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Yeshiva University to Launch NYC-Based Hub for Israeli Startups

Students visited more than 15 startup firms in sectors such as cyber security, medicine, biotech, agrotech, finance and artificial intelligence.

Saturn’s Atmosphere Proves Deep, Its Rings Young

As the Cassini spacecraft reached its final act, Weizmann Institute of Science researchers participated in the last phase of the 20-year mission.

New Israeli Research May Lead to Life-Saving Therapies for Metabolic Disorders

"If you can successfully connect the pieces of the puzzle, then you can understand the biology behind a disease."

Iran’s Launched Satellite Fails to Reach Orbit

Iran pointed out that the carrier rocket had successfully passed the first and second stages of the launch and only failed to pass the third.

Israeli-Led Team Discovers How Supermassive Black Holes in Space Are ‘Fed’

Israeli scientists find that some supermassive black holes are triggered to grow, suddenly devouring a large amount of gas in their surroundings.

Rafael Sold US Army ‘Windbreaker’ Vehicle Defense System for $200 Million

The radar scans 360 degrees around the vehicle, and as soon as it detects a threat, it analyzes it and launches metal spheres that break the attacker while it is still in the air.

Elbit Awarded $15 Million Contract to Secure Karish-Tanin Floating Platform

The contract will be performed over an approximately two-year period.

Trump WH Riding Israel Hard on Chinese Hi Tech Investments

"They just blew up at us," senior Israeli officials said last November about a meeting with US officials about the increased Chinese involvement in large-scale infrastructure projects in Israel.

Researchers Discover New Mechanism to Activate Immune System Against Cancer

The discovery shows promise for lung cancer and skin cancer (melanoma).

Israeli Scientists Discover Plastic Pollutants in Mediterranean, Red Sea Marine Life

"By communicating our results to the public, we hope to further enhance public awareness of the actions everyone can take to beat plastic pollution."

Israeli Tech Companies Raise Record $6.1 B. in 2018

Israeli high-tech companies raised a record $6.1 billion in 623 deals in 2018, an increase of 16.5 percent compared to the $5.24 billion attracted in 2017.

Israeli Scientists Identify Possible Cause of Heart Failure in Pregnancy

Peripartum cardiomyopathy (PPCM) is a rare form of heart failure that affects women in their last month of pregnancy and up to five months after giving birth.

Ten Dolphins Visited Eilat Then Crossed Over to Egypt Without Incident

The false killer whale has been known to approach and offer fish it has caught to humans diving or boating.

Sharks Sylvie and Judy Are Back at Hadera Power Plant, Acoustic Tags and All

"We presume that the return of the sharks to Hadera's hot water in the winter was connected to the sharks' breeding cycle which lasts about two years."

Israel Grants $185 Million to Intel for Kiryat Gat Expansion

The new government grant is conditioned on Intel’s commitment to hire 250 new employees, as well as business arrangements with local vendors and retailers to the tune of NIS 2.1 billion ($555 million) a year.

Netanya Hi-Tech Company Raised $500,000 to Solve Irish Cow Pollution

The CropX recommendations will allow the dispersion of manure in optimal locations to improve grassland growth and reduce pollution.

Sustainable ‘Plastics’ on the Horizon

The new sustainable biopolymer technology may one day free the world of its worst pollutant, plastic.

UK Army Used Rafael ‘Drone Dome’ to Beat Gatwick Drone

British police tried to fight off the pesky drones that caused the total suspension of air traffic at Gatwick, but the off-the-shelf DJI drone tracking system could not measure up to the hostile drones.

Bar-Ilan Discovery Paves the Way for Novel Electronic Devices

The discovery that tiny mechanical pressures can effectively tune the emerging magnetism at the studied interfaces opens new and unexpected routes for developing novel oxide-based spintronic devices.

Elbit’s Seagull USV Completes Intensive Sea Tests with Advanced Sonar System

The Seagull systems have superior mine counter measures capability. They facilitate end-to-end mine hunting operations.

Israeli Researchers Say Bidding for Parking Spots Can Improve Parking Options Worldwide

"This is a mechanism that can stop people from coming into the city centers and searching for a parking spot for hours on end."

Israel’s SpaceIL and IAI to Send Time Capsule to Moon

NASA will have access to data gathered by the magnetometer installed aboard the Israeli spacecraft.

Russian Report: Vietnam to Drop Israeli Air Defense System that Glitches in Tropical Weather

"The SPYDER weapons are also incompatible with the earlier supplied Russian surface-to-air missile systems, which lowers the efficiency of Vietnam’s united air defense.”

Israeli Epigenetic Map May Lead to New Therapeutic Solutions to Hearing Loss

Israeli researchers say understanding the expression of and controlling the genes involved in hearing are milestone discoveries.


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