Nvidia to Build World’s Fastest AI Supercomputer in Israel

The "Israel-1" computer is to be one of the most powerful supercomputers in the world for AI calculations.

First Eitan Armored Personnel Carriers Delivered to the Nahal Infantry Brigade

“The Nahal Brigade is proud to be the first in the IDF to receive the Eitan APC."

Sky’s the Limit for Israel’s Autonomous Aerial Drone Hunter

Flying at 120 kilometers an hour, the Goshawk calculates the target’s route, zeroes in on the target and captures it.

Study: New York City Sinking Under its Own Weight

"Every additional high-rise building constructed at coastal, river, or lakefront settings could contribute to future flood risk."

Israel and Montenegro Sign 20 million Euro Defense Exports Agreement

Montenegro iwas part of the only successful armed rebellion against the Nazi occupiers during WW2.

TAU, Google, Launch Multidisciplinary Artificial Intelligence Research

”We have great opportunities to use AI to make a significant positive impact in many areas."

TAU DNA Analysis Links Modern and Ancient Grapes

Genetic link discovered between two modern varieties of red and white grapes and grape varieties cultivated over 1100 years ago.

Microsoft: Iran Accelerating Its Worldwide Cyber Attacks

The future threat of increasingly destructive Iranian cyberattacks remains against Israel and the United States.

‘Anonymous Sudan’ Takes Responsibility for Multi-City Power Outages

The internet was also reported to be down in the city of Arad, about 40 minutes east of Be'er Sheva, raising the question of whether hackers were behind the multi-city outage.

‘Anonymous Sudan’ Cyber Attack Targets Israel’s Supreme Court

Although the group said it had also attacked the Israel Post website, it did not appear to be affected when accessed by JewishPress.com.

Gerrer Hasidim Committee Warns Against Buying Tesla – It Drives You to the Internet

"A Tesla vehicle cannot be blocked at all and should not be purchased or used at all."

Cyberattack Shutters Galilee Farm Water Controllers

“You have been hacked, Down with Israel,” read a message on the controllers.

Ofek 13 Satellite Sends First Images to Israel

"The first satellite images received at the IAI control station were of excellent quality," Israel's Defense Ministry commented.

United Hatzalah Hit By Tens of Thousands of Cyber Attacks Over the Past Two...

The attacks have put a major focus on attacking government sites, and websites of health and educational institutions, and targeted the national EMS organization as well.

FBI Bought Spyware from Israeli Hi-Tech Blacklisted by Biden

It appears that no one in the US security apparatus has been paying attention to Biden’s ban on the clever Israeli spyware.

Weizmann Institute of Science Building Most Powerful Telescope in the World, in Southern Israel

The new observatory will consist of 48 telescopes – each featuring a 28-cm mirror – with an extremely wide field of view.

TAU Study Reveals Plants Make Sounds

Apparently, an idyllic field of flowers can be a rather noisy place. It's just that we can't hear the sounds...

Defense Ministry and IAI Launched Advanced Observation Satellite Ofek 13 to Space

Once the satellite enters orbit, it will undergo a series of tests to ensure its propriety and performance levels.

TAU’s Cell-Size Robot Can Capture Damaged Body Cells

Innovative technology only 10 microns across the size of a biological cell.

Israel Turns ‘Super Seaweed’ into Natural Health Compounds, Medicine

The study succeeded in dramatically increasing the health and medicinal value of seaweed as superfood, medicine, and cosmetics.

Navy Hires Rafael to Maintain Navy’s Next Generation Typhoon Cannon

Was there something wrong with the maintenance provided in-house by the Navy?

France, Jerusalem College of Technology, Host Conference on Artificial Intelligence

“Over the past few decades, France has participated in the funding of many research studies in Israel."

Survey: Only 12% of Hi-Tech Employees Want their Company to Protest Judicial Reform

“The absolute majority of hi-tech employees in Israel want quiet, and to put the split behind us.”

TAU Reveals World’s First mRNA Vaccine for Deadly Bacteria

"So far mRNA vaccines, such as the COVID-19 vaccines familiar to all of us, were assumed to be effective against viruses but not against bacteria."

Personal Data of US Lawmakers Sold on Dark Web After Data Breach

House leaders pointed out the breach "significantly increases the risk that Members, staff, and their families will experience identity theft, financial crimes, and physical threats — already an ongoing concern."

State-Incubated Israeli Unicorn Moving to Portugal, Relocating Workers, $500,000,000

Eido Gal found a perfect alibi in the pending judicial reform, which gives him the cover he needed not to appear ungrateful.


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