The Eternal Sound Of Our People

If we would have received the entire Torah in written form then parents would not feel the urgency and the obligation to pass on our Torah to the next generation.

Don’t Go Through Life As A Zombie

If we view this world just as a place to stay for 90 years, we might live only for the moment and seize fleeting pleasures.

Are You Really ‘With Me’?

If G-d told Balaam not to go with Balak’s men, why did He seemingly “change His mind” and later allow him to go?

Laws And Orders

Classical writing requires ink and paper, which are technically separable. In engraving, the material being engraved becomes the writing.

Don’t Miss The Message

Most of us are reactionary daveners and pray only when we need something. Hearing about sickness should remind us to pray not to become sick.

The Korach-Daniel Connection

Korach and Haman were also both brought down by their wealth. Both were fabulously wealthy, and the Midrash informs us that very wealthy people become impudent.

Expressing Simcha, Ahava, And Prayer

Our Sages tell us that if you want to overcome the hate that you have for someone, give them something – do for them a favor and ultimately the hate will transform to love.

Are We Sure We’re Fighting L’shem Shamayim?

Rabbi Natan Tzvi Finkel argues that Moshe’s continual attempts to resolve the conflict teaches us that the prohibition applies even after the other party rejects an attempt at reconciliation.

Names For The Netherworld

Rabbi Pappenheim maintains that “hayaven” is derived from the root yud-nun, which means trickery or deception.

Indulging In Pleasure

Something that is adin or adinah (see Isaiah 47:8) is sensitive, delicate, or dainty – it is susceptible to being over-stimulated by sensory overload.

Tzitzit And Color Psychology

At its core techelet reminds us of our mission in this world, which is to serve G-d by doing mitzvot and avoiding sinning.

Chillul Hashem Alert!

Right or wrong, we need to be sensitive when trampling on others’ peace and quiet.

On Cloud Nine?

In times of surplus (brought on by ample rain), people tend to treat each other more fairly and are at peace with one another versus times of austerity and famine when people compete with each other for limited resources.

Manna & The Variety Effect

Bnei Yisrael couldn’t be longing for free food in Egypt because, says the Midrash, there was no free food in Egypt.

What’s On Your Mind?

Always thinking of Hashem guarantees us longevity, as Mishlei states, Yiras Hashem tosif yamim - Awareness of Hashem adds length to one's days.

Keep On Forgetting What You Learned? Try This

If we keep Hashem in our minds and hearts – i.e., if we become G-d-fearing – we will succeed at having Torah in our mouths.

Want To Defeat Temptation? Stop Fighting

We often take the battle against temptation head on and eventually lose to that delicious looking piece of chocolate cake.

You Can Say That Again

When He revealed the Decalogue at Mount Sinai, however, the entire Jewish people were gathered at the mountain, so G-d “raised His voice” and we therefore speak of the “Aseret HaDibrot.”

Who Are Our leaders?

Some are people whose leadership ability certainly do not match their piety or their religious commitment. But our rabbis still recognize these as reputable leaders of our people.

Can Brilliance Co-Exist With Sadism?

To achieve Torah excellence, practicing kindness is vital.

Karet And Ariri

The Torah refers to a punishment that seems identical, or similar to, karet with the word "ariri."

Unified Diversity

Rabbi Kamenetsky explains that there is a danger inherent in the tribalism that is presented in Bamidbar.

Words: Our G-dly Power

This leads the Kli Yaakar to conclude that obviously, the laws relating to relationships between people are more important because their explanations appear immediately following the Decalogue.

Why Does The Yetzer Hara Win?

Why is it that our evil inclination often seems to be so much stronger than our good inclination?

Want Spriritual Success? Invest Some Grit

Later commentators present many questions and interpretations to try to understand the depth of this midrash. In fact, the Ohr HaChaim presents 42 different explanations of these few words.

Don’t Kill Time

The Imrei Emes once said, “The biggest ‘mussar sefer’ I know of is a ticking clock!”

Early Shabbos Conundrums

The Shagas Aryeh proves from a Gemara (Zevachim 90b) that the frequency of a mitzvah is not determined by how often one can perform it, but rather by how often one is obligated to perform it.

Portion Control

It will be like the manna, which our Sages tell us was able to provide adequate nutrition and satiation despite its small size.

Boys And Bars

Rabbi Pappenheim maintains that “bat” (daughter) is also derived from the root bet-nun and should really be spelled “banat” (like it is in other Semitic languages).

Sefirat Ha’Omer: Process And Outcome

Researchers are trying to determine which approach is more effective in getting a person to his goal.


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