Bar-Ilan to Test Autonomous Vehicle to Transport Coronavirus Patients

"We are proud to be at the forefront of research and technology in the field of autonomous travel and its adaptation to combat the coronavirus."

IDF Converts Armored Vehicle Assembly Lines to Make Medical Equipment

Israeli Defense Ministry’s Tank Rehabilitation and Maintenance Center is churning out 1,400 pairs of protective goggles a day • “We are working at full strength to find creative solutions that will save lives,” says Maintenance Center commander Col. Udi Amira.

Ra’anana High School Team Invents Simple, Cheap Respirator, Soon to Be Mass Produced

"The idea is that the new respirators should be based on relatively common products and parts, such as the Ambu."

Israeli Universities, Institutes Lead the fight against coronavirus

Staff members are at the forefront of medical technologies and innovation, task forces, methods and vaccines in the making, working to protect the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Bar-Ilan Engineering Student’s Algorithm Predicts Coronavirus Spread

In South Korea, the model accurately predicted significant improvement on March 2, 2020.

Sephardi Rabbis Under Fire for Allowing Zoom Video Seders with Isolated Elderly

Obviously, now it's time for Rabbi Pearl's people at Zomet to come up with a gramma version of Zoom.

Japanese Firm Starts Testing Coronavirus DNA Vaccine on Animals

AnGes noted that unlike attenuated vaccines, created by reducing the virulence of a pathogen, but still keeping it viable (or "alive"), DNA vaccines are safe, as they have no pathogenicity.

Teva Donating 6 Million Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate Tablets to US Hospitals to Fight Coronavirus

The Company is also reviewing supply of both hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine globally to determine whether there are additional supply and access opportunities for patients.

Hebrew U Professor Shares World’s Top Math Prize

The original Abel Prize award ceremony, scheduled for May 19, has been postponed due to the corona outbreak.

MDA Launches Drive-Through COVID-19 Testing Sites Starting Wednesday

The patients will remain in their vehicle throughout the process, and then drive back directly to their homes.

Israel Develops New App to Alert Users on Exposure To Coronavirus

"The app is updated in real-time ... regarding the whereabouts of a person confirmed to be a carrier of the virus."

Bar-Ilan Researchers Capture 3D Structure of Toxins in Peptide-Channel Interactions Joint Study

The researchers report on a quicker and more cost-effective way to test a multitude of toxin-channel combinations in order to investigate how such toxins recognize various channels.

Japanese Company Developing COVID-19 Treatment Using Recovered Patients’ Plasma

TAK-888 is a drug harvested from the blood plasma of recovered COVID-19 patients, to collect the antibodies.

Friday Night Naftali Bennett’s Twitter Account Was Hacked

The statement foreign content was immediately deleted, and the account password was changed.

Israeli Scientists Say New Sleep Method Strengthens Brain’s Ability to Retain Memories

"Our findings emphasize that the memory consolidation process can be amplified by external cues such as scents."

Israeli Researchers’ Quantum Leap with Revolutionary Technology

An experiment at BGU observed a very fundamental and unique effect of quantum mechanics in single isolated atoms, called the geometric phase.

Israeli Firm Announces New Rapid Diagnostics Kit for COVID-19

The kit allows laboratories to detect whether a patient has the novel coronavirus within approximately 25 minutes.

Israeli Researchers: Coronavirus Vaccine Will Be Ready in ‘A Few Weeks’

“We are [now] in the middle of this process and hopefully in a few weeks we’ll have the vaccine in our hands.”

Israeli Researchers Make Breakthrough in Development of Coronavirus Vaccine

The vaccine will be oral, making it particularly accessible to the general public.

Gett’s Kosher Taxi App Faces 150 Million Shekel Racism Class Action Suit

"If there were a sincere religious intent here, they should have insisted on Arab drivers for the Mehadrin taxis."

Haifa, San Diego Universities Get $1.3 Million to Explore Man’s Adopting to Climate Change...

Over the past century, Scripps Oceanography has developed cutting-edge research tools to study environmental change involving marine geology and geophysics, coastal processes, paleomagnetism, paleobiology, and climate science.

Bar-Ilan U New Technology May Speed Up Coronavirus Diagnosis

Diagnosing coronavirus takes approximately one hour using current methods. A new technology can reduce diagnostic time to approximately 15 minutes.

How Did Dinosaur Parents Know When their Kids Had a Fever?

Either way, Mother of Dragons, if your baby is showing a fever of 41 degrees, it’s time to call the doctor.

Israel Successfully Tests ‘Drone Dome’ Laser Interceptor

The Drone Dome was successful in intercepting multiple maneuvering targets with laser technology and achieved 100% success in all test scenarios.

Cybersecurity Expert: Likud’s Leak of Israelis’ Personal Information Worst Violation of Privacy

“In some ways, this scandal more broadly exposes the weakness of modern-day information systems,” Prof. Weimann noted.

Israeli Researchers Find Human Tumor Resembles One Found in Dinosaur’s Tail

Israeli scientists have found rare and benign tumor, called LCH, in a young dinosaur that roamed the plains of southern Alberta, Canada, over 60 million years ago.

Just in Time for Tu B’Shevat: Scientists Grow Six Date Palms from 2,000-Year-Old Seeds

An unplanted ancient date seed from Qumran was used as a control in the study.

Netanyahu Orders Israeli Scientists to Produce Coronavirus Vaccine

"I have instructed the Biological Institute and the Health Ministry to work on producing a vaccine for the virus and to set up a vaccination network," Netanyahu announced.

Israeli Startup Helps Create First-Ever Interactive Ad for Super Bowl LIV

The 60-second commercial first aired on a dedicated website launched by consumer-goods giant Procter & Gamble, where viewers could vote on and control the ad’s storyline.


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