The Cost of Holiness – Pull Up A Chair [audio]

Is 'holiness' conferred or merited? The soldiers and citizens of Israel remain determined and hopeful, despite a seemingly endless "trial by fire"!

Mi Kamocha? Who is Like You, Israel – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

From praying, fighting, giving, volunteering, the people of Israel are paradigms of Godliness in a world rife with evil.

Experience vs. Theory – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Living one's Judaism is very different than knowing/reading about tenets of faith. Dwelling in the land of Israel provides technicolor insights to Torah observance, tethering us to our history, culture and traditions.

Spiritual Grit – Pull Up A Chair [audio]

Under siege, fighting both physical, political and media battles, little Israel remains clear in her mission. Laughing through tears, Am Yisroel will persevere and, again, defy both naysayers and enemies of the Jewish state.

The Stagnation Pit – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

The Torah teaches us that we are capable - no, obligated! - to reach beyond ourselves and not find contentment in mediocrity. Sediment muddies poorly processed olive oil but pure oil burns brightly. Jews, when pressed like olives, bring holiness into the world.

When Friday Becomes Erev Shabbat – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

As a result of the barbarism of October 12, Jews around the world were shocked into the realization that despite efforts to assimilate, they've been 'outed.' For many, there is an increased interest in religious observance. But where to start? The dining room table is where holiness begins.

Love, Lending and Laws – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Some have, some don't and that's just the way it is, right? The Torah reveals amazing facts about the delicate subjects of usury, generosity and what is and isn't possible!

Believe It and Be It – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

We are living through some of the bleakest days in Jewish history. But holding onto fear denotes a lack of faith and is, in fact, a sin.

Freedom of Choice or Choosing Freedom? – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Without coercion, the Children of Israel accepted the Torah, establishing a forever-covenant with God. Consequently, the "yoke" of mitzvot liberated us from physical, emotional and spiritual slavery.

Standing for Something! – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Is life comprised of days lining up against one another until we breathe our last? Why are we here?

From “Oy” to “Joy” – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Jews have survived by practicing "simcha shel mitzvah", finding joy in Torah observance. For thousands of years, despite the darkness that we constantly face, Jews light up the world with full faith in God's and determination to bring blessing to His world.

When Jews are Lions – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Jews are learners, readers, healers and lawmakers. But when backed into the proverbial corner, we are fighters! Let our enemies beware; waking a sleeping lion comes with consequences!

Spark. Flicker. Flame! – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

We do not give into despair! Resilience in the face of darkness defines the Eternal Nation. The people of Israel live, tethered to Heaven's unbreakable promise. And despite myriad travails, we've been chosen to spread light and holiness throughout the world. Chanukah Samayach!

Righteous and Resolute – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

The days weigh heavy as Israel holds back from finishing the job of eradicating Hamas. What is the cost of a Jewish life and will our resolve to remain united in the face of unbridled evil remain steadfast? We grapple the tough stuff on today's show.

Unless You’re Jewish – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

From the dawn of our independence, Israel's defensive actions have been scrutinized by most of the world, subjected to duplicitous moral codes and regularly denounced by the United Nations. It appears that standards for other societies do not apply - to Jews!

Forgetting to Remember – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Who determines our belief system? Social media and CNN or the blueprint of our existence, Torah and God's promise for our holy future?

Sitting Duck or Hero? The Choice! – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Jew hatred is de rigueur, no longer hiding in the shadows. Has your family, yet, had the conversation regarding what - if anything - you will do when those who wish you harm come knocking?

Then Is Now! – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Trying times bring out the best and worst in man.

They Know Who You Are; Do You? – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Up-close and personal reflections of how it felt to be away from her beloved Israel during these days of unprecedented brutality and Jew-hatred

From Trash to Treasure – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Are all Jews worthy of God's forgiveness? Redemption is not born of purity but, rather, the sincere desire to grow closer to Heaven.

The Candle Burns – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Rosh Hashana embodies compassion, expectation, gratitude and hope. Everything and everyone has a Divine purpose and there is room at the table for everyone. We are being granted a precious audience with the King; let's not squander the opportunity!

Awe: Can You Feel It? – Pull Up A Chair [audio]

In a world of technicolor sound effects and available information in a nano-second, what remains to make our skin tingle? The Days of Awe...

For What It’s Worth: Faith! – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Standing at the cusp of a new year, what are we praying for? These days are precious and mustn't be squandered with a 'Business as Usual' attitude. Atonement and forgiveness are only one side of the 'Faith' coin: Expectations, hope and awaiting miracles fill are certainly on-tap, but only if we open our hands, hearts and souls in expectation of His belief in and blessings for us.

Changing Course – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

We are waist deep in the month of Elul; for some of us, however, nothing feels different! Ho-hum, the High Holy days again. Yawn. . . . . .

Prep for the Prep – Pull Up A Chair [audio]

Summertime, and the living is easy. So easy, in fact, that we are likely to ignore the thread that ties us to Heaven.


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