World First: Top Experts Formulate International Ethical Code for Ancient DNA Research

Since ancient DNA research deals with people who once lived, it should therefore respect them.

Israel Behind Cyberattack on Iranian Gas Stations, say US Officials

The hackers may have gained access to data on international oil sales, a state secret that could expose how Iran evades international sanctions, Iranian officials tell “The New York Times.”

Using Plant Remains TAU Researchers Reconstruct Israel’s Climate by End of Last Ice Age

The study was conducted at the prehistoric archaeological site Jordan River Dureijat ("Jordan River Stairs") on the shores of the Paleo Lake Hula.

Cyber Company Cofounded by ex-Mossad Chief Sells for $700 Million

European retailer Schwarz Group acquires XM Cyber, an Israeli cybersecurity company that was cofounded in 2016 by former Mossad director Tamir Pardo.

Israel Set to impose Electric Car Tax to Offset Loss in Car Gas Tax...

Within the Israeli government, the Finance Ministry is fighting the Transport and Environmental Protection Ministries on raising the reduced purchase tax on EVs.

Report: Bennett Plans to Use Israel’s Economic Success to Boost Defense Budget Even More

Top on the list of the defense establishment is the acceleration of the missile and rocket interception project, led by the defense industries Rafael and Elbit.

Bar-Ilan U Study Reveals How People Know They’re Tired

Our PARP1 protein acts as an antenna, signaling the brain that it's time to sleep and repair DNA.

Frum Matchmaking App Partners with OU to Offer Shiduchim in English

All participants must have a matchmaker who represents and advocates for them to be matched with appropriate candidates.

New Israeli Tech Exposes Liars Through Facial Muscles

The technology has detected 73% of the lies told by trial participants based on the contraction of their facial muscles,

Quantum Encryption Advances at Hebrew U Keeping Data Secure on the Internet

The team at HU developed a system that uses fluorescent crystals in the form of specks so tiny that special microscopes are needed to see them.

Meet Scorpius, the IAI System that Takes Down Targets with Electromagnetic Beams

"We believe this is the revolution. It's the future of electronic warfare."

Report: US Tests Iron Dome Against Chinese Cruise Missiles

“If we can’t defend Guam—the airbase and the other things there—it’s really hard to project power into the Pacific.”

Tel Aviv U Initiates Model for Carbon Neutrality

TAU has placed efforts to combat climate change among its top priorities.

Israel-British Partnership to Boost Groundbreaking Research on Aging

Tel Aviv University held a hybrid conference last week on the multidisciplinary aspects of aging research, including molecular aging, social aging, age-dependent diseases and interventions, and life quality.

Report: Israeli Pegasus Spyware Detected on Cellphones of Banned PFLP NGO Activists

Israeli technology that captures Arabs' faces and links them to a photo database, which one former soldier described as "The Palestinians' Facebook."

Researcher: Close to 100,000 Mixed Marriages with One Jewish Spouse in Israel

The CBS data show that the phenomenon of Jewish women marrying Arab men is marginal.

Israel Asked Pfizer for Information on Anti-Covid Pill Paxlovid, Weighs Purchase

It could be prescribed more broadly as an at-home treatment to help reduce illness severity, hospitalizations, and deaths.

UN Declares Eilat’s Birding Center One of Most Important Global Biodiversity Projects

"They are encouraged to love and conserve birds, in their gardens or at work, now and forever."

After Israeli Push, Telegram Blocks Iranian Hackers

Telegram blocked the Black Shadow groups, which hacked personal information from Israeli sites hosted on CyberServe servers.

Harvard/Clalit Study of 728,321 Israelis Shows Third Vaccine More Effective than Only 2 Shots

1,158,269 individuals were eligible to be included in the third dose group.

Weizmann Institute Researchers Solve the Riddle of Jupiter’s Red Spot

Weizmann Institute and NASA Researchers discover surprising parallel between Jupiter and Earth

Israeli Company Planting Vertical Farms in Russia and Ukraine

Vertical Field’s indoor farm is a mobile unit that grows leafy greens such as lettuce, oaky green lettuce, spinach, and basil.

Chinese Hackers Now Believed Responsible for Cyber Attack on Hillel Yaffe Medical Center

The attack is believed to have had a financial motive, and may have been in preparation for a larger and more serious event, according to Israel’s defense establishment.

Startup Genome Ranks Tel Aviv University 5th in the World in Entrepreneurship

Tel Aviv University ranked right after four leading American universities – Stanford, MIT, UC Berkeley and Harvard.

Jerusalem School Launches Trailblazing Cyber Security Program for Orthodox Tekkies

Cyber Elite 2.0 is set to bolster Israel’s cyber industry with underleveraged talent from Orthodox communities.

Cyberattack on Iranian Fuel Highlights Sensitive Domestic Pressure Point

The reported attack’s messaging “cyber-attack 64411,” is designed to tell Iranians that their regime is not infallible, while the disruption to the gas-pump supply underscores an issue that’s led to destabilization in the past.

Israeli Weapons Producer Emtan to Sell 9,210 ‘Ramon’ Handguns to Spain’s Police

The company operates about 70 facilities using advanced technology in manufacturing weapons.

Report: Global Climate Tech Funds Ignore Surging Israeli Startups

"Climate innovation is not just an important stage in the war against the climate crisis, but also a significant business opportunity."

Google Maps Removes ‘Apartheid Wall’ Label from Security Barrier Near Jerusalem

While it remains unclear how it came about, the company called it “inappropriate” and removed the words after being alerted by JNS.


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