As Everyone Stays Home, Waters Overflow In Israel

They were taught that a congregation can only pray for relief from one disaster. Which one should they pray for G-d to stop: the plague or the famine?

The Coronavirus (Part V)

How do we defeat a yetzer hara that has the power to make us believe that aveiros are really missions of righteousness?

The Coronavirus (Part IV)

If it was beyond Moshe Rabbeinu’s comprehension, it is certainly beyond ours. We do know, though, that the passing of a tzadik, lo alenu, sometimes serves as atonement for many other people.

How Do We Avoid Mistakes?

Rashi, quoting the midrash, takes the discussion in another direction by noting that “asher” doubles as an allusion to “ashrei,” meaning happy, praiseworthy, or fortunate.

The Coronavirus (Part III)

Now is not the time to be talking disparagingly about Torah leaders, roshei yeshiva, and rabbanim.

Family In The Time Of Corona

We feel so fragile and minute, as the entire world is sent into literally a total state of panic and frenzy.

The Coronavirus (Part II)

The media has succeeded in whipping us into a frenzy. I heard someone suggest humorously that we should quarantine the media for 14 days.

Leave Anger Out Of Shabbat

While Shabbat is in theory emblematic of tranquility, it often does not translate well into practice.

The Coronavirus (Part I)

Those who don’t own smartphones, in contrast, are mostly living their lives normally and are surprised at the alarm and fright on others’ faces. They say, “It’s just like the flu, right? What’s all the hype?”

Should We Admire Beauty?

Regardless of which approach we take, it is evident that there is an inherent value in magnifying and glorifying physical beauty as it relates to deeply sacred rituals.

Don’t Stand Out

We live in a society where people gauge success by the number of possessions, but we need to realize that flaunting our successes puts us in grave danger.

The Inseparable Bond Between Torah and Eretz Yisrael

Why was it so important for Moshe to enter the Land? Certainly he had accomplished so much during his lifetime for the Jewish people!

Always More To Learn

Even the greatest sage, who has amassed encyclopedic knowledge and can plumb the depths of Talmudic analysis, is still called a student.

Spousal Devotion

Why should someone who curses a parent be punished more severely than one who hits a parent?

The First Masechta – Almost Done!

Daf Yomi is not about looking back; it’s about looking forward. There’s plenty of exciting terrain and exhilarating fulfillment ahead.

How Does One Avoid Groupthink?

The Sanhedrin tended to be a group of like-minded individuals who were in charge of making very important decisions in high-stress situations, many of which had life and death consequences.

Moshe, The Burning Bush And Jewish Teachers

Rashi states that the fire was a sign that G-d would be with the Jewish people even in hard times when they were slaves in Egypt.

Yes, You Can Control Your Emotions

This theory can be both empowering and (interpreted as) anxiety-provoking, as it makes each of us responsible for our own emotions.

Where G-dliness Can’t Rest

In Egypt, we were forced to do all the 39 labors that we abstain from doing on Shabbos. And that’s why Shabbos commemorates the Exodus, as stated in the Ten Commandments.

23 Tips For Daf Yomi Learners (Part II)

Learn with your own Gemara so that you can write notes in it. Your Shas will become an important heirloom in the future if you do so.

Fake It Till You Become It

When people change and “fake” their body posture from reflecting being closed off and timid to an open, power posture (think a Superman pose), they feel more confident and are more willing to act courageously.

23 Tips For Daf Yomi Learners (Part I)

If the shiur has a set time – for example, 40 minutes before Shacharis or 45 minutes before Maariv – it’s imperative for you to keep your questions to a minimum.

From Shortness Of Breath

While the Midrash does not state explicitly what caused this anger, perhaps they were upset that they had been promised redemption but nothing subsequently changed.

Start Daf Yomi – It’s A Lifesaver (Part II)

I remember learning the daf in the emergency room of Maimonides Hospital as I stayed with a choleh. The daf followed me as I flew on planes and when I went on vacation.

Loving Our Brothers And Sisters

Just as Aharon had no envy toward his brother, Moshe, so Moshe had no resentment about the job given to Aharon.

Moshe – A Man Of Action

When everyone else was a bystander, Moshe takes action and defends the Ivri.

Start Daf Yomi – It’s A Lifesaver (Part I)

Rav Shimshon Pincus informs us that for every blatt we make an attempt to study, we will be allowed to master it in the yeshiva shel maalah.

Rewriting The Past

Instead of focusing on the trauma, he should have realized that Hashem saved him from Esav and Lavan, and returned Dinah and Yosef.

Why Do We Take Three Steps Back?

We wish to express our desire to achieve closeness with Hashem as we approach Him to ask for our daily needs and requests.

Want To Be Happy? Be Grateful

The act of lighting the menorah is an expression of gratitude.


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