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Who Provoked Iran?

Why would Hashem cause Iran to pick a fight with the most powerful nation the world has ever known?

Serving With A Smile

Being happy is a vital and necessary component in the performance of mitzvot.

Only G-d Can Judge People

He was also more of a moderate, not relying on the zealous methods of his teacher, but on a more pragmatic approach.

Marijuana Legalization Advocates Gain Victory; Rabbis Weigh In

Administered property by doctors, marijuana could be a samah shel chaim [potion of life]. Freely used by people at large, it could well be a samah shel maves [potion of death].

Are Our Prayers Repulsive?

I watched the teller, who clearly did not appreciate this person’s lack of etiquette. ... It was then that I realized what the Mesilas Yesharim meant.

Forget About It

Rabbi Hirsch writes that “shachach” implies forgetting as a result of focusing on something else while “nashah” is forgetfulness that results from a weakened memory.

The Ben Franklin Effect

One is allowed, and perhaps even obligated, to hate someone whom one has seen transgress a commandment.

Why G-d Chose The Early Zionists

Rav Teichtal then cites a tradition from the Gemara (Chullin 63a) that the redemption will be heralded by impure birds – a reference to sinful Jews.

Don’t Daven At Home (Part Six of a Series)

The first verse, however, concerns someone who davens with a minyan. Such a person is assured that his prayers will be heard by Hashem any time of year.

Our National Weapon (Part V)

The smart davener knows that Hashem appreciates it when we approach Him with humility rather than with an attitude of "It's coming to me and I surely deserve it."

The Meaning Of Friendship

You cannot choose a friend just because you like him/her. There must be an interrelationship­ – a give and take – between the two parties.

Don’t Believe What You See

The beginning of the parsha is startling in its simplicity: see the blessing and the curse in front of you and choose the blessing.

An Interview With The Yetzer Hara

Just answering amen with such a massive crowd to “v’chaim tovim aleinu v’al kol Yisrael” makes a severe dent in my efforts.

Grateful Thinking

The remedy for external dangers is to reject the foreign cultures. Is the antidote to arrogance to discourage material wealth?

Our National Weapon (Part Four)

The gematria of shira, another form of prayer, is also 515, conveying the idea that when singing to Hashem we can repeatedly have the same specific thing in mind.

The Shining Sea Of Galilee

It’s possible that this body of water actually does not have its own name and is identified instead by the most prominent city on its banks.

Sleep Tight

...the Torah is telling us that Og was so big and strong even as a baby that he needed a metal crib to contain him; otherwise he would have broken his bed.

A Thought To Ponder Before Tisha B’Av

What was so unique at Sinai? What was different then? What do our sages mean when they state that we were “as one person with one heart”?

Our National Weapon (Part Three)

We should thus be on the lookout during the day for auspicious times to daven (i.e., right after performing a mitzvah).

Are We Born Courageous?

Whichever explanation of “taguru” is correct, the message of the pasuk is about fear. Fear of another human being cannot be a factor when pursuing justice.

Bovine Words: Cows And Cowboys

In Hebrew, an egel is a male calf, while an eglah is a female calf. Calves are immature bovines that rely on their mother’s milk to survive and grow.

Pre-Commitment Devices

Even though we generally abstain from taking oaths nowadays, figuring out other ways to up the ante and solidify our commitment is essential.

Our National Weapon (Part Two)

When you’re davening in shul and fervently say, “Shema koleinu, Hashem Elokeinu – Listen to our voices, Hashem, our G-d,” think to yourself that everyone in shul is asking for something different.

Social And Emotional Intelligence

One answer is that having this ruach is simply a gift from G-d. I either have it or I don’t. All I can do is daven and hope that Hashem grants me these abilities.

Our National Weapon

Utilizing our wonderful and brave IDF is a marvelous example of proper hishtadlus.

Heavy Taxes And Empty Pockets

Another Hebrew word for tax is meches, appearing six times in chapter 31 of Sefer Bamidbar.

The Eternal Sound Of Our People

If we would have received the entire Torah in written form then parents would not feel the urgency and the obligation to pass on our Torah to the next generation.

Don’t Go Through Life As A Zombie

If we view this world just as a place to stay for 90 years, we might live only for the moment and seize fleeting pleasures.

Are You Really ‘With Me’?

If G-d told Balaam not to go with Balak’s men, why did He seemingly “change His mind” and later allow him to go?

Laws And Orders

Classical writing requires ink and paper, which are technically separable. In engraving, the material being engraved becomes the writing.


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