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Wear The Necklace?

The power of 'lost and found'

Brazenness And Arrogance In Our Children

In my experience as a principal for many years, and in my capacity as an evaluator of schools that boast of their excellence, I am constantly amazed by the brazenness and arrogance of some students.

Truly, Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes

Misinterpretations abound. Always judge favorably. Doing so is not just the halacha. It’s also wise.

Domestic Discord And Children

Which parent doesn’t wish to do the utmost for his or her children? But buying them the latest toy won’t bring them true happiness. The greatest gift parents can give children is an oasis of peace in the home – and, yes, sometimes that requires massive self-control.

The Gift Of Grandparenting

It’s not until Yaakov came on the scene, as Rav Soloveitchik writes, that we begin to see the development of a grandfather-grandson relationship.

Children Have No Idea…

People who occupy prestigious positions in world-famous companies have admitted to me that they have never experienced anything as challenging as raising children.

Preconceived Notions

Why can’t they see the facts staring them in the face? It is because they have preconceived notions about the president and they can’t let facts get in the way!

Everyone Can Be Successful

What does it take to be deemed successful? The Torah describes Yosef as an "ish matzliach," a successful man. but I can't fathom anyone using the term “success” to describe Yosef at this point in his life. Yet, success, according to our Sages, is dependent on man’s frame of mind.

Want To Be Heard? Speak Quietly (Part II)

Please don’t misunderstand me. I am a firm believer in the “perfect marriage." It exists. As a matter of fact, every two people who walk down the aisle have an opportunity to create it.

Want To Be Heard? Speak Quietly

You wrote that it’s often good for a husband and wife to have differing opinions, but wouldn’t it be better if they agreed so they could easily work together towards their common goals?

Bizarre Stories? It’s All Bashert

Truth is often far stranger than fiction when it comes to shidduchim--just ask the Avot

Your Spouse May Have A Point

Opposing insights are worth reflecting on. To handle different viewpoints in a marriage requires maturity, and every couple is advised to attain this maturity sooner rather than later. For you can either respect your spouse’s "illogical opinion” or suffocate the person you selected to marry.

A Jewish Walk Of Fame

If we had a Walk of Fame for our nation, there is no doubt that Avraham Avinu would be the first star on it

The Real Target In Pittsburgh

The war of the haters of Am Yisrael is against our spirit; therefore, they won't relent on their aim to wipe our name out. They don’t realize that they will never succeed. "The bush will not be consumed" – ever.

A Unique School for At-Risk Chareidi Youth

Everything is initiated and maintained by the students. They can choose from other activities as well, such as basketball, soccer, martial arts, music, photography, videography, and drama.

Should Your Spouse Be Like You?

For some reason, people seem to strongly believe that being alike improves communication. But is that really so?

Silent Prayers

On fast days and in selichos we mention a line in tefillah as follows: May the one who answered Avraham Avinu on Har Hamoriah, answer us as well.

What Non-Jews See In Jews

We don’t realize how often non-Jews sense something unique about us.

Path To Greatness

How can we even expect that our actions will reach those of our great ancestors?

Are We Really Blameless?

Instead of belonging to the "Ayeka" club – deflecting blame – why not join the "Hineni" group? Instead of blaming our surrounding, why not ask ourselves what part we played in creating the existing situation? Instead of expecting change from someone else, why not offer something different?

Thank Hashem For Trump And Haley

The Democrats and liberals set the corrupt agenda, and the media broadcasts it to society.

The Key To Happiness

Torah is trying to teach us that to increase simcha, one must exclude items. To enjoy life, one must say “Stop” to the excess. Saying "No" to desires is saying "Yes" to needs.

We Have Only Ourselves To Blame For Ari Fuld’s Death

“Ari, what are you doing here? You were not supposed to be here for another eighty years? What happened? Who is responsible for this?”

Insight From Two Priests

Can you imagine davening on Yom Kippur with, of all people, a priest?!


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