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December 4, 2016 / 4 Kislev, 5777

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Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem’s Pastry Chef Develops ‘Ideal Luxury Cheese Cake’

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

Claude Bensimon, a French born and trained confectioner and baker who today serves as the Pastry Chef at the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem has revealed his unique twist on one of the world’s most famous cakes, the Red Velvet.  Taking its name from the deep rich color of the pastry, the Red Velvet has been a staple on menus of Waldorf Astoria hotels around the world.

Adapting the cake for the kosher market served as a unique opportunity for Bensimon who described it as an “ultimate cheese cake.” While he concedes that the cake can be prepared parve, the cream cheese filling is what makes it unique.  In advance of the Shavuot holiday, Bensimon presented a workshop at the landmark Jerusalem hotel dedicated to the design of his masterpiece.

A second generation pastry chef, Bensimon was trained in the bakeshops and pastry kitchens of Paris including time at the Michelin-rated Taillevent restaurant, as well as working under famed pastry designer Jacques Genin. In 2001 he fulfilled his long-time dream of moving to Israel and in 2013 joined the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem as head Pastry Chef.

“The Red Velvet is a cake that requires both patience and skill, but is well worth the effort because it has the special quality of being both visually breathtaking and combining the tastes and sensations of the very best pastries,” Bensimon said. “Take the time to prepare this cake and invest in the necessary ingredients and you will be left with a Shavuot delicacy that will have made all the effort well worthwhile.”

Please note that all ingredients are measured in metric quantities with the numbers referring to grams.  While the recipe can be adapted for the American kitchen, Chef Claude believes that precision is critical and advises using the metric measurements as much as possible.



300  Eggs

375  Raspberry Syrup

500  Sugar

400  Flour

15      Baking Powder

300  Oil

Rose Water

Red Food Coloring


Whip together the sugar & the eggs.  Fold in with a spatula the raspberry syrup, and add in the baking powder and oil.  Transfer to a baking tray (30cm or cupcake molds), greased with parchment paper and bake at 170 degrees Celsius for 30-40 minutes.

Cream Cheese Frosting

500  Pastry Cream

425 Napoleon Cream Cheese 30%

150  Powdered Sugar

140 Gelatin

2 Vanilla Beans

525  Whipped Cream


Put 2/3 of the pastry cream in a mixer with the cream cheese and powdered sugar. Heat up 1/3 of the pastry cream and add the gelatin while hot.  Slowly add the mixture to the mixer with the other ingredients.  Mix. Fold in the whipped cream


After the cake cools, slice in half (on the width) and frost with 1/3 of the frosting over half of the cake.  On top of the frost put the sliced cake and then put in the refrigerator for a half hour. After cooling frost the cake with the frosting and put back in the fridge.  Decorate with wild berries & strawberries or with a chocolate plaque and flower.


Chabad Sends Camouflaged Torahs, Cheesecakes, to Soldiers Overseas

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

The Aleph Institute, a Chabad-Lubavitch organization catering to the needs of Jewish soldiers and their families, is helping servicemen celebrate the upcoming holiday of Shavuot with 1,000 special military edition Torah books, according to a report on Chabad.org.  The pocket-sized, soft cover, camouflaged  Gutnick Edition Lifestyle Books Torahs include Hebrew text with a contemporary translation and commentary by Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

The movement shipped 1,000 editions around the world, along with individually-wrapped single-serving cheesecakes, in keeping with the Shavuot tradition to eat dairy foods, as well as holiday candle-lighting kits.

The organization also announced that it will offer correspondence classes on Jewish topics such as prayer, holidays, and kosher laws.

Malkah Fleisher

Shavuos And Cheesecake

Wednesday, June 16th, 2004

With just two weeks left to Shavuos, our minds begin to turn to cheesecake. While for some that might mean they need a vacation, for most of us it means how much cream cheese to buy
and whether or not to make a sour cream frosting.

The reasons we eat dairy of Shavuos are many. Some say it is because Torah is compared to milk – just as a newborn child cannot survive without milk, we cannot survive without Torah. On the night of Matan Torah, we ate dairy because the laws of kashrut and shechita had just been given and there was no time to kosher the meat. Whatever the original reason was, eating dairy on Shavuos is part of our mesorah.

Cheesecake – just the sound of the word makes the mouth water – a thick layer of cheese – plain or marble, covered with chocolate, sour cream, fruits or caramel. The varieties are as
endless as your imagination. But where did it begin?

Cheesecake is believed to have originated in ancient Greece. History has the first recorded mention of cheesecake as being served to the athletes during the first Olympic Games held in 776 B.C.E. Centuries later, cheesecake appeared in America, with recipes brought over by immigrants. In 1872, American dairymen, who were trying to recreate the French cheese, Neufch?tel, invented cream cheese.

One of my favorites Yom Tov treats is caramel cheesecake. For many years, those stringent with cholov Yisrael had to make their own caramel or dulce de leche. However, this year, there is great news for caramel lovers.

Dulche de Leche produced by California Delight and distributed by D&S is now available. This incredible caramel sauce is cholov Yisrael under the Star – K and the Vaad Hakashrus of
Mechon L’Hoyroa. It is made in Argentina with all natural ingredients, including 100% cows’ milk. It is available in regular and 97% fat free. We tried the 97% fat free in the glass jar and were amazed at how delicious it was – and you absolutely could not tell that it was “diet” food. The regular version comes in a plastic container with a flip-up top for easy pouring. It is great for cheesecake, blintzes or just to flavor vanilla ice cream. This Yom Tov must can be found in your local kosher grocery or supermarket.

For those who are not bakers, or who just don’t want to patchka in the kitchen, Weiss’s Bakery offers nine delicious varieties of gourmet cheesecakes in both 10-inch and 7-inch sizes.
Last week, our offices had the opportunity to sample the marble and the halva cheesecake. I am not sure if there are enough words in the English language to describe them. The halva is without compare, and I say this as a person who has tasted many great cheesecakes. The cheese layer is very rich and sweet. The top layer is a chocolate ganache. (Ganache is a French term referring to a smooth mixture of chopped chocolate and heavy cream.) And
sprinkled on top of the chocolate are halva crumbs.

Weiss’s also has a full line of cheese delicacies for Shavuos including kreplach, babkas, cigars and their famous butter loaf. Weiss’s is in Brooklyn on 13th Ave in Boro Park and on Avenue M in Flatbush. They also have a store on Castor Avenue in Philadelphia. You can also find them on the web at weissbakery.com. Have a wonderful Yom Tov!

Chumi Friedman

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