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Once Loneliness Strikes And You’re Unprepared

29 Av 5766 – August 23, 2006
Last week, in a response to a letter, I wrote about preparing for loneliness.

A Vow To A Fallen Soldier

In memory of the chayalim of the IDF whose lives were prematurely snuffed out when they still had so much living to do.

Cemetery Restoration And Preservation

Last week's conference on Jewish genealogy in New York featured many sessions dealing with the issues of tracing Jewish lineage.

Preparing For The Loneliness

22 Av 5766 – August 16, 2006
It is important to remember that there is only one person on this earth with whom you'll spend the rest of your life.


While most of Europe is critical of Israel's war against Hizbullah, the country that most Jews think of being the most anti-Semitic is hosting a group of Israeli youth from northern Israel to ease their trauma.

Logical Consequences And The Chronically Ill

15 Av 5766 – August 9, 2006
Last week I tried to explain a discipline technique called "Logical Consequence".

Hating the Wrong Son Of Abraham

This past Sunday in Iraq a suicide bomber blew himself in the midst of mourners at a funeral, killing at least 10 people and injuring at least 18.

The Old Shtetl Rymanow (Part II)

Last week I wrote about Rabbi Avraham Reich, a decendent of Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Rymanow.

Following Your Dreams: Some Different Perspectives

8 Av 5766 – August 2, 2006
I have had many responses to the article highlighting the dilemma that occurs when couples remarry in their senior years and want to pursue their dreams and move to Israel.

The Old Shtetl Rymanow (Part I)

While the Ukraine was the birth place of the Chassidic movement, Poland and especially the Galicia area soon became the hub for most Chassidic activity after only two generations.

A Jewish Wedding In 1787

Dr. Benjamin Rush (1745-1813), a physician and a signer of the Declaration of Independence, "was the most striking, the most impressive, and the most controversial figure in North American medicine of his day. Brilliant and well educated, he was a restless soul, impatient and impulsive, quick to make decisions and to defend them against all disagreement.

Logical Consequences

1 Av 5766 – July 26, 2006
One of the many forms of discipline that is used in both homes and schools that is very effective is known as "logical consequences".

A Gift From Tattie – A True Story

Some may say that certain unlikely events and their timing are a matter coincidence, but we who believe that Hashem is the Eternal Mastermind of the Universe - know better.

The Old Shtetl Gostynin

The town of Gostynin is located 14 miles southwest of the city of Plock and approximately 60 miles northwest of Warsaw.

Follow Your Dreams: The Responses of Parents

23 Tammuz 5766 – July 19, 2006
I recently wrote an article about older adults who are single (either widowed or divorced) and who have grown children with their own young families.

Follow Your Dreams; The Responses Of Children

16 Tammuz 5766 – July 12, 2006
I recently wrote an article about older adults who are single, whether widowed or divorced, who have grown children with their own young families.

Krakow Jewish Festival

Last week saw the greatest modern (post-Holocaust) celebration of Jewish culture in Europe at the Krakow Jewish Cultural Festival.

Pursuing Your Dreams – The Money Issue and Other Problems

9 Tammuz 5766 – July 5, 2006
Like my previous story of Irv and Chaya, Seymour and P'nina were both beginning second marriages and they too had grown children who were married and had children of their own.

The Jewish Community Of Surinam

The discovery of the Western Hemisphere opened new opportunities for Jews.

The Shidduch Battlefield (Conclusion)

In my previous column I wrote how apprehension has replaced anticipation when a son or daughter enters the shidduch parsha.

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