Haptic Dog Vest Means Good Vibrations for Search & Rescue Teams and Service Dogs

The technology may be useful for delivering remote commands to dogs for use in search and rescue, assisting disabled handlers, and other service animal applications.

New Israeli Vehicle Puts the Motor – Inside the Wheels

The space saved by the REE vehicle’s base can be used for cargo, as well as for passengers or even a larger electric battery.

Hebrew U. Researchers Produce Chemical Insulin that Cuts Frequency of Injections Substantially

The stability of the chemical hormone developed in Prof. Metanis' laboratory will not only affect the duration of its decomposition in the body, but also its transportation.

Elbit Subsidiary to Supply Cyber Intelligence System to Dutch Police

Cyber Intelligence Ltd, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems, was selected to provide the Dutch National Police with a Cyber Intelligence system.

Israeli Gene Manipulation Puts Cow Flatulence Behind Us

More cows with less methane emissions, will leave Progressives with little to protest against.

In Israel, You Say Tomato, I Say . . . AI?

The research is ultimately aimed at making the crops more robust while improving their nutritional value at the same time.

‘Beresheet 2’ Won’t Attempt Moon Landing, SpaceIL Searches for New Challenge

“The journey of ‘Beresheet’ to the moon, despite the hard landing, will last in the memory of Israel and the world as a successful one, a breakthrough,” SpaceIL said in a statement.

Bar Ilan Scientist Part of Study Asking Who Tells the Immune System to Slow...

“Thanks to this international collaboration, we demonstrated that the protein TOX is a master regulator of exhaustion state in T cells."

Turkey, Russia, Going Ahead with S-400 Deal, US Suspends F-35 Sale

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday confirmed in a speech in the capital Ankara that the deal to buy S-400 missile systems from...

Bar-Ilan Study: Your Stressed-Out Bacteria Could Trigger Autoimmune Response

Autoimmune diseases include multiple sclerosis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile diabetes, scleroderma, and pulmonary fibrosis.

European Union Awards 742 Million Euro to 1,062 Israeli Scientific Research Projects

Awards were presented to 423 Israeli companies and researchers that won Horizon 2020 grants in 2018.

New Thermal-Solar Tower Starts Operation, Energizing 50,000 Negev Homes

The project took four years to build, with investments of billions of dollars, and it is expected to supply electricity to more than 50,000 homes.

IDF to Issue Anti-Drone Guns to Troops Near Gaza Border

Recently a drone dropped its charge next to an IDF tank by the border fence.

TAU Researchers Identified Millennia-Old Animal, Plant Remains on Tiny Cave Flint Tools

"Prehistoric man was a natural recycler, as an integral part of his life. We certainly have much to learn from him... "

Watch: Israeli Researchers Roll Out Groundbreaking Flying & Driving Robot

FSTAR can be used for search and rescue applications as it can reach places where a regular drone cannot fly.

New Fund Empowers MIT, 7 Israeli universities, in Joint ‘Game-Changing’ Research

The newly launched fund is uniting MIT and Israeli faculty in pursuit of the next generation of groundbreaking research.

Beresheet Crash Site Located on Moon (Photo)

“The study of these impacts is giving us new insights into how the lunar regolith (soil) evolves over time.”

Report: WhatsApp Security Breach Allowed Israeli Company to Install Spyware on Mobile Phones

It's not clear whether the emerging WhatsApp scandal is bad or good for NSO Group's business.

Bar-Ilan Debuts Free MOOCs Including Physics in Arabic

Genomics and Biomedical Informatics (GaBI), Physics, and Jewish Art.

Hebrew U Study: Traumatized Worms Store Memories of Hardship When Conditions Become Safe

Like humans, worms are capable of forming associative memories—that is, memories that associate a certain sound or smell or tone of voice with a particular outcome.

Israel Ranked World’s 2nd Most Innovative Nation

Every 17 employees out of 1,000 in Israel are researchers, the Jewish state has registered 3,804 patents, has published 1,133 scientific papers, and spends 4.25 percent of its GDP on R&D.

Hebrew U Researchers Created Embryo Stem Cells from Skin Cells

Recently, attempts have been made to develop an entire mouse embryo without using sperm or egg cells.

Soon: Bar-Ilan App Commemorating Greek Jewish Communities Destroyed in the Holocaust

"The witnesses are no longer with us, so we must revive their voices. We simply have no choice but to expand our long-term memory."

Israeli Scientists Solve 100-Year Puzzle with Breakthrough on Epilepsy

"Our findings may serve as a basis for the development of drugs for a range of neurological and neurodegenerative diseases."

Israel Sets New All-Time Record In Using Renewable Energies

Israel has developed some of the world’s most advanced solar energy equipment and enjoys sunshine almost year-round.

NASA Attempting to Image Beresheet Lunar Crash Site

Laser beams generated by LOLA hit the moon’s surface and then bounce back to the instrument, and if some light bounces off the LRA reflector, the team will know.

Preliminary Investigation: Genesis Crash Caused by Sensor Sending Incorrect Message

If the sequence of events following the activation command had not occurred, the spacecraft would have landed safely.

Large Gas Discovery at Karish North, Off Northern Israeli Coast

"[This] further demonstrates the attractiveness of our acreage offshore Israel."


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