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Aliyah is an amazing, life changing venture. Employment when making Aliyah doesn’t have to be an obstacle. Success is dependent on a career path that allows opportunities for growth and promotion. The Israeli high-tech industry provides rewarding, interesting and lucrative employment with plenty of room for upward mobility.

As the start-up nation, Israel is a global leader in innovation and high-tech. The most prestigious and well-known multinational technology companies have either been established in, or have divisions in Israel. There are over 6,000 start-ups – the most startups per capita worldwide outside the US.  Currently, over 320,000 people in Israel are employed in the high-tech industry and the demand is only growing.


Infinity Labs R&D is Israel’s premier software research and development center trailblazing the science of learning and development of collaborative platforms. Now, in partnership with the Jewish Agency, Infinity Labs R&D is paving the way for career empowerment for new immigrants (Olim).

The Aliyah High-Tech Program provides Olim with collaborative, autodidactic technology skills and dream job placement in just 8 months. The first 4 months of the journey take place in the US, followed by an additional 4 months in vibrant greater Tel Aviv with parallel Hebrew language (Ulpan) studies, and competitive placement in a high-tech company.

The program is open to college graduates and professionals with a background in Computer Science, STEM, or those with an analytical mindset. Applicants undergo an extensive interview and assessment process to determine suitability. All participants are eligible for a full scholarship because Infinity Labs R&D invests in their future partners.

A Life-Changing Opportunity

Infinity Labs R&D’s disruptive methodology has revolutionized entry into Israel’s high-tech industry. In less than a year, participants of the intensive program receive cutting-edge, high-impact skills with the hands-on experience needed to successfully compete in the real world. The secret sauce to their graduates’ continued success is in the Infinity Labs R&D’s Mentored Social Learning methodology. Graduates have the unique capability to master new technologies and languages quickly, along with the soft skills needed to accelerate their career.

Nathan, an accomplished full stack developer, came to Infinity Labs R&D with a BA and MA in psychology:

At my age and with a small baby at home, I wasn’t in a position to complete another degree,” he shared. “Infinity Labs R&D gave me the opportunity to become a software developer in a relatively short time, but without sacrificing the depth of the material and understanding the foundation of the profession. Today, after being accepted to a cutting-edge position at an international communications company, I realize how much the knowledge and methods I acquired at Infinity Labs R&D benefited me in learning new technologies.”

Mia, a software developer at Amazon:

As a new immigrant, I really feel like Infinity Labs R&D opened a new page in my life. I felt far more confident after taking the program at Infinity Labs R&D, and the proof? Now  I have a great profession with a high salary, in a renowned company. I highly recommend Infinity Labs R&D. It changed my life.”

Infinity Labs R&D’s network of connections in Israel’s high-tech market allows participants to enjoy a wide range of exciting employment opportunities and continued support throughout their careers.

This exclusive program is now open for registration, with the next group slated to begin in November.

For a limited time only, you can refer a friend to the program and win a free trip to Israel. For more information on the program, registration, or to refer a friend; visit


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