NASA Inks Cooperation Agreement with Israel Space Agency for Beresheet 2

Beresheet 2 – this time with two landers intended to go to the lunar surface -- is expected to launch in 2025.

Bar Ilan Study: AI Outpaces Brain Learning Capabilities

Although the brain’s architecture is very shallow, artificial neural networks' learning capabilities can outperform deep learning.

Moscow Revives Claims the US Is Manufacturing Bio Weapons in Ukraine

Yes, the latest proof of American biological experiments in Ukraine is provided by one Russian official quoting another Russian official.

Israeli Army’s Cyber Unit Now Training 20,000 Students

Netanyahu said that Israel is using artificial intelligence to develop what he called a “cyber iron dome.”

TAU Study: Brain Activation and Synchronization Can Predict Political Orientation

A first study of its kind scanned the brains of dozens of politically involved participants while watching campaign ads.

Israeli KKL-JNF Experts Help Rehabilitate Ecosystems in Africa

Their activities are taking place in more than 70 communities throughout Turkana.

IDF Offers Discharged Combat Soldiers a Springboard to Hi-Tech Careers – At a Price

The condition for joining the program is that the soldiers sign up for an additional 18 months' service.

Israel Aerospace Industries Unveils POINT BLANK Hand-Launched Guided Missile

POINT BLANK allows tactical units to attack targets in real-time with great precision and high lethality, without the need for support.

TAU Robot Can Smell 10,000 Times More Effectively than Any Other Device

A technological-biological breakthrough by Tel Aviv University.

Luke Skywalker Pushing Ukraine’s Army of Drones Project in Anticipation of Russian All Out...

Besides Hamill, the United24 team of global ambassadors includes singer Barbra Streisand, actor Liev Schreiber, and astronaut Scott Kelly.

Russia Activates Poseidon Nuclear Underwater Drones

The drone can detonate its very large warhead from a short distance at a very high speed.

Jerusalem Students Invent Manhunting App Mapping Footage from Multiple Cameras in Real Time

The students were inspired in part by last May’s terrorist attack on a pub in Tel Aviv that killed three Israelis and injured six.

Israeli Study Shows Light Pollution Wipes Out Desert Mice, May Harm Others

In most species studied to date, including humans, the biological clock is synchronized by light.

Annual Reports: 2022 Startup Nation Investments Down by Half

Maybe, if we ignore the unreal results of 2021, the 2022 results may represent a steady, moderate incline from past years.

Bar-Ilan, Technion, Establish $37M Energy Storage Research Institute

Energy storage will allow an increasing integration of renewable energy, which is only available during part of the day.

Gamebreaker? Russia’s Hypersonic Cruise Missile Submarine to Enter Service in 2026

The Yasen class submarines could alter the outcome of the war decisively by firing at the heart of Ukraine from the Black Sea.

TAU Launches 3rd Nanosatellite into Space in Less than 2 Years

TAU launched its first Israeli nanosatellite designed to communicate from space with an optical ground station.

Likud Transport Minister Vows to Cut Taxes on Electric Cars

Regev also said she plans to cancel the travel tax, charging electric car owners based on their mileage.

IDF Armored Corps Launches ‘Revolutionary’ Training Facility

The training facility will boost individual and team system-operating skills inside the tank.

Israeli Company Tests 2-Seater Personal Super Drone

The vehicle looks like a combination passenger-carrying super drone and mini plane, with a vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL).

Israel to Invest a Further 115 Million Shekels in Quantum Computing Research

The goal is to create a working Israeli quantum computer within three years.

TAU Researchers Identify 100,000 Previously Unknown Virus Types

It’s a nine fold increase in the number of RNA viruses known to date.

Iran’s Military Chief: Our Drones Are Humiliating the US

He was clearly torn between bragging about his drone superiority over Big Satan and his denial of Iranian support for the Russian war effort.

UAE-Israel Cooperating to Develop Arabic Language Applications for Artificial Intelligence (AI)

“This is the definition of disruptive technology. It is changing the way we live, the way we work.”

TAU Drone Saves Bats from Wind Turbine Blades

The findings were unequivocal – the device succeeded in keeping the bats away.

Successful US Nuclear Fusion Reaction Could Mean New Form of Clean Energy

Producing a net energy gain from nuclear fusion – replicating the fusion that powers the sun and the stars -- has been the Holy Grail of nuclear scientists since the 1950s.

My Dinner with ChatGPT

Me: What is the reason for the war between Arabs and Jews?


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