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January 19, 2017 / 21 Tevet, 5777

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NYC Councilman Successfully Takes on Neturei Karta at Anti-BDS Hearing [video]

Friday, September 9th, 2016

NY Councilman Greenfield successfully took on a Neturei Karta leader at a New York City Council hearing after the Neturei Karta’s tirade against Israel.

CITY HALL — New York City Councilman David G. Greenfield angrily denounced the leader of Neturei Karta today after he testified at a New York City Council hearing marked by protests and interruptions.

After listening to a steady stream of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel sentiment that pervaded much of the pro-BDS witnesses’ testimony throughout the afternoon, Greenfield attempted to engage the Neturei Karta BDS supporter in an actual conversation. The result was not pretty, but neither was it surprising, considering that the BDS movement does not have facts on its side.

“Let me ask you a question,” Greenfield asked the head of Neturei Karta, who had just engaged in a lengthy anti-Israel tirade, and who had previously attended a Holocaust Denial Conference in Iran. “Did the State of Israel exist when Hitler killed six million Jews?”

“You represent two dozen mentally unstable individuals”

“Who do you speak for, Mr. Weiss?” Greenfield continued, “You don’t represent Satmar. Don’t lie. You don’t even live in New York City. Who do you represent? Who do you represent? You represent two dozen mentally unstable individuals. That’s all. And you are the leader of this mentally unstable cult? Do not pretend to represent our community. Who elected you? Who appointed you? Who made you a rabbi? You represent no one but yourself.”

The witness refused to answer, instead insisting “I will answer what I want to answer!” From there, the Neturei Karta leader continued to shout over Greenfield’s repeated attempts to ask questions. The witness declined even to answer who he was speaking for or what organization, if any, he represented, choosing rather to continue shouting angrily over Greenfield’s attempts to ask questions.

BDS supporters at the meeting repeatedly yelled out curses against Israel, and some hecklers where ejected from the meeting.

“I was shocked by the depth of anti-Israel sentiment and naked anti-Semitism on display today,” Greenfield said after the hearing. “Shocked, but sadly unsurprised. Any time you hold the BDS movement and its supporters up to any kind of scrutiny, you find either that they are simply ignorant, or that their motivations are rooted in bigotry and hatred. We saw both kinds of BDS supporters at today’s hearing. Most disappointingly, several Jews were part of the anti-Israel propaganda and Neturei Karta is the worst offender in that group,” Greenfield explained. “I was heartened, however, that so many of my colleagues are proudly pro-Israel and am especially grateful to Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito for her support, Councilman Andy Cohen for sponsoring the legislation and Jewish Caucus Chair Councilman Mark Levine for his leadership.”

The hearing, which was on a New York City Council resolution condemning efforts to delegitimize the state of Israel, including the BDS movement, began early this morning and stretched well into the afternoon, with frequent interruptions by BDS protesters.

Video of the Day

Congressional Hearing on European Anti-Semitism to Address Post-Brussels Attack Threats

Saturday, April 16th, 2016

In the wake of the recent terrorist bombings in Brussels and threats of violence against European Jewish communities from ISIS, a congressional hearing on what needs to be done by law enforcement agencies to anticipate and prevent future attacks will be conducted on Tuesday by Congressman Chris Smith (Rep-NJ), Chairman of the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE).

“Anticipating and Preventing Deadly Attacks on European Jewish Communities” is the title of the hearing to be held by the CSCE, also known as the United States Helsinki Commission, on Capitol Hill.

Violent anti-Semitic attacks doubled in some European countries between 2013 and 2014—in some others they quadrupled—and remained high in 2015. ISIS has instructed its followers to prioritize targeting European Jewish sites and killing European Jewish people. The terrorists who attacked the Jewish Museum of Belgium, Great Synagogue in Copenhagen, and kosher supermarket in Paris, all claimed ISIS allegiance. Other Islamist terrorist groups are similarly committed and Neo-Nazis, fringe nationalists, and people across the religious and ideological spectrum have committed violence against European Jewish communities.

The hearing will also focus on lessons from the partnerships between Jewish communities and law enforcement agencies that can help counter terrorism and improve security in European countries more broadly.

The committee has invited the following witnesses:

Rabbi Andrew Baker, Personal Representative of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office on Combating Anti-Semitism, and Director of International Jewish Affairs, American Jewish Committee.

Jonathan Biermann, Executive Director, crisis cell for the Belgian Jewish community.

John Farmer, Director, Faith-Based Communities Security Program, Rutgers University.

Paul Goldenberg, National Director, Secure Community Network.

Smith has represented NJ’s 4th Congressional district since 1981. The district includes the counties of Burlington, Mercer, Monmouth, and Ocean. Smith is a social conservative, a Roman Catholic and a Reagan Democrat who switched from the Democratic to the Republican party in 1978.


Fighter Jets…

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Every once in a while, we hear fighter jets flying over head. The first time I came to Maale Adumim – over ten years ago, I heard the jets soaring over the city and thought – wow, not just the beauty of the desert, not just the beauty of the city, but this too? I love the sound of the F15s flying low.

It was only after I moved here that I realized this wasn’t a daily occurrence. The Israeli Air Force is charged with protecting our skies. To do this, they have to fly the length and width of this land (which actually doesn’t take to long).

So they don’t fly regularly over our skies…or maybe they do. I remember friends who had just moved hear hearing them fly low over head. They called me thinking that perhaps war had broken out…

No, no war – just our sons flying our skies and protecting our land!

I once tried with my silly phone to capture it. I got the sound, but couldn’t get the image and then I thought…duh…YouTube. This morning, the jets have been flying and, child that I am inside, I keep going to my balcony and watching them.

There is such joy in seeing them, hearing them. They fly for the purest of causes – defending our land. It’s a beautiful day in August in Israel. I hope as they fly, the pilots are smiling and enjoying the most amazing view (as I am).

May God bless the Israel Air Force – fly safe! – 2 videos – one the sound I am hearing this morning and the second – an amazing, nearly impossible feat…an Israeli pilot – landing with just one wing. The manufacturers of the F15 didn’t believe the Israelis when it was reported. They insisted on seeing the plane for themselves. The proof is in the video. Enjoy.

Paula Stern

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