Weizmann Institute Uncovers Secret of Hunger Switch in the Brain

A 3D structure reveals how a unique molecular switch in our brain causes us to feel full – and may help develop improved anti-obesity drugs.

Biden Approves Trump’s $23 Billion Sale to UAE Including F-35 Stealths

The Biden administration announced it was reviewing military sales to Saudi Arabia, some of which were also closed by Trump.

Roman Catholic Priest to Head Scientific Council of Babi Yar Center

It was the largest mass killing under the auspices of the Nazi regime and its collaborators during the 1941 campaign against the Soviet Union.

Natanz Attack Was Massive and the Message Clear: Don’t Mess with Israel

White House and State Department officials are not expecting the Iranians to return to the talks in Vienna that are scheduled to resume on Wednesday.

Elbit Video Reveals Stunning Achievements in Laser Technology

Last August, Israel's defense ministry revealed its technological breakthrough enabling the development of platforms to intercept a variety of threats.

Amazon, Hebrew U, in Joint Development of Quantum Technologies

First agreement between Amazon Web Services and an Israeli academic institution on quantum computing research.

Natanz Sabotage Set Back Iran’s Nuclear Program by 9 Months, Improved US Leverage in...

Israel is not concerned about Iran's ability to avenge the ferocious attacks on key personnel and facilities connected to its nuclear program.

TAU Breakthrough: Activating Brain’s Immune System Against Deadly Cancer Glioblastoma Prevents Spreading

"Glioblastoma is the deadliest type of cancer in the central nervous system, accounting for most malignant brain tumors."

NASA Names 2 Asteroids after Israeli Arab Technion Student (She Discovered Them)

Nama, who grew up in Deir al-Assad in Galilee, currently lives in Haifa.

First Female Astronaut Joins UAE Space Program

“I aim to work hard to script historical moments and achievements that will be etched forever in the memory of our people,” says recruit Noura Al-Matroushi.

Israeli Researchers Develop Radioactive Marker to Detect Aggressive Cancerous Tumors

The marker will determine type of tumor in a single image, eliminating the need for a biopsy.

TAU: COVID-19 Vaccine Much Less Effective Against South African Variant

The South African variant is significantly more likely to break through the protective effect of two doses of the vaccine compared to the British COVID-19 variant.

Jerusalem College of Technology Graduates Win Government Contract to Use Drones in Deliveries

FlyTech was founded three years ago by former IDF officers from air force UAV squadrons who became Torah-observant during their military service.

Tel Aviv U Researchers: Contrary to Earlier Views, Stone Age Humans Were Huge Meat...

Comparing humans to the large social predators of today that obtain more than 70% of their energy from animal sources, reinforced the conclusion that humans were hypercarnivores.

2022 and 2023 Vaccine Purchases Delayed as Israeli Health Officials Expect Biannual Vaccinations

The accountant-general of the finance ministry attacked the health ministry, accusing it of serious irregularities in purchasing vaccines without signing proper agreements.

Hebrew U-Yale Study Shows Monkeys Have Conscious and Non-Conscious Minds

Joint Hebrew U-Yale University study provides new glimpse into animal cognition.

Bolstered By Chinese $400 Billion Deal, Iran Won’t Stop Enriching Uranium Until Biden Drops...

"The odds any progress to revive the deal before Iran holds a presidential election in June have dwindled."

Report: Microsoft Planning $1.5 Billion Investment in Israeli Data Center, Chip Development

Microsoft's Israeli IP's current tax rate is 6%, while other corporations pay 23%.

Feinstein Institutes Researchers Studying Ashkenazi Jews Discover New Schizophrenia Genetic Mutation

Just a few hundred individuals who migrated to Eastern Europe less than 1,000 years ago are the ancestors of nearly 10 million Ashkenazi Jews today.

Algorithm Website to Predict March 23 Knesset Election Results – Nerds, Political Junkies Invited

If we could find a function that superimposes the previous election results over the new results, we could run the same transformation for the rest of the votes to get a reasonable approximation of the overall results.

Popular Non-invasive Prenatal Testing for Fetal Down Syndrome May Be Halachically Approved

Interestingly, Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, who is not known as a liberal posek on many social issues, encourages a genetic examination when the doctors recommend it.

Israeli and Emirati Companies Sign Deal to Bring Greentech Innovation to Region

The cooperation seeks solutions that promote sustainability by mitigating the negative environmental impacts of development.

How Bushfire Smoke Traveled Around the World

A study uncovers how some Australian fires produced a spreading stratospheric haze rivaling that of a volcanic eruption.

Israel Testing National Commercial Drone Network

Israel is testing a flight control system for managing commercial drones traffic in urban areas.

Tel Aviv U Innovative Research May Save NY Jewish Boy from Rare Neurological Syndrome

Two-year-old Eli Reich suffers from the rare neurological syndrome FOXG1 that stunts his brain's development, and his window of opportunity is closing fast.

Bezeq Announces New Fiber Optic Service for Superfast Internet

Bezeq expects to connect households everywhere in the country, “including in Judea and Samaria, in every settlement."

Tel Aviv U in International Study of New Model Predicting Snakebites to Save Lives

"We built a first-of-its-kind interdisciplinary model which includes the behavior patterns of both sides – snakes and humans."

Hebrew U Researchers Say Understanding Constipation Would Help Diagnose Parkinson’s Disease

Hebrew University researchers unveil a chain of physiological events that may help provide new methods for disease diagnosis.

IDF Intelligence: Vaccines Tamed Purim Aftermath, Israel Approaching Full Recovery

As of Thursday morning, 5,072,725 Israelis have received the first dose of the vaccine, and 3,999,353 the second.


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