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Good News from the Good Land – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Not everything is bleak in this corner of the Middle East! Abundant winter rains, friendly - and secret - visits from "enemies", terror victims that refuse to 'play victim' and more a Torah portion that celebrates our unfolding journey toward people-hood and redemption.

Resolutions – Or Not??? – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Interesting parallels drawn between today's Jewish complacency and that of Hebrew slaves who shunned the promise of freedom for the Devil they knew! First show of the secular new year: Is change-for-the-better even possible or are we destined for more of the 'same old'?

Burning Bush: Earth Beneath My Feet – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

What is happening? Do we fiddle while Rome burns? Andrea looks at the enviable status of Israeli Arabs as compared to those in the rest of the Muslim world, on-line grocery shopping and critically relevant lessons from Sinai.Pull Up a Chair 27DEC2018 - PODCAST

Moshiach Now? Our Decision! – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Disharmony, conflict, estrangement from Jewish causes and core values hold the Redemption at bay. What can individuals and community do to fulfill the Messianic Destiny as described by Jacob on his deathbed?

Baby Killers in Our Midst – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

They kill.They maim. They act with impunity while timid Israel - more concerned with the sensitivities of the European Parliament than holy Jews who inhabit this land - ties the hands of an IDF that KNOWS how to handle those who wish us dead. A 'morning after' show includes discussion of the heartbreakingly short life of Amiad Yisroel - son/grandson of giants! - and a call to increasing action to put an end to the scourge which infects the Land.

Light My Fire! – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

There's more to Chanukah dreidels and donuts! The tribe of Yehudah makes tough choices, the same week as Yehudah the Maccabee faces down the despotic Achashverous. Coinciding episodes that altered the trajectory of Jewish history!!!

Dispelling Darkness – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

It is getting ugly out there and for Jews, it's getting downright dangerous. An 'open season' for anti-Jewish/anti-Israel hate speech and unexpected violence. What can individuals do to make the world safer, kinder and less strident? Hints abound in both this weeks Torah portion and the retelling of the powerful story of the Chanukah miracles.

Thanks & Leadership – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

The double-edged sword of leadership: Wisdom and strategy tempered by flesh-and-blood fallibility. Are today's leaders any wiser than our forefathers or the Roman generals who shaped history? Powerful thoughts to ponder at both the Thanksgiving and Shabbat tables!

There’s Got to Be a Morning After – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Relentless missile fire from Gaza, toddlers huddling in bomb-shelters, resignations, ultimatums and smarmy run-off elections. What does the Torah teach us about lifting up both ourselves and our communities during these distressing days?

Outsourcing Morality: The “Why” Factor – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Why are we letting Linda Sarsour, Roger Waters and enemies of Torah dictate morality in the public sphere?

The GA’s Secret Agenda – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

"We share a heritage; but that doesn't mean we're alike," says the directors of Jewish Federation of North America's General Assembly. Imposing values that are NOT authentically Jewish, the Diaspora-Israel dialogue becomes even more fractured. Are we still one nation under G-d? Or is there a new religion called Jew-Ish?

Starting Over: Jewish Circle of Life – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Goodbye for now to family and friends in Johannesburg: Will the year be, merely, business-as-usual or can we experience deeper, more meaningful relationships and personal growth? And why doesn't Andrea wear tefillin/phylacteries? All this and more as we celebrate the beginning of a new year!

South African Sukkot – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Celebrating Sukkot outside of Israel illuminates different aspects of the joyous holiday. Andrea touches upon the symbolism of the four species and focuses upon the importance of rain and what it means in our relationships with others.

Reconciliation: Who Takes the First Step? – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

As the Day of Judgement looms, the ancient question begs: "What direction should a Jew follow? Must he be the one to reconcile or is the onus on G-d?"

“Prayer, Hope & Awe: A Rosh HaShanah Primer” – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Is praying to G-d enough to ensure a positive outcome during these Days of Awe or, perhaps, do we have obligations to one another? Andrea explores the difference between the reflective Rosh HaShanah and the revelry-infused celebrations that herald in the secular year.

“Pleasure Principle” of Judaism – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Do American Jews care about candidates who want to wipe Israel off the map? Should rabbis meddle in the feuds of divorcing couples? From identifying the enemies among us to celebrating the mundane, a thought provoking hour of radio.

Elul & Humility: Who ARE We? – PULL UP A CHAIR [audio]

Does 'aberrant' merit celebration? From boasting about one's abortion to pardoning the neighborhood Nazi, a new politically-correct language of Anything Goes infects society and shows no sign of abating. Can Torah meet the challenge of this rudderless-ship?

Righteous or Self-Righteous? Lessons from Elul! – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

The holy month of Elul is the perfect time to reflect upon who we really want to be in our life.

Babies in Bomb Shelters – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

As rockets fall and alarms go off, an interview with mother of seven, Devorah Goodman Horev in southern Israel.

Ain’t Misbehavin’, Just Jewish! – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

What is it about Jews and the Jewish state that riles up the rest of the world? What does it take to be a 'tzaddik', i.e., a righteous individual? Are some of us simply beyond redemption? Humor, introspection and mayhem dominate this week's show.

BLOOD MOON and Reclaiming Morality in the Kardashian-Era – PULL UP A CHAIR [audio]

Does the expected blood-moon lunar eclipse spell an end to the world as we know it?

Dangerous World/Safe Havens – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Is the concept of 'refuge city' outmoded in a society where unpopular opinions result in shunning, proclamations of irrelevance or worse? What does Judaism say about protecting the environment, wife-carrying competitions, tattooed preachers, saving Kenya's and more...

An Ex-Pat in Jerusalem! – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

A proud American who happens to live in the Holy Land.


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