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Bar-Ilan University’s International School – in the center of the country and in the center of higher education.

Ranked among the world’s leading universities and awarded Israel’s most beautiful campus, Bar-Ilan University’s academic excellence and internationally recognized faculty. The university is also at the forefront of higher education with the establishment of challenge-driven impact research centers, incorporation of innovative instructional methods and prioritization of global outreach efforts.


Through BIU’s International School, a diverse range of undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral degrees, and summer programs – international students are able to select a broad scope of programs, instructed all in English.

With over 25 programs geared towards international students, programs are designed with two main goals in mind: to impart the highest level of learning to the student, and to equip students with the skills to pursue professional aspirations upon completion.

The International School also ensures that international students are taken care of at a one-stop address, where support is provided on a full range of needs, including handling of entry visas, registering within the campus’s newly renovated dormitories, information regarding local transportation and health insurance, course scheduling guidance, and much more.

“At Bar-Ilan University’s International School, we take great pride in offering a learning environment that delivers a stellar education, integrating innovation and cutting-edge research, while also providing a social community where students feel a strong sense of belonging, comradery and an appreciation for Jewish identity. For these reasons, we are the top university in Israel for attracting new immigrants,” says Ofer Dahan, International School Director.

Bar-Ilan University’s diverse student body provides students from across the globe to come together to share ideas, experiences, and learning in a fun, socially and culturally rich environment.

Examples of English instructed programs include dual bachelor degree programs in communications and political science, communications and English literature; and communications and sociology. The university boasts one of the top one-year international MBA (IMBA) programs and an exciting world-renowned creative writing master’s program. Also available on a graduate level and instructed by internationally recognized faculty are English literature, linguistics, literary translation as well as physics and engineering. BIU’s Faculty of Jewish Studies is the largest faculty of its kind in the academic world. 

The university actively promotes an unlimited range of personally-tailored doctoral and postdoctoral opportunities in all faculties, including the new medical school. Students learn from world-renowned researchers in state of the art facilities. BIU offers the most up-to-date STEM (including nano, cyber, brain science – to name only a few) laboratories and impact centers, led by award-winning scientists.

A learning experience that is memorable. Bar-Ilan University’s International School: BeYou@BIU!

Visit Bar-Ilan University’s International School website for more details about current programs – or write directly, to


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