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It’s the same every year – once Purim is over and the hangovers have faded; it’s time to bust out the vacuums and start obsessively thinking about Passover.

For seasoned Balabustas, the normally chaotic period between Purim and Passover is nothing new, but this year things are especially turbulent with the recent outbreak of Covid-19, which has put an end to many people’s holiday plans all over the globe.


However, before you run off to assume the fetal position and stress eat all your leftover Hamantaschen from inside a hazmat suit, take a deep breath, arm yourself with hand sanitizer and read our quick and easy Passover Buying Guide to pick up some nice ideas so you can make it through the next few weeks of intense holiday preparation with your sanity (and hopefully budget) intact!

While there’s no real way for us to help you with the typical cooking and cleaning aspects of Passover, those of us living in Israel sure know our stuff when it comes to Passover essentials like gifts and other necessities. Since everyone is under enough pressure as it is to stay safe and get ready for a major holiday, we’re more than happy to share our ideas of what you could add to your shopping list to make this year’s Passover as special as possible!

Tableware – Although Seder Plates are the traditional serving trays for Passover, there are plenty of other foods served throughout the holiday that need their own receptacles, not to mention that on Passover you need new dishes anyway so getting new Tableware can be a great idea when preparing for Passover. From trays to mugs to salad servers, Israel has beautiful Tableware that will make your holiday special. If you don’t believe us, just check out this fabulous selection of products made by top Israeli artists like Yair Emanuel, Dorit Judaica and more!

Haggadahs – For Seder night, everyone needs a Haggadah to guide them through the retelling of the Passover story so if you don’t have enough for everyone at your table, get as many as you need here!

Discover gorgeously illustrated editions that you’ll enjoy year after year and make your Passover really special with an Israeli Haggadah or two!

● Seder Plates – Sure, most families already have one, but if you want to look for something new and exciting to cheer up the atmosphere, a stunning and fresh Seder Plate will probably do the trick! Especially considering the present global crisis, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to add a little color and Israeli pizzazz to your holiday table so make sure you check out this great assortment of Seder Plates to see if any of them catch your eye!

● Kiddush Cups – With four cups of wine to drink, you best believe that you’re going to need a few extra Kiddush Cups to go around!

Thankfully, there’s no need to worry about spending a small fortune buying multiple Kiddush Cups. We’ve got an entire range of highly affordable and beautiful Kiddush Cups for every price point right here!

● Matzah Trays – The Passover equivalent of a bread basket, Matzah Trays are practical, convenient, and they can make amazing statement pieces for your table or an incredible host gift if you’re staying with relatives or friends. If you really want to have something spectacular decorating your table that stands out and captures the essence of Passover, one of these gorgeous Matzah Trays will certainly do the job well!

● Miscellaneous Passover Gifts – If you know somebody who already has a closet full of everything Passover-related and you’re struggling to think of a something good enough to get them, then you’re in luck because modern Israeli artists like Barbara Shaw and Ofek Wertman have a couple of fun, whimsical products that will solve all your gift-giving problems! With a fabulous selection of fantastically quirky Passover Gifts like this comical Coffee Mug or this yummy-looking Matzah Clock, the perfect holiday gifts for your loved ones are waiting for you here!

Although this short guide covers only a tiny portion of what Israel has to offer, we hope you found it helpful as you start getting ready for Passover.

On behalf of all of Israel, we wish all of our international friends a happy and healthy Passover!


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