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A Song Of The Sea With A Hint Of Ladino And Arabic Towards A...

11 Nisan 5765 – April 20, 2005
With Pesach swiftly approaching, many are hyper-aware of all the cleaning and cooking implied in the festival.

Dusty Jewish Songs: Reggae, Beatboxing and Hasidism

28 Adar I 5765 – March 9, 2005
The new face of Jewish pop music wears a black hat and jacket and a long beard.

‘Song of Peace’ Redux

10 Av 5764 – July 28, 2004
In the late 1960's, well after the Six Day War, a whine-filled "peace song" titled Shir Hashalom became popular among Israel's teeny-boppers. At the...

Letters To The Editor

28 Iyyar 5764 – May 19, 2004
Precedent-Setting PresidentLast week President George W. Bush made more explicit than ever before his belief that the war Israel faces against Arab Islamic terrorism...

Had Gadya: Harbinger Of The Future

7 Iyyar 5764 – April 28, 2004
Had Gadya, the playful, threatening and ultimately reassuring song that ends many Seder evenings among Ashkenazi Jews, has a long history in the Haggada.

Q & A: Effort And Diligence In Torah Study (Conclusion)

22 Av 5763 – August 20, 2003
QUESTION: I recently read your Daf Yomi column (JP, June 13, 2003), where you cited the Chikrei Lev's comments regarding the standard of 'Sinai' in Torah study, that is, having extensive knowledge of the Torah. He stated that this is not as important today because the Mishna has been recorded.My question is: Was the Mishna not recorded in Rashi's time? Commenting on the first verse in Parashat Bechukotai, Rashi notes (based on Sifra) that "Im bechukotai tele'chu" means "shetih'yu amelim baTorah." In yeshiva I was taught that this means that one must toil with much effort to learn and understand Torah. If so, how can one not be expected to have an extensive knowledge and yet be amel baTorah?Zvi Kirschner(Via E-Mail)

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