Israeli Scientists Invent Artificial ‘Nose’ to Detect Bacteria

The artificial nose uses chemical reactions and electrodes to “smell” bacteria.

IAI Completes Delivery of 100 Electric Mini-UAVs to Undisclosed ‘European Customer’

IAI’s 50% acquisition of BlueBird Aero Systems, which was recently approved by Israel's government, is tapping into the potential of an emerging trend.

Israeli Study: Low vitamin D Associated with More Severe COVID-19 Infection

"This study can highlight the risks of vitamin D deficiency in terms of COVID-19."

Israeli Defense Companies Sign MOU to Develop New Rocket-Propulsion System

A statement said that the two entities “will expand their existing synergy” for use by the Israeli Defense Ministry, Israel Defense Forces and foreign armed forces.

Bar-Ilan Co-Leading EU Vaccines Research for Measles, STD, in Under-Served Populations

In Israel, despite socio-economic disparities, the Israeli Arab population achieves very high vaccine uptake.

Study: People Who Make Music Together, Socially Connect to Each Other

"We hope our research will lead to more grassroots programs . . . which bring people from different cultures together through music.”

New TAU Study Offers Amendment to Theory on Extinction of Species

The survival of animal species depends on the number of offspring rather than body size.

Israel to Host OECD Annual Global Forum on Digital Security for Prosperity

"It is time to upgrade cooperation beyond bilateral collaborations . . . and make them multinational. Cyber defense is done as a community."

TAU Scientists Discover Process to Get Good Viruses to Destroy Bad Bacteria

The original phage research was interrupted by the onset of World War I, as well as a shortage of funding and the discoveries of antibiotics.

Bar-Ilan U Researchers May Soon Explain Cantankerous Debates on Israeli Media

Bar-Ilan University researchers move a step closer to understanding how the brain processes multiple conversations at once.

IAI Signs $200 Million Drone Service Contract with Undisclosed Asian Country

IAI’s UAS know-how and experience have been accumulated over nearly 50 years, representing two million aggregate flight hours and over 50 customers worldwide.

Israel, Australia, Collaborating on Australian Sovereign Defense Capabilities

The joint capabilities are synergetic and the joint effort will provide leading innovative local solutions for the benefit of Australian industries.

Joint Israeli-Emirati Water Research Institute to Open in Abu Dhabi

"Throughout history, conflicts have often been centered around controlling water sources. Today we are doing the opposite."

Tel Aviv U Researchers: Sick Bats Also Employ ‘Social Distancing’ to Prevent Outbreak of...

New study from Tel Aviv University reveals that bats also resort to isolation which can assist in preventing mass contagion.

More than 500 Amazon Employees Demand Company Sever Contracts with Israel

“Amazon employs Palestinians in Tel Aviv and Haifa offices and around the world,” said the letter. “Ignoring the suffering faced by Palestinians and their families at home erases our Palestinian co-workers.”

Amazon Wins Tender to Serve Israel’s Cloud But Will Its Pro-Palestinian Employees Approve?

Amazon's plans may hit a wall with its pro-Palestinian employees, who have been urging it to sever its ties with the Jewish State.

Israeli 5-Year-Old, Seriously Injured, Sole Survivor of Cable Car Accident, Opened his Eyes

"It was a conscious choice dictated by economic reasons, and the cable car service was supposed to be suspended."

IDC Herzliya, Bar-Ilan, Develop Software to Help Measure DNA Sequencing Errors

Controlling off-target editing activity is one of the central challenges in making CRISPR-Cas9 technology accurate and applicable in medical practice.

Hebrew U, Penn State Researchers Unveil Clues on Origins of Parkinson’s Disease

“We believe that we’ve identified stable forms of alpha-synuclein that allow it to form complexes with itself and other biomolecules.”

Weizmann Institute Reveals Natural Food Supplement to Relieve Anxiety

Mice receiving the plant-derived substance were less anxious than the controls.

TAU Study Shows Facebook, WhatsApp, Altered Haredi Attitudes on Sexual Abuse

"The study's findings indicate a trend of significant change in the Haredi society's attitude toward sexual abuse."

Bar-Ilan U. Technology to Be Tested in Israeli Astronaut’s 2022 Space Trip

In early 2022, the second Israeli astronaut, Eytan Stibbe, will cross the atmosphere on his way to the International Space Station.

TAU Launching Multidisciplinary Center to Research Practical Climate Change Solutions

The unique center will utilize the knowledge, resources and capabilities of all the departments in collaboration with industry, academia, and government.


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