Unless You’re Jewish – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

From the dawn of our independence, Israel's defensive actions have been scrutinized by most of the world, subjected to duplicitous moral codes and regularly denounced by the United Nations. It appears that standards for other societies do not apply - to Jews!

Forgetting to Remember – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Who determines our belief system? Social media and CNN or the blueprint of our existence, Torah and God's promise for our holy future?

Sitting Duck or Hero? The Choice! – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Jew hatred is de rigueur, no longer hiding in the shadows. Has your family, yet, had the conversation regarding what - if anything - you will do when those who wish you harm come knocking?

Then Is Now! – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Trying times bring out the best and worst in man.

They Know Who You Are; Do You? – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Up-close and personal reflections of how it felt to be away from her beloved Israel during these days of unprecedented brutality and Jew-hatred

From Trash to Treasure – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Are all Jews worthy of God's forgiveness? Redemption is not born of purity but, rather, the sincere desire to grow closer to Heaven.

The Candle Burns – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Rosh Hashana embodies compassion, expectation, gratitude and hope. Everything and everyone has a Divine purpose and there is room at the table for everyone. We are being granted a precious audience with the King; let's not squander the opportunity!

Awe: Can You Feel It? – Pull Up A Chair [audio]

In a world of technicolor sound effects and available information in a nano-second, what remains to make our skin tingle? The Days of Awe...

For What It’s Worth: Faith! – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Standing at the cusp of a new year, what are we praying for? These days are precious and mustn't be squandered with a 'Business as Usual' attitude. Atonement and forgiveness are only one side of the 'Faith' coin: Expectations, hope and awaiting miracles fill are certainly on-tap, but only if we open our hands, hearts and souls in expectation of His belief in and blessings for us.

Changing Course – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

We are waist deep in the month of Elul; for some of us, however, nothing feels different! Ho-hum, the High Holy days again. Yawn. . . . . .

Prep for the Prep – Pull Up A Chair [audio]

Summertime, and the living is easy. So easy, in fact, that we are likely to ignore the thread that ties us to Heaven.

Fear, Awe and Apologies – Pull Up A Chair [audio]

Does love mean never having to say "I'm sorry"? Emphatically, Judaism says "No"! Peace and harmony can only emerge after we embrace humility and clear away any discord that remains between one another.

Tisha B’Av: Gateway to Redemption – Pull Up A Chair [audio]

In the Nine Days that precede the weighty Tisha B'Av commemoration, much time is spent on remorse and reflection. But is there light at the end of the bleak tunnel, illuminating our path toward greater redemption?

Darkness Before Dawn – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

The Three Weeks remind us of the bleakest events to befall the Jewish nation. And while personal and communal reflection weigh heavily upon us, we are not alone, never abandoned.

Sun, Salad & Prayer – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

In celebrating little things, we create holiness in the most unexpected places. Because the 'little things' are truly monumental.

Crime and Punishment – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Talk to the rock, hit the rock - splitting hairs, no? They got water, didn't they??? Today's show explores expectations that accompany leadership.

Limiting Labels – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Labeling ourselves and others limits the human experience and silences the outlooks of those from whom we can learn. What are we scared of? Spiritual 'growing pains' must be embraced lest we grow stale from 'religious inertia.'

Testing God, Testing Self – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Did the spies have to enter the Promised Land? Who gave them that assignment and did the punishment fit the 'crime'? Also: Is happiness or negativity a produce of nature or nurture? Sensitivity to others is a habit that, for many, requires vigilance and honing.

What Does a Hug Weigh? Pull Up a Chair [audio]

In a world where issues of ethnicity, politics, economy and faith divide us, how can we increase unity and friendship? Real life and Torah, again, interconnect to reveal miracles in our communal existence.

The KGB Is Destroying America! – Political Hitman [audio]

Did the KGB plot out the destruction of America? Howie reveals their plan in this explosive show!

Leading the Way! – Pull Up A Chair [audio]

The Torah tells us that we are to be "a kingdom of priests and a holy nation" with obligations and duties. It behooves us to ask: Do we get the leaders we deserve or deserve the leaders we get?

Unity: Chosen or Ordained? – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

What makes someone 'Jewish'? Isn't it enough to be a good person, pay one's taxes and practice kindness? Man-made laws and cultures-of-the-month hasten the demise of Jewish survival.

Holy Country, Holy Talk – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

News outlets and social media drown us in trash-talk and gossip. The Torah illustrates that putting a lid on gossip serves as a spiritual antidote, leading to more satisfying, God-centered lives.

Go Low and Soar! – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Amidst the noise, the vitriol, a righter-than-thou cacophony that has plagued Israel over the past few weeks, a quieter message struggles to be heard

Pesach Prep: The Salt of the Earth! – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Ridding our homes of breadstuff in anticipation of Passover is only half of the "purge project." Confronting feelings of self-importance, morality fudging, and other ego-centric attitudes will better assist us in preparing for the Seder and embracing the humility that reflects the meaning behind Pesach.

Take On Something – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

The world was created for you. Say what??? In adding to one small, positive behavior/attitude, an individual can alter the spiritual trajectory of the world! Be the catalyst for change and Take On Something. Today.

Chutzpah & Prayer – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Is prayer meant to be a chore, an obligation to check off one's list in order to attain God's favor? Or is it, perchance, a privilege that allows us to express our higher calling and commune with the source of our innate Holiness?

What We Take. What We Leave. – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Do the poor and downtrodden have anything to offer the wealthy? And who's money is it anyway? Can the lives of both rich and poor spiritually intersect?

A Non-Commandment Commandment? – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

The first of the Ten Commandments appears as a call to faith rather than an instruction manual for holy living. Can belief in God be dictated or is something much, much deeper at play?


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