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What Are You Drinking This Pesach?

9 Nisan 5770 – March 24, 2010
As Pesach draws near and the wine frenzy is at its peak, anyone interested in more than just a glass of Kiddush wine may have a hard time making sense of the literally hundreds of labels available from dozens of countries. As the selection in the liquor store may be a bit overwhelming, most people pick out one or two favorites and drink them on a regular basis.

Solomon’s Judgment On A Hot Summer’s Day

1 Av 5769 – July 22, 2009
The first summer heat wave is already here, and with it the burning forests. If you have any doubt as to whose land this is, just take a look at the Judgment of Solomon that takes place here every time the desert wind blows in from the East. The Jews say, "The baby is mine" and plant trees. The Arabs say, "The baby is mine, and as long as he is in your hands, we will turn him to ashes."

Not Only Is It The Right Thing To Do, It May Get You What...

2 Tishri 5769 – October 1, 2008
We are bombarded with requests for Tzedakah (charity) and it is our responsibility to give.

STAR-K’s Holds Insect Checking Seminar

15 Sivan 5768 – June 18, 2008
A chabura of Baltimore's Yeshivas Ner Yisroel's Kollel Avodas Levi, recently had the unique opportunity of having the hilchos toloyim they were learning about in Shulchan Aruch come to life-literally!

Overeating And The Well Spouse, A Reaction

Dear Ann, I have been following your articles on being overweight and wanted to tell you my beef (double entendre intended).

Kosher Tidbits from around the Web – April 14, 2008

9 Nisan 5768 – April 14, 2008
The six-year-old California State University Channel Island is now offering kosher food daily in its cafeteria. The arrangements have been made through the Chabad...

Secular Organizations In Poland

30 Shevat 5768 – February 6, 2008
I am often asked what Jewish life in Poland is really like.

Doing Personal Teshuvah

28 Tishri 5768 – October 10, 2007
With three sets of three-day Yom Tov/ Shabbat combinations behind us, and a return to "normalcy" and our daily routines, now would be a good time to examine our lifestyle habits - and improve them.

The Khazar Myth and the New Anti-Semitism

21 Iyyar 5767 – May 9, 2007
It is one of the great ironies of the 21st century that anti-Zionists and anti-Semites on both the Left and the Right, have returned to racialist arguments against Jews that most of us thought had died out after World War II.

Some Guidelines For Visitation (Part 2)

22 Kislev 5767 – December 13, 2006
Last week, I started providing feedback on how to visit the sick or chronically ill.

The Power Of Love (Part I)

7 Av 5765 – August 12, 2005
Marriage is not like every other human relationship. It brings two incompatible people together for the purpose of healing and growth. The degree of healing and growth will depend on many factors. One such factor is the ability to give love. Love is the foundation of married life. Even though many people talk about it, there is a great deal of doubt as to whether they really know how to give love.

From Soup To Nuts – A Full Day’s Menu

18 Tammuz 5763 – July 18, 2003
A great way to start off your day is with a delicious and nutritious bowl of cereal.

Proposed Legislation On Kosher Food, And Computer Hardware For Yeshivas

As we report on page 3, New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and New York State Attorney General Elliot Spitzer have teamed up to produce legislation that protects kosher consumers by requiring those selling food as kosher, to disclose the basis for that representation.

Why Husbands Should Buy Their Wives Flowers

25 Sivan 5763 – June 25, 2003
Shavuot is considered the time when we "married" G-d or cemented our relationship with Him after our "courtship" on Pesach, during the Exodus from Egypt. The Luchot (Tablets with the Ten Commandments) is compared to our Ketubah (marriage contract) and explains the responsibilities of each of us in this relationship.

Q & A: Gebrockts (Conclusion)

19 Iyyar 5763 – May 21, 2003
QUESTION: When I recently got married, I discovered that my wife has a different custom regarding Passover, namely, not eating matza and matza products that have been soaked or cooked in water, also known as the practice of 'brocking'. What is this based on? Whosepractice should prevail in our home?Name Omitted By Request

The Rise Of Tikkun Olam Paganism

20 Shevat 5763 – January 23, 2003
I have long had a pet peeve about the vulgar misuse and distortion of the Jewish concept of Tikkun Olam (repair of the world) by assimilationist Jewish liberals in the United States and elsewhere.

Eco-Judaism: Nothing Jewish About This Fad

10 Kislev 5763 – November 15, 2002
In recent years the American Jewish community has been the target of a campaign that tries to argue that Jews are theologically obligated to support each and every green fad to come along. Several organizations have arisen in the name of "eco-Judaism," which is nothing more than the endorsement of the environmentalist political agenda in the name of Judaism.

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