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February 19, 2017 / 23 Shevat, 5777

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IDF Officer Exposes Combat Women’s ‘Equality’ Hoax

Sunday, November 27th, 2016

While the IDF prides itself on its equal treatment of men and women and publicized images of female graduates of combat infantry courses for NCOs and officers, Col. (res.) Raz Sagi, Chairman of the IDF resilience forum, has been contradicting the official narrative with facts and figures that tell a dramatically different story.

According to Sagi, speaking to the magazine Olam Katan, in their entrance exam at Training Base 1 officer school, “female candidates run a shorter track than do the men, are required to navigate only three objectives compared with five for the men, and are given a longer time to navigate than are the men.”

Also, according to Sagi, “women go on hike with one water canteen and one magazine, while men are saddled with two canteens and five magazines.” Also, according to the retired Colonel, following complaints from women that they’re always last at the finish line in Training Base 1 races, said races were switched to a stadium-style, elliptical tracks, “so they won’t be competitive.” When jumping a wall, women are given a bench to hop from, he says, noting that, “since they were ashamed of this, they started building shorter walls.”

In addition, women are exempt from some final tests before graduating from officers school, and in other tests they are given extra time.

Sagi was criticizing the inclusion of women in combat units strictly in terms of their ability to compete. He did not discuss the discomfort and tension that might develop with young men and women being cooped up in a tank for a long duration. On the other hand, the argument can be made that in many combat operations, physical prowess is not necessarily the only factor. As one talkback entry noted on Sunday, during one of the fires that have been plaguing Israel last week, a team of firemen reached a villa in Jerusalem that was ablaze, to check for people trapped inside. A burly fireman jumped over the fence and nearly killed himself landing heavily on the other side – wile a female firefighter pushed open the front gate and walked inside.

David Israel

Turkish Coup Colonel Found Dead in Cell

Saturday, November 5th, 2016

Irfan Kizilarslan, a Turkish Gendarmerie Colonel who was arrested following the failed coup of July 15 was found dead on Saturday in his prison cell in northern Turkey’s Tokat province, Turkish media reported.

So far, more than 20 suspects in the coup investigation have been found dead in Turkish prisons. Col. Kizilarslan served as the head of the Kastamonu Regional Gendarmerie Command before his dismissal from the Gendarmerie and subsequent arrest.

An autopsy will be performed as part of an investigation into the death.

More than 4,524 military personnel including 151 Generals and Admirals have been dismissed from their posts since the failed coup.

David Israel

Female IDF Officer Upgrades Diet & Exercise

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Speaking at the International Women’s Conference sponsored by Stand With Us, IDF Officer Lieutenant Colonel Shirly Subul, a resident of Tel Aviv, said she had the aspiration to serve Israel in the armed forces since age 4. She currently serves in the IDF combat fitness department, where she has personally transformed the Lifestyle Branch, which is responsible for army athletics and encouraging Israeli soldiers to live a healthy life-style, into one of the most influential branches in the IDF.

She was a professional athlete as a teenager but put her athletic dreams on hold in order to serve the State of Israel. In March of 1993 she served in the intelligence unit and continued on to officers training course. Later on she served in the foreign relations department of the intelligence department. During the Second Lebanon War, Lt. Subul’s best friend Anat was murdered in a suicide bombing and she spent five weeks in an underground bunker as the head of the operations division. Her army career took a different direction when she transferred to the combat fitness department. There Lieutenant Colonel Subul sought to combine her passion for serving Israel with her love of athletics and sports.   

Lieutenant Colonel Subul places special emphasis on IDF commanders, believing that their physical condition has a great effect on the army as a whole. Subul is also known for whipping high ranking officers into better shape and has even put obese Israeli commanders on a six month program of diet combined with exercise. In order to keep Israeli soldiers in shape, she has organized four marathons and is planning a fifth. Subul also organizes swimming and bicycling sessions and has special programs for women.

Subul also has a BA in gender studies and sociology from Tel-Aviv University and was a pioneer in this field. As a female IDF officer, Lieutenant Colonel Subul emphasized that women serving in the IDF enjoy full gender equality, stating that 92 percent of the positions within the IDF are open to women, nearly 59 percent of Israeli women enlist to serve, representing 33 percent of the IDF’s manpower, and that the number of female IDF officers continues to rise. Israel is the only country in the world to have mandatory military service for women. “There are so many opportunities for women in the Israeli Defense Forces,” she claimed. Israeli women can be found in the artillery corps, armored divisions, infantry and intelligence units.

Visit United with Israel.

Rachel Avraham

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