Why You Must Wear A Mask

Every infectious disease doctor – without exception – has stated that keeping apart from one another and wearing masks will significantly decrease the spread of this horrible disease.

The Power Of Our Words

Even a single negative word or phrase, when focused on for extended periods of time, can damage key brain structures that regulate memory and emotion.

How Nice Are We?

Our shuls and yeshivos were closed for three months and, even now, we can only enter them with masks. Perhaps Hashem is telling us, “Things are not in order with your relationships.”

Chesed In A Time Of Need

Despite the fact that Abraham had not been prepared to entertain guests, he approached the opportunity with zeal and love and quickly went about the task of making his guests feel comfortable.

Allergic To Fighting

Relationships are reciprocal. If we demonstrate to our children how to find something to respect in every person, they will reap the reward of being loved in turn by everyone around them.

Would You Rather Be Right Or Happy?

Fights and disagreements often feel sweet and right in the moment but lead to bitterness and regrets in the long run.

Don’t Give The Angel Of Death Power

We have to be very mindful of the lashon hara pitfalls and traps that the yeitzer hara cleverly sets for us during this pandemic.

You’re Not A Grasshopper

It’s not entirely clear within the narrative what the spies did wrong. They were asked to scout the land and report back, and that’s what they did.

We’re Talking Too Much

Some people are returning to shul after enjoying casual porch minyanim and are bringing the cavalier attitude they had on their porches with them.

All People Are Created In G-d’s Image

One can recognize a gadol, a leader of our people, in how that person respects and values all people. A gadol doesn’t judge or offer a disparaging word against people who are not religious, nor does he degrade a non-Jew.

Should We Head Back To Shul?

We’re expected to take massive precautions when it comes to chillul Hashem. In our world of instant viral media, we cannot afford to make a misstep when it comes to misbehaving in the eyes of the non-Jews.

Let’s Learn From History

The meraglim were worried about losing their elevated stature upon entering Eretz Yisrael and thus said the chances of conquering the land were low.

We Are All Farmers Now

Or the shul rabbanim who find their source of income dwindling but must still feed their families.

In It Together

The greatness of man manifests itself in his inner contradiction, in his dialectical nature, in his being single and unrelated to anyone, as well as in his being thou-related and belonging to a community structure.

Happiness Really Makes A Difference

Enthusiasm and delight are contagious. If we are excited to study Torah and do mitzvos, so will our children.

We Are A Special People

Introspection is good! Teshuva is good! But to blame anyone is downright sinful. Only G-d judges people. We don’t have that right.

Adjusting To Unprecedented Times

It is in our DNA to valiantly risk everything to congregate together to talk to Hashem... But then came Covid-19 and we had to make a huge adjustment in our behavior.

Happiness & Wholeness

One important lesson that several positive psychologists make is that relentlessly pursuing happiness usually does not lead to happiness.

Take Advantage Of Your Free Time

Remember, Moshe Rabbeinu, David HaMelech, Avraham Avinu, as well as Yaakov Avinu all opted to be shepherds so they could have time to be alone and contemplate. It’s a lost art.

The Coronavirus (Part VI)

I started keeping such a diary recently and found doing so truly fascinating.

It’s All A Matter Of Perspective

Oneg is a spiritual pleasure, which doesn’t completely negate pain, but alleviates it by infusing meaning.

And Aharon Was Silent

Let us take encouragement from the way Hashem responds to Aharon in reminding us that our children have the right to make their own decisions, and we are not to be blamed for these decisions.

The Coronavirus (Part VI)

Haman assassinated Daniel, one of the great gedolei ha'dor, and it's very likely that his death atoned for the nation.

As Everyone Stays Home, Waters Overflow In Israel

They were taught that a congregation can only pray for relief from one disaster. Which one should they pray for G-d to stop: the plague or the famine?

The Coronavirus (Part V)

How do we defeat a yetzer hara that has the power to make us believe that aveiros are really missions of righteousness?

The Coronavirus (Part IV)

If it was beyond Moshe Rabbeinu’s comprehension, it is certainly beyond ours. We do know, though, that the passing of a tzadik, lo alenu, sometimes serves as atonement for many other people.

How Do We Avoid Mistakes?

Rashi, quoting the midrash, takes the discussion in another direction by noting that “asher” doubles as an allusion to “ashrei,” meaning happy, praiseworthy, or fortunate.

The Coronavirus (Part III)

Now is not the time to be talking disparagingly about Torah leaders, roshei yeshiva, and rabbanim.

Family In The Time Of Corona

We feel so fragile and minute, as the entire world is sent into literally a total state of panic and frenzy.

The Coronavirus (Part II)

The media has succeeded in whipping us into a frenzy. I heard someone suggest humorously that we should quarantine the media for 14 days.


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