Czechs to Buy Rafael Air Defense System

The Czech decision Followed an international tender process which lasted several years.

Tel Aviv Launches Electric Road Pilot

The construction of an electric road to charge public transportation vehicles will make Tel Aviv-Yafo the first city worldwide to roll out the technology for charging buses on a wide scale.

Israeli Government Approves Fiber-Optic Outline to Accelerate High Speed Infrastructure

The areas where Bezeq will prefer to skip will be serviced through a fund into which the communications companies will donate half a percent of their revenues.

Hopes Temporarily Dashed as AstraZeneca Puts Covid-19 Vaccine on Hold over ‘Unexplained Illness’

As expected, US-traded shares of AstraZeneca fell in the extended session Tuesday following the report that the drug maker halted its Covid-19 vaccine study.

Preventing Firearm Suicide During Covid-19, Social Unrest, as Firearm Purchases Hit the Roof

Since March, America has seen a surge in firearm purchases and increased difficulty in access to mental health care, especially in communities most affected by the virus.

US Army Launches Operational Pilot with Advanced Drone Developed by Israel

The system's capabilities have been demonstrated in Israel, with confirmed interceptions of incendiary devices flown over the Gaza border by terrorist organizations.

EU Grants 9 Israeli Groups $5.3 Million to Tackle Coronavirus Outbreak

The program enables Israeli participants to compete for extensive grants which support long-term R&D and test applications of proposed solutions in a variety of fields together with potential customers.

Israel Launches Nanosatellite to Perform Groundbreaking Medical Experiments in Space

The laboratory, developed by Israel’s SpacePharma, will conduct four experiments in the fields of medicine, biology and chemistry.

Israeli Scientists Develop Mapping System for Blind Pedestrians

The developed software was tested by blind volunteers and an orientation and mobility guide in several locations.

First Images from Ofek 16 Satellite Camera, Taken Over Syria

The images show with great clarity the Tadmor World Heritage Site in Syria, the antiquities of the ancient city and the famous Roman theater.

Pharmaceutical Contamination Detected in Sea Water Along Israeli Coastline

“The medications we use end up in the sea, mainly through sewage discharge, and cause great damage to the marine environment, indirectly affecting humans."

Israeli Expert Exposes Massive Cyber Attack on US, European Targets

It appears the malware was possibly preparing infrastructure for a larger attack.

Bio Research Director Tells Knesset: ‘We Can Produce 15 Million Corona Vaccine Doses’

Prof. Shapira added that the Israeli vaccine will be ready for human trials in October, though it won't be ready for phase 3 testing until next year.

Somebody Is Fibbing: UAE, US, Expect Israel to Approve F-35 Deal

In a region where political stability can end abruptly with a coup d'état or an invasion, those upgraded weapons can find themselves in the warehouses of those enemies of Israel and the region.

Lockheed Martin Signs New Industrial Cooperation Agreement with Israel

Lockheed Martin has committed to invest back into Israeli-based companies at a rate of 35% of the contract value of any new contracts.

Watch: the Arrow 2 Flight Test

Jointly funded and produced by Israel and the United States, development of the system began in 1986 and has continued since.

Leading Israeli Entrepreneur Warns Corona Cabinet: New Lockdown Means Mass Layoffs, Economic Collapse

Margalit is the founder of the JVP Fund, a leading venture capital fund in Israel which has invested more than $ 1.4 billion in building 140 companies.

Rafael to Establish US Iron Dome Production Facility

In 2019, the US Army announced its intent to buy two Iron Dome batteries to fill a need for an interim capability.

Gantz Pushing to Purchase Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey Over Some IDF Resistance

The Air Force has managed to extend the lives of its choppers time and time again, until the State Comptroller has ruled in 2019 that extending their lives beyond 2025 could endanger human lives.

NASA Astronauts Return Home in First Water Landing Since 1975

SpaceX is the first commercial space mission and first US launch into space since 2011.

Scared of the Corona? Disturbed by the Economy? A Surprising Number of Exoplanets Could...

Projects like these offer more than new avenues in the search for life in outer space. They also offer scientists insight into forces that might change life on our own planet one day.

Bar-Ilan Researchers’ Chip Provides 50% Smaller Memory Footprint

The research team's work on the developed embedded memory technology is documented in more than 20 peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Israel Donates Third Water Generator to Gaza Strip

Recent water tests produced by the first pilot show that the quality of the drinking water is the best seen in the Gaza Strip in years.

Fully Recovered from Coronavirus, United Hatzalah’s Eli Beer Donates Plasma

“I was made aware that I could donate plasma and that this would help save the lives of others who are suffering from this terrible disease,” Beer said on Sunday.

Israeli-Made German Drone Completes First Successful Flight over Holy Land

"Despite the various challenges we faced, including those brought by the Corona pandemic, we are on schedule. "

Survey: Despite Investments, Government Aid, Israel’s Hi-Tech Must Take ‘Painful Actions’ to Survive Crisis

"The State of Israel expects Israeli industry to solve these most complex challenges – mainly health and economic challenges. However, we will not be able to do so without the necessary assistance."

Lockheed Martin Engineers Boosted Israel’s F-35 Fleet Under Veil of Secrecy, Coronavirus Isolation

With the upgrades to the F-35's electronic systems, it will "do wild things in the Middle East skies."

IDF Starts Training in Elbit’ New Brigade and Battlegroup Mission Training Center

The new training center immerses commanders, headquarters staff and two subordinate command levels in high-fidelity combat situations in actual battle zone territory.


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