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Who Is The Real Enemy?

What has changed in our society that we are so cautious with security and are constantly on edge that something can go wrong? Who are we afraid of?

Taking The Positive Path

‘Woe to a person who is not aware of his faults, for he does not know what he needs to correct. But double woe to a person who is not aware of his virtues, for he is lacking the tools for correcting himself’ – Rabbi Yerucham Levovitz

The Path To Self-Awareness

Researchers reported that for some people, more introspection led to less insight about themselves.

The Gift of Shabbat

Shabbat is not a time to burden students with extra homework assignments. It is a time for students to focus on their families and the relationships in a successful family. When we get down to it, the basis of all of Judaism is centered around the family.

Who Are You?

If G-d graces you with a particular strength, for example wealth, physical strength, wisdom, memory, a pleasant voice, and the like, offer it to G-d, utilizing it for the purposes of holiness.

A Growth Mindset For Life

Knowing that our brain cells are not fixed into unalterable patterns, people can understand that change is possible.

The Gift Of Shabbat

The reality is that sometimes our children need to unwind, to take a rest from the vicissitudes of life and once again focus on what’s really important – their family and loved ones.

Beyond ‘Who Will Be For Me’

According to the Vilna Gaon, the world currently stands exclusively on the pillar of chesed.

A Thought About Rain

It’s up to us to condition our children that rain is an exciting, life-giving force that satisfies the needs of so very many in a short amount of time.

Lives Taken Unintentionally: We All Atone

The guilty were sent to the cities of the Levi’im not to be imprisoned but to be placed in an environment of learning and spirituality, a setting where atonement and self-forgiveness could readily be achieved.

Our Responsibility To Choose

Hillel, according to Rambam, is emphasizing that we all have free will to improve ourselves and acquire virtues...

An Upside-Down World

The gift that had been given to us by G-d is being rejected by many of them as they vindicate Hamas and blame our soldiers as the cruel enemy mercilessly killing innocent Palestinians.

Shalom Equals Longevity

Relationships with acquaintances that cause us stress should be, if at all possible, discarded.

Start With “Why”

As Sinek describes through examples such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Apple, and Southwest Airlines, starting with why is the best recipe for success, as it boosts passion and motivation, and inspires others to follow.

The Poisonous Trait Of A Negative Attitude

How wonderful it is to cultivate in marriage a "Teflon" personality, where the small nuisances of life slip off and are not made a big deal of.

Yud Beis Tammuz: Day Of Liberation Of The Previous Lubavitch Rebbe

Even in good times, when there is no need for physical mesiras nefesh, there is still a form of self-sacrifice required to give your spirit.

Learn The Entire Torah – Learn Rambam

It is difficult for anyone to presume to know the reason behind the Rebbe’s campaign; it is not for us to decide why the Rebbe did what he did.

What Is Pure Evil?

If a husband and wife have peace, then they have the Divine Presence in their midst. Therefore, we all should do whatever we can to safeguard the serenity and the tranquility of the home. This also is the best way to model good behavior for our children and grandchildren.

Proactive Prayer

To the amazement of all in attendance, the Rebbe connected the answers with the names of those who asked the questions.

Teaching Our Children Accountability

Ultimately each and every one of us is responsible for our own actions. Children’s excuses such as “my parents gave me permission” or parents’ insistence that “my child would never do that” do not absolve them from responsibility.

Why Would Someone Walk Out From The Priestly Blessings?

The old man answered that he was a kohen and he wanted to give everyone a blessing before he would be killed.

Summer Advice For Husbands And Wives

We’re in the country, without the invasive eyes of our more scrupulous city neighbors. We must therefore make a commitment to ourselves that we won’t allow this fact to affect our religious behavior.

The Rebbe’s Response To A Woman’s Sudden Death

You were granted from Above the opportunity to... ease the final moments of a person's life.

Why Did This Happen?

There is nothing wrong with going to Meron, and davening by kivrei tzadikim, and surely by the Tannah Rabi Shimon bar Yochai. But there is a special power that all beginnings have.

Unity, Unity, Yet There Is No Unity

At the foot of Har Sinai, we achieved the dream of achdus – national oneness. One of the primary messages of Shavuos, therefore, is: Strive to replicate this achievement.

Financial Help

The tribe of Levi reasoned that since they weren’t enslaved by Pharaoh, they weren’t entitled to share in the booty which was taken as reparations for the harsh labor experienced by their brethren.

“You Never Know, You Never Know”

Often we look at a person or an event and we are convinced that this is the highest level of sainthood and godliness, not realizing that G-d seeks what is in the hearts and souls of humankind and not their outward appearance.

‘Be Holy’ – What Does That Mean?

And that may be why only we Jews who are commanded to be holy also have commands that seek to purify our hears and minds.

Why Do People Fast On BHA”B?

In BHA”B season, the age-old argument on whether to open or close the shul’s windows tends to rear its ugly head. The fact that such disputes occur in shuls is not coincidental.

It’s All In The Numbers

The computations of the sofrim were not restricted to gematria alone. There are myriads of number-related secrets in the Torah.


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