Bar-Ilan U Study Shows Arabian Babblers Disturbed by Changing Habitat

Living fast, dying young: Bar-Ilan University study reveals impact of habitat disturbance on social organization of Arabian babblers.

Israel and UAE Join New ‘Crystal Ball’ Platform of the Counter Ransomware Initiative

The purpose of the platform is to empower countries to predict threats, unite against cybercrimes and shape a future where security knows no borders.

Bar Ilan Researchers Measure Interaction bet. Immune and Cancer Cells in Patient’s Biopsy

New technology will assist medical professionals in determining the best course of tailored cancer treatment.

Elbit Gets $50 Mil. Deal for Red Sky Very Short-Range Air Defense System

The Red Sky solution will also incorporate anti-aircraft missile launchers.  

Israeli-Led Researchers Discover the Milky Way’s Heaviest Black Hole

The researchers also found a star orbiting the black hole, also known as a “binary system.”

Israeli AI Company Aims to Find Online Extremists Before They Kill

"Our technology analyzes a vast amount of digital footprints to identify signs of potential risk," the RealEye startup says.

Israel’s Tech Sector Shows Resilience Despite Challenges Post-Oct. 7

It is curious why the government’s judicial reform proposals should have sparked fears of a tech collapse.

Israeli Defense Ministry Computers Hacked

Security sources did not specify whether the data breach included sensitive information.

Israel Scrambles GPS Service in Various Locations to Obstruct Iranian Retaliation

Following Iranian threats against Israel over the assassination of the Quds force chief in Damascus (Iran Vows to ‘Punish’ Israel for Attack on Top...

Iranian Hackers Claim to Have Breached Dimona Nuclear Facility

The cyber criminals claim to have stolen thousands of documents from the nuclear site.

Ben-Gurion University Unveils Blueprint for Development of a Thriving Post-War Negev

“In the wake of October 7th, we are called to yet another challenge: transforming the Negev into not only a scientific engine, but also a resilient society.”

US Sanctions Israeli Developer of Predator Spyware

Financial institutions, companies, and individuals who continue to conduct business with Dilian, through payments or donations, may also face sanctions.

TAU Researcher Uses Existing Wireless Communication to Monitor Meteorological Phenomena

"The technology we developed enables processing and analyzing the big data collected by these existing communication networks for other purposes."

TAU Study: Viruses Choose Whether to Become Nasty

Bacteria-targeting viruses improve their decision making by coopting the defense systems built against them.

Azerbaijan Buys Israeli Advanced High-Altitude System to Detect Iranian, Armenian Missiles and Aircraft

It can maintain continuous surveillance for several days and is capable of tracking up to 500 targets with a detection range of over 250 km.

Google Fires Employee Protesting Work for IDF

“This behavior is not okay, regardless of the issue, and the employee was terminated for violating our policies.”

Pendulum Power: Israeli Scientists Replicate Quantum Behaviors

The experiment paves the way for further exploration into the effects of noise, impurities, and energy leakage on wave dynamics within the framework of quantum mechanics and other quantum intricacies.

Massive AT&T Outage, US Pharmacies Affected by Separate Cyberattack

No information was made available to media on who or what was behind the cyberattack on the prescription processor, nor was it clear what had caused the cellular outage.

Smart Glasses Impair Walking and Reading Ability Compared to Mobile Phones, Researchers Say

Like smartphones, smart glasses can be distracting to users, particularly when they display notifications or other information directly in the wearer’s field of view.

TAU Study Says Exposure to UV Radiation May Improve Fertility in Middle Aged Women

Particularly interesting is the absence of this effect among younger women in their 20s.

TAU Researchers Prevent Memory Deterioration in Animal Model of Alzheimer’s

The researchers discovered the potential for early detection of Alzheimer’s during sleep or anesthesia between 10-20 years before the onset of dementia symptoms.

U of Haifa Study: AI May Become Hotbed for Terrorist Activity

Very little attention has been devoted to exploring how terrorists can use AI to spread hate and propaganda, and influence vulnerable individuals.

Haifa’s Rambam Hospital Hit by Suspected Cyber Attack

Officials emphasized that none of the hospital's computer systems or overall operations were disrupted in the incident, and said the attack was blocked without any damage.

Israeli Researchers Create Better Tomatoes with Less Water

The researchers, employing CRISPR genetic editing technology, were able to grow tomatoes that consume less water while preserving yield, quality, and taste.

Social Media Monitor Say Denial, Distortion of Oct. 7 Atrocities is Skyrocketing

The 313 antisemitic posts appeared on Facebook, Instagram YouTube and X, reaching nearly 26 million viewers on all platforms, according to the CyberWell organization.

Shin Bet: Iranian Cyber Spy Scheme Targets Israeli Officials, Civilians

One fake page, "Kan+" was Iranian-generated and impersonated Israel's KAN News public broadcaster.

Israeli Researchers Use Earth’s Magnetic Field to Verify Biblical Battle of Gath

New technology interprets archaeological findings from biblical times.

Report: Israeli Hackers Target Iran’s National Fuel System

The hackers sent advance warning sent to Iran's emergency services, and leaving some of the fuel pumps active. Sixty percent of Iran's gas stations were disabled.

Israel Sells David’s Sling Anti-Ballistic Missile System to Finland

With its Russian neighbor engaged in attacks on its other neighbor, Ukraine, Finland feels it must defend itself against an unprovoked attack.


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