What We Want

In addition to fulfilling mitzvot, we should want what Hashem wants, value what He values, and even feel what He feels.

Mixed Metaphors

While the commentaries glean nuggets of wisdom from analyzing the various nuances in the metaphors and the word choice, the essential theme is that although we are free to choose how we act and what we consume, we must remember that there are consequences to our actions.

Eretz Yisrael Today: The Lifeline Of Our People

Mitzvot performed in Eretz Yisrael have far greater significance and impact. Living in Israel, as I do, one can feel the vibrancy of the Torah and how it relates to our daily lives.

Of Lions And Hamas: My Hopeful Lesson Drawn From a Recent Daf Yomi Gemara

Somehow, what piques my interest about this more than anything else is how the King of the Jungle, symbolizing ferocity more than any other animal – or at least as much – could have possibly been relied on for protection, let alone could have reached an understanding about guardianship and payment for it.

Why We Do

Kavanah is also the great equalizer. Though we differ in terms of what we are able to invest and accomplish, we are all equally able to have the right kavanah.

For Heaven’s Sake: The Jewish People

Like the prohibition against idolatry, chillul Hashem is one of the few aveirot we are commanded to sacrifice our lives to avoid.

Looking For A Good School?

Parents are often looking for guidance as to what defines a good Day School. Before registering a child, what should a parent look for in a school? What will determine the effectiveness of a school for their child?

For Heaven’s Sake: The World

The idea that our recognition and service to Hashem help us grow is emphasized by Moshe’s description of Yirat Shamayim (fear of heaven).

What Is “In Our Hands”: When We Determine The Results

Our free choice includes not just matters of personal growth but also all decisions about how to live our lives.

The Image Of G-d

According to Rabbi Yom Tov Lipman Heller, Beloved is man because he was created in the image of G-d refers not just to the Jewish people, but to all humanity.

Doing Our Part

Though our work does not determine how much we earn and we should avoid overworking, we are meant to work hard.

Tu B’Shvat In Challenging Times: Confidence About The Future Rooted In Appreciation Of The...

Tree planting in the modern state of Israel also embodies and expresses our appreciation of our return to Eretz Yisrael.

A Lot Of Happiness

Happiness is a natural result of living life the way it should be – of being the people we ought to be, following the road map provided by Torah and halacha. It cannot be a destination but is instead a result of the journey of an inspired life process.

How To Respond To Suffering

Prayer is part of how we express this faith. Turning to Hashem in difficult times expresses our belief that Hashem is the One behind our suffering as well as the solution to it.

Building Good Fences

Silence has a role in the learning process that leads to wisdom, and is also a signal that one has obtained wisdom.

All For The Good

Experiences that seem negative can do more than just protect. They often enrich.

When “Bad” Things Happen: How To View Suffering

During difficult times, we should remind ourselves that everything, including suffering, emanates from Hashem. Though Hashem is the ultimate good and wants the best for us, we know that grief also comes from Him: A person does not stub his toe below unless it was declared above (Chullin 7b).

We Are One

Our sages tell us that there is no calamity that befalls the Jewish people that does not carry within it the sin of the Golden Calf. So devastating was this incident that it was never forgotten in all the succeeding persecutions of the Jewish people.

This Land Is Our Land!

Hashem’s first words to the first Jew direct him to move to Israel. Though Avraham’s religious quest and commitment began decades earlier, the Torah skips those stories and begins with his move to Israel. Judaism begins with the arrival of the first Jew in Israel.

The Synogogue: A Mikdash Me’at

Before one prays, one must prepare for the experience. There must be a meditative time in which the individual focuses on the significance of the act that he is about to perform.

Solving Sinat Chinam

We often choose to avoid confronting those who offend us. We are too hurt to speak it out, and doing so is uncomfortable. Unaddressed, though, our feelings fester and grow, and the hatred, distance, and demonization intensify.

Acheinu – How To Be Whole

You may be a wonderful, accomplished, and successful individual, but as long as you are not on speaking terms with your own sibling, you will not be whole. As long as a family is torn by mistrust and conflict, none of its members can be whole.

Acheinu – One Rock, One People

Tens of thousands of us studied Mishnayot in memory of those killed on Simchat Torah. Acheinu allowed us to do so together with Jews around the country and the world.

Daf Yomi And Walls Breached, Never Breached, And Never To Be Breached

Nebuchadnezzar, the warrior king, has been likened to an ox, whose intent was to cause damage and mayhem, not merely to satisfy personal desires, akin to Hamas.

Acheinu — Yitzchak’s Achdut Effort

We are meant to realize that our success hinges on working together – not just to defend ourselves but also to realize our joint mission in Hashem’s world.

What Makes A Good Teacher?

You may have students who bother you, who have messy hair or unkempt clothes. Maybe a kid who has a disorganized backpack. You might have a student who has an annoying habit. That student is someone’s entire life.

Acheinu – Connecting To Our People

The October 7th massacre and the subsequent attacks on and demonization of Jews worldwide have reminded us that we are one big family who are all in the same boat. The external enemy and threats have galvanized and unified us.

Mi K’Amcha Yisrael – Who Is Like Our People, Israel?

Rarely in the history of our people have we seen such unity and caring for one another. No division here! It doesn’t matter what your level of observance is. We are all one now. Religious or not, we embrace each other. We support each other.

Productivity Thieves

No matter which approach we take, the underlying message of Rabbi Dosa’s teaching is that there are certain habits that can derail us from our larger goals and values.

The Connection Between Wisdom & Morality

Wisdom must be manifested through deed. It cannot be relegated to a purely intellectual exercise but must be supplemented with and evident through moral and spiritual action.


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