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Hebrew U Researchers Unveil Long-Lost Human Relative

The researchers came to these conclusions after three years of intense work studying DNA methylation maps.

Bar Ilan Signal Processing Combines Sound and Light Waves to Create New Silicon Chips

"Acoustics is a missing dimension in silicon chips because acoustics can complete specific tasks that are difficult to do with electronics and optics alone."

Center for Quantum Science & Technology Launched at Tel Aviv University

"Quantum theory, first developed more than a century ago, deals with phenomena at the level of tiny particles such as electrons and photons (particles of light)."

Intel Unveils ‘Smartest Building in the World’ in Israel

The massive 75,000 sq. meter (approx. 800,000 sq. ft.) building will host 2,000 employees from the former Petah Tikva and Ra’anana campuses.

Hebrew U Hosting Conference on Harvesting Gene-Editing Technology to Feed Future Generations

New gene-editing technology circumvents natural selection to create new crops to feed growing populations and provide food security for future generations.

Israeli Start-Up Makes Everyday Appliances ‘Smart’

By tracking the electrical usage signature of devices, the plug will know what actions a device is currently doing.

Facebook Suspends Likud Campaign Bot for ‘Hate Speech’

The Likud chatbot talked about “Arabs who want to destroy us all.”

Congressional Report Reveals Exactly How Much Israel Receives from the US

To date, the United States has provided Israel $142.3 billion (current, or non-inflation-adjusted, dollars) in bilateral assistance and missile defense funding.

New Tool Developed at Bar-Ilan May Aid Personalized Cancer Treatments

Understanding interactions between fusion proteins and other proteins can help improve personalized cancer treatment.

Hebrew U Study: Worms May Hold Key to Extending Fertility

Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Genetic Department have discovered the switch that may do this – in worms.

New US Sanctions Target Iran’s Space Program

This is the first time the United States is publicly designating Iran’s civilian space agency.

Israeli-Developed Super Shrimp Will Help Prevent Disease that Affects 250M People

Israeli scientists say they've developed monosex prawns that can serve the triple goal of alleviating poverty, protecting the environment and reducing disease.

Obama’s Embargo Gave Birth to Improved Israeli Rocket Now Tested by US Army

An early version of the Spike was offered by Rafael as a possible contender for the US Army JAWS missile program in 1996. It was not picked up.

Israeli Hi-Tech Jobs Reach 8.7% of Entire Workforce

“The rate of workers employed in the hi-tech sector has stood at 8% for about a decade, and for the first time we’ve seen a real positive trend in this figure."

Israel’s Defense Ministry Selects Elbit’ Iron Fist Protection for the Eitan Armored Fighting Vehicle

The selection of the IFLD for the IDF’s Eitan AFV comes on the heels of the decision by the US Army to proceed with the IFLD for the Bradley AFV.

Israeli Researchers Hoping ‘Ecstasy’ Can Help PTSD Victims

A cohort of 50 participants has been recruited for the trial.

President Honored with New Grapes Named ‘Rivlin’ after his Late Wife

"As a Jerusalemite, I am a city person at heart. The person who helped me get to know and to connect to the earth was Nechama."

Bar-Ilan Labs Abuzz with US Internship Program Undergrads

Until now, the only exposure Michal had to Israel was more of a vacation setting and visiting family. This visit was her first opportunity to sense how it would be to actually live and work in Israel.

Prestigious Exchange Program to Bring American Oceanography Students to Israel

The students are collaborating with 25 labs across six host institutions in Israel, Canada, Australia and Sweden.

Bar Ilan: The Brain Inspires a New Type of Artificial Intelligence

The idea of efficient deep learning algorithms based on the very slow brain's dynamics offers an opportunity to implement a new class of advanced artificial intelligence based on fast computers.

Israeli Communications Satellite Amos 17 Successfully Launched

The satellite was launched at 2:33 AM Israel time, and according to Spacecom, the launch process was carried out properly.

Israeli AMOS-17 Communications Satellite Launch Delayed, Tentatively Rescheduled for Aug. 6

A decision was made to stand down for further rocket checks when an issue was detected during a prelaunch static fire test of the Falcon 9.

For his 140th Birthday Hebrew U Sends Einstein to China

The collection, curated by Avi Muller, will be open to the public for three months in Jerusalem before shipping to Beijing.

Hebrew U. MRI Technique Can ‘See’ Molecular Changes in the Brain

This new technique provides biological readouts of brain tissue—the ability to see what’s going on on a molecular level, and to direct a course of treatment accordingly.

Israeli Seismologist Warns of Fatal Earthquakes Resulting from Water Drills Up North

The last time such an earthquake struck Israel was more than 90 years ago, in 1927. It caused more than 130 fatalities and 450 casualties in Jerusalem, Jericho, Ramla, Tiberias and Shechem.

Rivlin Marks 2nd Decade of Handicapped Accessibility in Israel

President Reuven Rivlin on Sunday hosted representatives of Accessibility Israel to mark its 20th anniversary. Accessibility Israel works to change the perception of the...

Israel to Launch AMOS-17 Satellite to Service Africa Communications

Spacecom currently provides communication services to Africa through its AMOS-4 and AMOS-7 satellites.

Netanyahu: Arrow 3 Defied the Imagination in Downing Real Ballistic Missiles Outside the Atmosphere

According to Israel's defense ministry, the test successfully demonstrated a "hit-to-kill" capability of high-altitude targets outside the atmosphere

Iran Tests 600-Mile Range Ballistic Missile

Iran also has in its arsenal an MRBM that can reach 1,200 miles (and hit targets as far as Israel, Egypt, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece).

Israel-Invented Hand-Held Allergen Detector Will Help Save Lives

A sample of food is placed on a single-use pad, the device then analyzes the sample and gives an answer within three minutes to a smart-phone with which it is paired.


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