Not Okay? That’s Okay. – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Because no one is. We're all experiencing mild/moderate/acute grief, as liberties and expectations that were once taken for granted evaporate into a Corona abyss. Can grief give birth to hope?

Walking Into Walls – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

In a Corona world, work, schools. celebrations, camps, restaurants and travel remain paralyzed. The world we've known has changed. And the new normal remains shrouded in mystery. What, pray tell, do we do in the meantime?

Pandering Jews – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

How far will some Jews kowtow to be part of the crowd, even when said crowd calls for a Judenrein society as well as the destruction of the Jewish state? Void of the accompanying dignity that comes with observance and continual study, Jewish lemmings race headfirst into a sea of sycophancy.

Grazing With the Herd – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Today we explore challenge the racially-fueled explosions that currently envelop American and, consequently, the rest of the world. What does the Torah say about following popular opinion in lieu of Heavenly dictates?

As Heaven Weeps – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Has conferring wide-brush status of "Victim" upon the Have Nots elevated their status and diminished initiative and accountability? And what does the Torah have to say about the connections between 'word' and 'deed'?

Becoming a Nation! – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

On Shavuous we re-commit, re- 'convert' and re-receive the Torah. The ultimate marriage of both custom and commandment and a deeper understanding of the Book of Ruth. Whew!

Jerusalem Day Reflections – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

"The Temple Mount is in our hands!" Saluting the eternal capital of the Jewish people, Andrea reflects upon Jerusalem's reunification.

Man’s Worth – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Are all human beings born equal? What role does circumstance, economy, intelligence play in this sojourn called 'Life'?

Come Home. Because. – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Does one have to be rich, religious, nationalistic and/or educated to come home to Israel? Aliyah is for ALL Jews from ALL lands. Rough-hewn and flawed, Israel is only 72 years young and waiting for YOU to come home and be counted.

Back to Normal? – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

With loosening restrictions, many non-essential business owners are opening shop. Does the government know something the population doesn't? Or are we playing Russian Roulette for the sake of a teetering economy?

Lockdown Lessons – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Staying inside has been mandated but attitude is all about choice. How we endure our respective quarantines reveals much about how we'll'reemerge' at the end of the ordeal. Whom among us will hold on to disappointments and expectations and who will dedicate their lives to joy and outreach?

Corona Seder – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Why will this night be different than all other nights? Celebrating the Exodus while quarantined presents both challenges and great opportunities!

Transcending Fear – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Has Coronavirus rendered us helpless? Must we play victim, hoping to dodge the dreaded "bullet" or do we have controls about how to live? A special exploration of the mind-body-soul connections.

Playing With Fire – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Making quarantine meaningful: COVID-19 is virulent and deadly. So why are people - especially the young - behaving with impunity, risking the lives of others?

Yearning for Normal – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Concern re insidious Coronavirus is everywhere and no one is, apparently, immune from myriad aspects of the infection.The impact on daily routines previously taken for granted, is immeasurable. And the economic impact on a such small country as Israel, where the gross national product relies heavily on tourism is, in fact, astronomical.

The Gift of Giving – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Investing more of ourselves into the betterment of society, one thing is certain: You can't get it wrong! The Torah agrees! Everyone wants to be thought of kindly and by exercising the art of giving - money, time, provisions - everyone wins.

Hilarity & Heartstrings – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Helping Mom move to an independent-living residence has proved both challenging and cathartic. Still, saying good-bye to belongings doesn't mean saying good-bye to a lifetime of memories. Finding 'balance' in transition offers laughter, reflection and an eye on the future!

Moralty Madness – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

When leaders behave like brats and celebrity icons declare that "filth is fine," can parents take to regain control and impart values or should they throw in the towel and let MTV raise the kids? And does the Torah have anything to say about Super Bowl Sunday and other miracles?

What Price Leadership? – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

If your enemy says he wants to kill you, believe him! And, yet, many Jews are drawn to causes and leaders who aspire to destroy both Jews and the Jewish state. And why was Moses - modest, speech-impeded, identifiably Egyptian - drawn to fight for the underdog? What does it take to defy authority and, indeed, 'become' a Moses?

Noxious Silence – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Jews in the U.S. are being targeted daily, assaulted in broad daylight by myriad anti-Semites and the secular Jewish establishment remains, remarkably, silent. Is there a reason for the disunity?

Geeks Beat Greeks! – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Can a Chanukah menorah and Christmas tree co-exist under the same roof? What makes a miracle a miracle? And can single-men carrying air-fryers find love on the steaming streets of Tel Aviv? This and more on the Festival of Lights show!

Jews to the Slaughter – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

America burns while Israel fiddles! President Trump signs Executive Order designed to criminalize campus brutality against Jewish students and, on cue, the American left, right, plebeians and pundits weigh in on ethnicity, loyalty and likelihood of the next War Against the Jews.

Humility: Lost Art – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Israel continues to create, invent, heal and soar despite reports of imminent doom. What enables the Jewish nation to determinedly prosper despite endless attempts to ensure her demise? Perhaps the answer(s) are found in the Torah itself!

Gratitude & Deceit – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

American-Israelis celebrate Thanksgiving with their state-side brethren. Ethiopian-Israelis observe Sigd by rededicating themselves to God and Torah. And in a most complex parsha, Jacob and Esau receive very different blessings with everlasting consequences.

Ping-Pong Mandate – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Once again, the mandate to form a government returns and Israel plods along like a motherless ship. New elections loom on the horizon while the left-and-right duke it out. Kingmaker-apparent, Avigdor Liberman, addsfuel to the fire of verbal fisticuffs.

Weeping & Worrying – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

In response to the targeted killing of arch-terrorist Baha Abu Al-Atta, Arab militants besieged the Jewish state with over 500 missiles in less than 72 hours. School closings, industrial paralysis, traumatized children hovering in bomb shelters and relentless wails of air raid sirens have defined the past week in the Jewish State.

Righteous Among Us – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

The Jewish nation is blessed with holy individuals, dedicated to promoting God's vision of human worth and potential. Andrea speaks with Uri Schwartz, Development Director of Shaare Tzedek Medical Center about the past, present and future of a most remarkable institution. PLUS: the eternal relevance of Avraham Avinu - the father of nations - on living a most purposeful life.

Over the Rainbow – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Is humankind more or less unified than the generation of The Flood? Does the Tower of Babel hold any relevance in this era of Internet and NASA Exploration? Shaky questions for shaky times!


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