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HU’s Largest ‘Lazy Eye’ Study Reveals Olim, Haredi Men at Greatest Risk

Socio-demographic disparities in amblyopia prevalence among 1.5 million adolescents.

TAU Discovery: White Blood Cells May Help Destroy Malignant Tumors

The destructive properties of white blood cells called eosinophils can be employed to kill cancer cells.

Technion Scientists Create Wearable Motion Sensor that Identifies Bending, Twisting

The sensor is essentially an electronic skin capable of recognizing the range of movement human joints make, with up to half a degree of precision.

SpaceIL Wants Science Experiments to Send Into Space on Beresheet 2

Beresheet 2 is scheduled to be launched into space sometime towards the end of 2024.

Stop Killing your Children: TAU Study Shows 70% of Smokers’ Kids Suffer from Secondhand...

Researchers tested children's level of exposure using a biomarker, nicotine in hair, which indicates cumulative exposure to tobacco smoke.

Hebrew U Study: Stock Markets Tumble When Working Moms Take Junior to First Day...

The team surveyed 607 participants from 32 countries regarding their gender, education level, parental status, and whether they accompanied their child on the first day of school.

Hebrew U Researchers: Latest Wave of Morbidity Blocked by Fast Pace Third Vaccination

Twenty-nine people have died of Corona in Israel over the past 24 hours.

United Hatzalah Introduces Aquatic Rescue Drone to Help Save Kinneret Drowning Victims

The new drone can lift up to two kilograms, making it capable of carrying a rescue buoy or a life-jacket.

Former Senior Health Ministry Epidemiologist: Israel Can’t Control the Pandemic

"The right thing to do is to reduce the number of children that each child interacts with."

Hebrew U Study Shows Oral Medication Effective in Treating Severe COVID-19 Patients

Fenofibrate reduced inflammation in 48 hours, removed need for oxygen support in 5 to 7 days.

Astronaut Eytan Stibbe Takes Ancient Bar Kokhva Coin to Outer Space

Interestingly, the rebels used existing Roman coins and re-struck them with their own themes and messages.

Breakthrough: Israeli Scientists Create First 3D-Bioprint of Entire Active Tumor

"We can 3D-bioprint from this sample 100 tiny tumors and test many different drugs . . . to discover the optimal treatment for this specific tumor."

TAU Researchers Discover Millennia-Old Magnetic Field Recordings Teach Us about Today’s Magnetic Field

Burnt archaeological flints enable us to determine the strength of the Earth's magnetic field during prehistoric periods.

Israel’s Bar Ilan University Hit by Ransomware Cyberattack

“From what we know so far, the event is a narrow one. Work and classes at the university are continuing as usual."

New Weizmann Study on Bats Throws Light on When the Brain’s GPS Goes Off...

A new study on bats reveals an unexpected representation of three-dimensional space in the brain.

Trials of Promising Israeli Corona Drug MesenCure for Critical Patients Extended to Additional Hospitals

14 out of 16 seriously ill patients who were treated with the drug were discharged from the hospital.

Cyber Experts: Criticism of NSO Likely Part of ‘Orchestrated Effort to Harm Israel’

What is raising suspicions for some is the identity of one of the key players in the accusations against NSO.

Israeli-German Team Unveils Some Countries’ Under-Reported Corona Deaths

“Our results present a comprehensive picture of the impact of COVID-19.”

Pew: Religious People Less Likely to Believe in UFOs

By contrast, roughly half or more of agnostics (49%) say that UFOs reported by people in the military are definitely or probably evidence that intelligent life exists beyond Earth.

Kibbutz-Made Hi-Tech Monitors 10 Million Cows in 52 Countries

"As the herds grow, the roles of farmers become more and more managerial."

Environmental Protection Rejects Pipeline’s Pollution Risks Survey, Crisis with UEA Looming

The idea of multiplying to a very large extent the amount of crude oil being pushed through the pipeline from Eilat to the Ashkelon terminal is dizzying.

Haifa’s Technion Institute of Technology Ends Use of Disposable Utensils in Move to ‘Environmentally...

“There is no doubt that recycling is important, but reuse and reduction are especially important goals because they prevent pollution already in the production phase.”

Top Diplomats From 10 Countries Gather to Learn What Makes Israel’s Innovation Ecosystem Tick

Start-Up Nation Central is the address for corporations, governments, and investors to connect with the Israeli tech ecosystem.

New Israeli-Japanese Agreement Paves Road for Boost of Lunar Industry

The Israeli startup will produce oxygen from the lunar surface by means of a soil-fed reactor in addition to other various metals.

PM Bennett, Communications Minister Hendel Dedicate Fiber-Optic Cable in Remote Northern City

"They blazed a trail to reach everyone even if there is no initial economic interest in this connection."

Dubai to Use Israeli Drone Technology to Boost Security at World Expo

The autonomous fleet will replace security personnel and reduce police response times from 4.4 minutes to 1 minute.

Bar-Ilan U. Biologist Found Spotted Hyenas’ Social Ties Are Inherited

Massive study of data collected over 27 years sheds light on social networks, rank and survival of this African species.


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