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Israeli Businesses and Restaurants Offering Delivery.

Readers are encouraged to check the kashrut certification of each restaurant before ordering to ensure it meets their personal criteria. Please contact us to add your certified Kosher restaurant to this list, or for corrections. Last Updated: March 24, 2020.


Alon Shvut, Arad, Beit Shemesh, Efrat, Elazar, Gush EtzionJerusalem, Kfar Etzion


Zayit Makolet 02-993-2518
Gefen Makolet 050-400-21-71
Big Deal 02-652-7296
Red Cow Butcher 053-331-2751
Efrat Pharmacy 02-586-6727
New Deli 02-999-9513
Tzidkiyahu 02-502-7782
Big Deal 02-652-7296
Pizzaria Efrat 02-993-1630
Scoop 02-993-8976
Philly Pizza 02-993-2237


Elazar Makolet 052-351-0801

Alon Shvut

Pizza V 02-993-4244

Gush Etzion

PYUP Wine and Alcohol WhatsApp: 54-646-7624
Nitzat Haduvdevan 02-652-9070
English Cake 02-650-7066
Japan Japan 02-970-7700
Raphies 02-650-0144
Mintzer Books 02-993-3490

Kfar Etzion

Techelet Mordechai Judaica 050-446-4818


PYUP Wine and Alcohol WhatsApp: 054-646-7624


Kavkazi Bread, Pizza & Bakery 08-930-0103
Beit HaLechem 08-997-5777
Pizza Hut 1-799-506-070
Pizza BaMakom 08-910-3356
Pizza Deal 08-995-5755

Beit Shemesh

PYUP Wine and Alcohol WhatsApp: 54-646-7624

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