Art Of Talmud Torah

Given the centrality of Torah study to Jewish life... it is not surprising that Jewish artists have frequently featured it in their work.

The First BAA/NBA Field Goal And Assist: Both Scored By Jews

For example, New York Daily News sports editor Paul Gallico wrote in the mid-1930s that basketball "appeals to the Hebrew with his Oriental background [because] the game places a premium on an alert, scheming mind and flashy trickiness, artful dodging and general smart-alecness."

Jews Fighting In The German Army

In World War I, an estimated 100,000 German Jews served in the German Army of which over 12,000 were killed.

Clowns Who Care: Lev Leytzan Warms Hearts, Heads, Hands and Toes

The young adult clowns of the Long Island-based charity Lev Leytzan, a medical clowning troupe, returned recently from an 11-day humanitarian mission to Romania and Israel to celebrate Chanukah.

The Story Behind Kiddush Levana

While making clear that the sun will always retain its supremacy, G-d makes a series of gestures designed to placate the moon, which the moon rejects.

The Palestine Pavilion – 1924-25

They could view articles of Eastern craftsmanship, including Hebron glassware, Jerusalem pottery, Nazareth lace, Palestinian olive wood, and other locally manufactured products, including soap from the renowned Shemen company.

Remember The Struma!

The nations of the world left the vessel to sit rotting in the water during one of the coldest winters in decades and with its starving and freezing passengers abandoned.

A Non-Jew Describes Jewish Life, Circa 1600

This week, I acquired a splendid copy of Synagoga Judaica, a Latin book published in 1680, authored by Johannes Buxtorf (1564-1629). This book scrupulously documents the customs...

The Story Of Josef Trumpeldor And ‘The Lion Of Tel Chai’

Joseph Trumpeldor (1880-1920) is known for his efforts in forming a Jewish military force to liberate and defend Eretz Yisrael and for founding the...

New Platform Allows Users To Rate Their Beit Din Experience

The idea is to slowly create an operating standard: approved batei din are ones which are transparent, which don’t allow for shady deals, and which recognize abusive behaviors when they present themselves.

Out Of The Former USSR: A Yeshiva Brings Students To Israel And To Religion

Last week, a quiet revolution took place in the Judean Hills outside Jerusalem. One hundred and twenty parents and children from the Former Soviet Union visited Israel for the first time to participate in a groundbreaking mission. The children, ages 12-14, were all prospective students of Lezion B'rina and its sister school Bat Zion, located in Beitar and Jerusalem, respectively. For nearly 20 years, the Lezion B'rina Institute has been a second home for hundreds of Russian Jewish students who have left their birth land to seek a better future in the Jewish homeland.

The Theology Of David Ben-Gurion

Ben-Gurion was very cold – many argue, with some justification, that he was actually extremely opposed – to Torah-true Judaism.

The Jew Who Invented The Telephone And The Record Player

In 1886, Berliner commenced work on what would become the gramophone, the recording and reproduction of sound by means of disc records.

Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Grodzinsky

Omaha's relative isolation as a Jewish community allowed Rav Grodzinsky to focus more of his time on his writings, and in the ensuing decades, he wrote and published an impressive array of halakhic works.

One Year Later – Remembering Our Boys

In the face of evil, we can do acts of kindness. We can do good deeds.

Music And Murder: A Memento Of Theresienstadt

For a time, cultural life at Theresienstadt was allowed to develop. Authors, scholars, musicians and Yiddish theatre actors gave performances.

The Dreyfus Affair: A Tale Of Two Graphologists

Carvalho’s broad public fame was not based entirely upon his critical role in the Dreyfus case, which was but one of the many famous cases in which he served as a graphology expert.

Harper Lee, To Kill A Mockingbird, And The Jews

Many critics maintain this entire scene is anachronistic in that Lee incongruously imposed her own after-the-fact 1960s sensibilities onto her 1935 characters, who were overwhelmingly unaware of the Nazi persecution against the Jews.

How I Met My Husband

I kept looking at him and looking away, and his eyes seemed brown and kind.

A Retrospective Of The Vaad Hatzalah’s Work To Save Lives

As the war neared its end, the Vaad Hatzalah started focusing on assisting the Jews that survived the atrocities and were stuck in the Displaced Persons Camps in Germany.

Disraeli And The Secret Plan To End The U.S. Civil War

Disraeli was also a Zionist who, in several of his later books, expressed his strong desire to see the return of the Jews to their land, including Jerusalem.

High Holiday Sermons From German Field-Rabbis During WWI

"More German than the Germans" is what aptly described many German Jews from the 19th century up to and occasionally including the Hitler Era.

The Jewish Soul Of Shimon Peres

Though Peres was raised in a non-religious family and was not personally observant, he studied Talmud as a child with his maternal grandfather, the great Torah scholar Rav Tzvi Hirsh Meltzer, Hy”d, who had a great influence on his life.


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