The Haggadah: The Manual To The Geula

In order to properly daven for the geula, one must first notice the magnitude of the situation.

Try Being Nice To Your Spouse

We must therefore constantly remind ourselves that it’s the Jewish way to stand by the side of a mate through thick and thin.


Stiff-necked people are creatures of habit, and those habits become especially rigid during times of stress.

Day Schools – The Only Viable Future For The Diaspora

I have always said that when a Jewish day school closes down, there is no future for the local Jewish population, and within just a few years the Jewish community will be compromised.

Don’t Chase Hashem Away

While this story is quite remarkable, we must wonder: Why did Hashem allow Ezra’s holy Sefer Torah to be defaced in the first place?

We Must Listen To Our Gedolim

Many argued that it would be downright dangerous not to attend as their absence might raise the monarch’s ire after all the trouble he went through to accommodate their needs.

Is Authenticity Good?

Concepts such as marit ayin enjoin us to be “inauthentic” and to put on a show for the outside, even when we know there is nothing inherently wrong with our actions.

Different Views, Yet Still United

It is inconceivable to believe that when we exited Egypt everyone in Israel had the same views on every subject and did not have the distinctiveness and uniqueness that make our people, and each individual, so important.

A Peel Without Its Fruit

The Hafla’ah writes that since we want our prayers to rise to the heavens, they must be infused with a ruach, a spirit that causes them to ascend to Hashem’s Throne of Glory.

Words Hurt More Than You Think

Because verbal abuse is more prevalent and generally overlooked as being problematic, the Torah makes the consequences more severe.

The Bigger Picture

As he was typing feverishly, he by chance looked up from his computer and glanced at the dance floor. It was then that he noticed something remarkable.

How Should You Criticize Someone?

One of the most important factors in delivering and receiving feedback is the relationship between the giver and the recipient.

Did Yisro Convert To Escape The Death Penalty?

How could Moshe rush to convert him so quickly? Because it was a matter of life and death.

Let’s Copy Yisro (Part II)

Measure for measure, the Jews didn’t lift a finger against the millions of Egyptians who pursued them to the sea. Instead, the Egyptians drowned themselves by walking into the watery abyss.

Learning By Teaching

He could have stressed the evilness of slavery or underscored the responsibilities of freedom... Instead, though, Moshe spoke about children and education. At that moment, in Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’s words, “the Israelites were told that they had to become a nation of educators.”

Let’s Copy Yisro (Part One)

Clearly, the plagues weren’t the result of chance; they pointed to the hand of Hashem.

The Moment In Time That Defines Us

When looking back into our history we often find examples of people being in the right time and place, and making history that gave meaning and purpose to their entire existence.

What True Leaders Do

As a young man, raised with royal treatment in Pharaoh’s palace, Moshe Rabbeinu didn’t allow himself to relax in splendor. Rather, he went out to his suffering brethren and shared in their fate.

Pharaoh’s Confirmation Bias

Pharaoh’s refusal to believe in the miraculous power of G-d is evident even before the plagues begin.

The Crown Of A Good Name

What can be greater than the crown of Torah? After all, we’re taught, “Talmud Torah kneged kulam – The study of Torah is equal to all else.”

Where’s Your Passion?

Shabbos should be so full of warmth and inspiration that our children should feel they can’t do without it.

Are Younger Siblings More Successful?

While each relationship has its own dynamic that adds to the drama, the fact that the younger sibling takes the spotlight away from the older sibling is a theme that cuts through all of them.

Judgment Day In December

We must realize how much we are lacking in our lives as a result of not having the Bais HaMikdash.

Pray Like A Mentch

When we hear of school bus tragedies, we should pray for the safety of our children. When we hear of someone suffering from Covid-19 or another dreaded disease, we should pray for health. When we see flashing lights on the highway, we should pray for safe travels.

You’re Not Alone In Fighting The Yetzer Hara

Another answer for why Yosef is considered so great is that while it's true that the vision of his father came from Heaven, it only came after he exhausted every effort at his disposal. When those weren’t enough, Hashem stepped in and gave him Divine assistance.

Yosef & The DBT Technique

While there are several permutations of the exercise, the crux of the concept is to immerse your head in cold water while holding your breath. By doing so, your heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature will decrease, “freezing” the emotion so that you can better handle the challenge.

Little Did They Know…

How, might you ask, in the middle of Italian neighborhoods would Rav Mintz be able to ferret out Jewish families?

We Must Be The Example For Our Children

During the formative years, when the parents have the opportunity, and the obligation, to teach the child and help him develop, the child cannot be labeled a “rebellious child.” Only when it is already too late, when the child is nearly reaching bar mitzvah, can he be labeled rebellious.

How Much Self-Sacrifice Do We Have?

Mesiras nefesh doesn’t only mean putting one’s life on the line for one’s spiritual beliefs. Rather, anytime a person pushes himself beyond his natural physical tendencies to fulfill the will of Hashem, he is following in the footsteps of the great Macabees, the heroes of Chanukah.

When Time Flies

Time drags on when we are afraid and really does fly when we’re having fun.


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