The Beginning Of Torah She-b’al Peh

When one reads the commandments of Shabbat as they appear in the books of Shemot and Devarim, two divergent formulations appear: “Zachor” and “Shamor.” Which one appeared on the Ten Commandments?

A Once-A-Year Opportunity

Only once a year, during these 10 days, is Hashem is available to everyone no matter how sullied he or she is.

Whose Fault Is Our Suffering?

We all sometimes think in warped and twisted ways. ... As an example, control fallacies can lead us to believe that we have absolutely no control over our lives.

A Great Defense To Use On Rosh Hashanah

Hashem won’t punish someone if the punishment will indirectly harm innocent people who depend on him.

The Super Power Of Tefillin

Before we put on tefillin, we should keep in mind that we are putting it on our heads because the neshama is in our head with the rest of our senses and strengths.

Yes, You Can Change

The curses that Moshe delineated in Parshat Ki Tavo were meant to deter those who would consider abandoning faith in G-d and turning to other gods.

Getting Ready For Judgment Day

The Chofetz Chaim writes that a person isn’t rewarded with reward unless he gives in proportion to his means.

The Opportunity To Begin Anew

To see a person as good despite his/her past actions; To give them a second chance knowing full well that they might ultimately fail again.

Focus On The Good

One of the reasons we may have trouble noticing blessings is that there’s a human tendency to always want more. Yes, I have some money, but I could always have more.

What Should We Do This Elul?

Elul, as the last month of the year, is a time to show Hashem that we are ending the year with the same hopes and aspirations we had in the beginning of the year, putting our best foot forward before the Day of Judgment.

Bye Bye, Dubai – On the Prohibition of Leaving Eretz Yisrael

According to the Rambam, it is forbidden to leave the Land of Israel, even temporarily, except for three reasons: to study Torah, to find a wife, and to do business.

How Often Should You Remember?

What are the parameters and guidelines for fulfilling this commandment? How should we remember and how do we ensure not to forget?

Don’t Forget To Say Thank You

What if you find it difficult to forgive someone?... How can you sincerely forgive someone who hurt you in such a terrible way?

The Jewish People: One Person With One Heart

There is no question that the congregation of Israel at the time of the giving of the Torah was comprised of divergent views, and that the people who were transgressors and who later would be singled out as sinners were present as well.

Start Now!

Shimon HaTzaddik likely spent a lifetime educating the masses, yet Pirkei Avos contains just one mishnah that records his teachings.

How Can You Protect Yourself From An Ayin Hara?

When we hear that Teflon pots may cause cancer or that the surgeon general warned of the possible dangers of a product, we become very wary. So it goes without saying that when the Torah cautions us about something, we should be very concerned.

Mind Over Milkshakes

The Talmud presents an enigmatic aggadic dialogue between G-d and the angels in which the angels ask G-d how He can show favor to the Jewish people (as is implied in the Priestly Blessing) when fairness and justice usually preclude showing favoritism.

Cut Yourself Down A Few Notches

This lashon hara led to Bnei Yisrael crying over nothing, which in turn resulted in the divine punishment of bechia l’doros, crying throughout the generations over the destruction of two Temples and many other Jewish calamities.

It’s Time To Make Aliyah

I have always believed that the guarantee that G-d presented to Abraham was never said to him directly.

Is Religion Good For You?

In Parshat Vaetchanan, we learn that someone who kills another by accident must flee to a city of refuge for protection. The Talmud contains a fascinating addition to this law: If a student is forced into exile, his teacher must go with him.

Think Before You Act

There is more to be learned from Hashem’s diagnosis. A blessing is critical in helping us properly focus when we do a mitzvah.

Time To Take Out Your Black Book

Any generation in which the Temple was not rebuilt is a generation in which it is considered to have been destroyed.

Affective Forecasting: Don’t Do It

As an example, consider a person who, after being insulted, takes a vow to avenge the slight. Over time, his anger subsides, and he no longer feels the same intense feelings toward the perpetrator.

Why You Must Wear A Mask

Every infectious disease doctor – without exception – has stated that keeping apart from one another and wearing masks will significantly decrease the spread of this horrible disease.

The Power Of Our Words

Even a single negative word or phrase, when focused on for extended periods of time, can damage key brain structures that regulate memory and emotion.

How Nice Are We?

Our shuls and yeshivos were closed for three months and, even now, we can only enter them with masks. Perhaps Hashem is telling us, “Things are not in order with your relationships.”

Chesed In A Time Of Need

Despite the fact that Abraham had not been prepared to entertain guests, he approached the opportunity with zeal and love and quickly went about the task of making his guests feel comfortable.

Allergic To Fighting

Relationships are reciprocal. If we demonstrate to our children how to find something to respect in every person, they will reap the reward of being loved in turn by everyone around them.

Would You Rather Be Right Or Happy?

Fights and disagreements often feel sweet and right in the moment but lead to bitterness and regrets in the long run.

Don’t Give The Angel Of Death Power

We have to be very mindful of the lashon hara pitfalls and traps that the yeitzer hara cleverly sets for us during this pandemic.


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