Real 20/20 Vision

The Rebbe says that Noach trained himself to see the good in all people, and therefore he was even able to see the good in the degenerate people of the generation of the flood.

The Attribute Of Humility

In American society, wealth and power are the goals, while modesty and diffidence are impediments to success.

Dirt, Dust, And Ashes

Another word for dust, mentioned above, is “avak.” Rabbi Pappenheim argues that afar is run-of-the-mill dirt while avak is finer dust.

Elevated Gratitude

G-d, as it were, requires man’s assistance in revealing His presence in the world. Avram’s job was to spread G-d’s message in a world where He was obscured by idol worship.

Noach’s Crowning Virtue

After everything is analyzed, fear G-d and hearken to His mitzvos for that is all of man.” Walking with G-d is the ultimate achievement.

Be Kind, It Pays Off

If G-d miraculously ensured that all the animals came to Noach, why make him responsible for bringing them into the ark?

Beware Of Envy

Did you ever notice that the Ten Commandments only address one character trait? “Thou shall not be envious.” Isn’t that amazing?! The Ten Commandments...

Be A Man

The Vilna Gaon argues that man stopped resembling G-d in the generation of Adam’s grandson Enosh when idol worship began to develop.

The Challenge Of Moving To Israel

My wife and I live in Israel now. This has been our lifelong dream. This is where we belong! This is where we want to be!

Do We Deserve To Dance?

If we have fallen short, does that mean we shouldn’t dance with the Torah? Of course not. What it does mean, however, is that when we hold onto the Torah, it should be with a renewed commitment to spend more time with it during the coming year.

Terror Management Theory

The first person to die in Tanach is Hevel, who is killed by his brother Kayin. Kayin’s name comes from the concept of acquisition.

Peace At All Costs

In what manner was Aharon distinguished? Why were Klal Yisrael protected with Clouds of Glory in his merit?

Israel: G-d’s Gift To Our People

Each time, as I behold the majesty of our beautiful land of Israel, I wonder: How is it possible that some of our people cannot see what I see – the miracle of the existence of the State of Israel?

A Holiday Of Gathering

The Malbim argues that “asifah” connotes bringing inside what one has gathered, while “kovetz” connotes gathering without necessarily bringing inside.

Return To Sender

Righteousness is man’s natural state; sinfulness, in contrast, is considered unnatural. Therefore, a wicked person who repents is viewed as “returning” to his natural state.

Want To Be Saved From A Divine Decree Against You?

We mention “songs” first because before we ask Hashem for blessings in the future, we must first thank Him and sing praises for all the things He’s done for us in the past.

Finding The Blessing Within The Curse

In a more hopeful explanation, the Ohr HaChaim suggests that the pasuk is presenting alternative options that lead to repentance.

Never Give Up

“Whom am I kidding? I’ve been promising to be better in these areas for the last decade.” Doing teshuvah almost seems like an exercise in futility.

The Fourth Dimension

Some Jews have a custom to greet others on the first night of Rosh Hashanah with the words “Le’shanah tova tei’katev ve’tei’chatem le’alter le’chaim tovim u’le’shalom.

Forms Of Forgiveness

“Selichah” also refers to a type of liturgical poem, or piyut, characterized by begging for forgiveness.

Is Hashem In Your Marriage?

Rabbeinu Bachya gives another reason. He says breaking a glass recalls the breaking of the first luchos. The first luchos, which were given in front of millions of people, ended up in smithereens.

Who Provoked Iran?

Why would Hashem cause Iran to pick a fight with the most powerful nation the world has ever known?

Serving With A Smile

Being happy is a vital and necessary component in the performance of mitzvot.

Only G-d Can Judge People

He was also more of a moderate, not relying on the zealous methods of his teacher, but on a more pragmatic approach.

Marijuana Legalization Advocates Gain Victory; Rabbis Weigh In

Administered property by doctors, marijuana could be a samah shel chaim [potion of life]. Freely used by people at large, it could well be a samah shel maves [potion of death].

Are Our Prayers Repulsive?

I watched the teller, who clearly did not appreciate this person’s lack of etiquette. ... It was then that I realized what the Mesilas Yesharim meant.

Forget About It

Rabbi Hirsch writes that “shachach” implies forgetting as a result of focusing on something else while “nashah” is forgetfulness that results from a weakened memory.

The Ben Franklin Effect

One is allowed, and perhaps even obligated, to hate someone whom one has seen transgress a commandment.

Why G-d Chose The Early Zionists

Rav Teichtal then cites a tradition from the Gemara (Chullin 63a) that the redemption will be heralded by impure birds – a reference to sinful Jews.

Don’t Daven At Home (Part Six of a Series)

The first verse, however, concerns someone who davens with a minyan. Such a person is assured that his prayers will be heard by Hashem any time of year.


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