It happened during the final minutes before the rov’s departure from this world on the 3rd of Iyar, 5593 (1833). When the Plotzker Gaon was about to pass away, he asked for a wooden board and a quill, and with his last bit of strength he wrote the words that amounted to his last will and testament: “I will come to the defense of whoever shall exert himself to print my seforim, if he has some merit.”

Then the rov commented: “A merchant does not display a sign in his establishment unless he has goods to sell!” On his matzeivah in Warsaw, these simple, awesome words appear, his promise and legacy to future generations.


Close to two centuries have passed since he made this famous pledge. Many people have seen that promise fulfilled in miraculous ways.

The Maharal Tzintz zt”l, also known as the Plotzker Gaon, lived over two centuries ago. He was a phenomenal personality and stood out even in a generation that had its share of exceptional talmidei chachomim. He was not only a gadol in Torah, but was well-known as a wonderworker.

Rav Aryeh Leib’s sharpness and his vast knowledge were phenomenal. He composed his first sefer, Ayeles Ahuvim on Maseches Kesubos, when he was onlyRav Aryeh Leib received a haskamah from the gadol hador of that generation, the Noda B’Yehudah, who was then in his final year.

The Role of Machon Mahara l Tzintz

The mission of the Maharal Tzintz was to spread Torah, via his seforim, throughout the world. His vision was to enlighten Torah scholars so they could gain a deeper understanding of the Torah they study. Machon Maharal Tzintz translates this vision into reality.

The Machon consists of over twenty individuals, each one a talmid chochom in his own right. With great care, they meticulously review every word of the rov’s seforim, with the objective of clarifying his thoughts so that their meaning can be understood more readily.

As a further aid to comprehension, the members of the Machon enhance the original works of the rov by adding references to the sources on which the Maharal Tzintz’s writings are based. They also add citations of other works that examine the topic under discussion, or pose a difficulty similar to the one posed by the Maharal Tzintz in a particular passage, or offer a related insight. Also cited are other places where the Maharal Tzintz treats the topic under discussion.

The Machon publishes new volumes every year. Thanks to the many enhancements introduced by the Machon, each sefer is a masterpiece of clarity, set in fonts that are easy on the eye and make the work a pleasure to study.  In addition to the actual editing and production of the seforim, each of which is a project in itself, the Machon has undertaken responsibility for ensuring that these profound and sacred works enjoy the widest possible distribution. They are distributed to botei medrash, yeshivos and kollelim free of charge.

As it does every year, the Machon invites the public to fulfill the wishes of the Maharal Tzintz. By sponsoring 8 sets for only $480, you have a share in the printing of the seforim and in their free distribution to botei medrash and yeshivos.

This segulah is not a new discovery. Over the course of many years, there have been numerous instances of people being helped after fulfilling the wishes of the tzaddik and helping to publish his seforim.

In honor of the gaon’s yahrtzeit on the third of Iyar, Machon Maharal Tzintz is preparing to publish Chamishei Chumshei Torah, with the Peirush Meloh HaOmer in 5 volumes.  From the day it was first printed, it was accepted and praised as a masterpiece.  It is still a much studied and appreciated text across the world.

The seforim will be distributed to botei medrash, kollelim and yeshivos, and you can designate which of these you want the seforim you are sponsoring to be sent to.

On the occasion of the yahrtzeit, a group of bnei Torah will travel to the Maharal Tzintz’s kever and offer their heartfelt tefillos there, mentioning the names of all the contributors, to be me’orer rachamim on their behalf.

To sponsor the seforim or to be an ongoing partner for 36$ per month or for more information, contact the Machon at 718.259.2395. Kvittlach may be faxed to 718.256.4489 or emailed to