First Flight: Israeli-Designed Electric Plane Takes Off in US

Eviation plans to produce an executive model with a more opulent cabin, a cargo variant, and a nine-passenger configuration.

Israel to Share Nuke Tech with Gulf Countries?

It is unclear exactly what technology he was talking about.

One Call Fits All: MDA, Police, Firefighters Automatically Dispatch One Another on AI Software

“The process is simultaneous, meaning that police, fire, or ambulances are dispatched at the same time."

Israeli Scientists Find Manmade Environmental Destruction Not New

"The damage was caused through overexploitation. . .Three thousand years later, the local environment still hasn't recovered from the crisis."

Technion AI Program Rated No. 1 in Europe

Some 150 Technion researchers are currently involved in Tech.AI, the Technion’s Center for Artificial Intelligence.

ZOOZ, Formerly Chakratec, Awarded NY-Israel Smart Energy Innovation Grant

ZOOZ specializes in energy storage and power boosting products aimed at enabling ultra-fast EV charging.

Haifa U Identifies Nerve Cells’ Reduced Synaptic Activity Common to Parkinson’s Disease

The processes relate to the ability of cells to connect to the extracellular matrix and their capacity to create new synopses.

Bar-Ilan Researcher: Vaccines Dramatically Reduce COVID-19’s Long-Term Effects

"Vaccines protect not just against disease but against long-term, sometimes life-changing, effects of COVID-19."

Hebrew U Method Increases Number of IVF Births

The Hebrew U. review established that adding hyaluronic acid enhances the ultimate success of IVF.

Yeshiva University Cybersecurity Program Rockets Up in National Rankings

It’s also drawing applicants outside the school’s traditional base, including more women and students from outside the country.

TAU Researchers Identify Antibodies that May Replace Covid-19 Vaccines

According to Dr. Freund, the surprising effectiveness of these antibodies might be related to the evolution of the virus.

BioNTech CEO Sahin in Israel to Talk Pandemic Preparedness, Innovative Medicines

BioNTech is considering the establishment of a research and production facility in Israel.

Israeli Scientists: Aquaculture Tech Can Help Ease Global Food Crisis

The technology makes the “enriched seaweed” -- a natural superfood with extremely high nutritional value.

Vienna & Hebrew Universities Develop Perfect Trap for Light

A beam of light prevents itself from escaping, allowing light to be absorbed perfectly.

Artemis-1 Moon Mission to Launch with Israeli Manikins, Anti-Radiation Vest

In addition, the spacecraft will be carrying a mezuzah, a stone from the Dead Sea, and seeds for a tree to be planted in Israel after the spacecraft returns to Earth.

New Israeli-Made Biological Sensor Detects Hidden Disease in Potatoes

From 1845 to 1849, the Irish Potato Famine, caused by a failure of the potato crop, brought mass starvation and disease in Ireland.

Ariel University Student Develops Food-Saving App

Research shows that about a third of the food that is purchased by consumers is subsequently thrown away.

Hebrew U Study: Desert Regions Best Predictors of Climate Change in Wet Areas

These results can be incorporated into models to simulate how nature will function under drier or hotter conditions.

Israeli Radiation Vest Mounted on Manikin for Upcoming Artemis I Moon Mission

If the experiment succeeds, chances are high that astronauts will be wearing AstroRad vests during the space mission planned for the next decade.

Technion Hackers Expose Dangerous Vulnerabilities in Siemens PLC Firmware

The researchers warned that because the firmware is deployed in critical infrastructure and other systems, attacks by hostile elements could pose a danger to life.

Israeli Scientists Find Bacteria in Saliva Can Indicate PTSD in Military Veterans

About a third of the PTSD subjects had never been diagnosed with PTSD, so they never received recognition from the Defense Ministry and official authorities.

Bar-Ilan U Researchers Develop Cancer Fighting Nanotechnology

Prof. Barda-Saad does not doubt that this technology is a sign of the future.

Israeli Scientists Reveal Reason for Fewer Lightning Strikes Over the Sea

It is the larger, coarse sea spray that reduces the amount of lightning by as much as 90 percent, whereas smaller aerosols increase lightning. The size of particle also affects rainfall.

Israeli Scientists Learn How Cultivated Wheat Can Protect Itself from Insects

Cultivated wheat has difficulty protecting itself from insects, but the protective mechanisms of wild wheat can be bred back, scientists say.

Israel Ranks 12th Globally in Government Surveillance

The overall disclosure rate in Israel is 72 percent, meaning that seven out of every ten account information requests are fulfilled.

Breakthrough: Hebrew U Drug May Prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, Increase Life Expectancy

The study identified a group of molecules that enable cells to repair damaged components.

TAU Learning Method Improves Visual Perception of People with Autism

Based on memory flashes lasting seconds, the new method significantly improves the achievements of people with autism.

MDA Installing Ultrasound Technology in Ambulances, Helicopters

The use of ultrasound equipment is potentially a game-changer in treating pulseless electrical activity.

Company Bennett Exited in 2013 Shut Down, 120 Fired

Soluto's parent company Asurion is reducing its global workforce across all levels for future growth.


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