Know Less, Love More – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Silence shrouds the hillside where 45 men and boys lost their lives in Meron on Lag B'Omer. Is the correct response to blame and point fingers or might there be a deeper message?

Wolves Dressed As Sheep – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Christian missionary activities in Israel have grown more sophisticated and subversive than ever before. Recent events highlight the smarmy phenomenon and raises serious questions about what "friendship really means - for BOTH sides.

Obligation or Honor – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Reflections on a month overseas caring for, laughing with and gleaning wisdom from an aging parent.

Holocaust, Heroes and Heaven – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

In this most poignant and powerful week leading up to Israel's Independence Day, we reflect on the inestimable cost of living as free Jews in our own country.

Passover Musings – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

With four generations spending Passover under one roof, Andrea broadcasts from America and shares both observations and hopes for Jews on both sides of the Atlantic!

Teaspoon of Pesach – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Vignettes, wisdom, anecdotes and smiles to help make this year's seder/Sabbath combo rich with meaning and gratitude!

The Chametz Purge – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

'Spring-cleaning' or 'soul cleansing'? Removing chametz refers to more than cookie crumbs and pasta. Arrogance, entitlement and other ego-fueled mindsets block the path to humility and holiness.

Not So Friendly Skies – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Tourist season is upon us but airport closures and flight cancellations are de riguer as the country crawls out the year-long Corona lockdown. Travel-guru Mark Feldman deconstructs the good, the bad and the ugly of Israel's shaky aviation industry.

Of Ideals and Idols – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

How can a people who experienced exodus from bondage and the splitting of the seas build and worship a golden bovine? Dopiness vs. Destiny as we inch our way toward the Festival of Freedom.

Behind the Mask – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Parallels between the Purim story and today's headlines abound. But who are our current heroes?

Revere, Rejoice, Remember – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Instead of letting "bygones be bygones," the Torah commands us to remember our eternal arch-enemy, Amalek, and kill him before we, ourselves, are killed! How relevant is this mitzvah today? A pre-Purim head-scratcher!

Ten Commandments or Suggestions? – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

The road from slavery to autonomy is rife with struggle. How do the Children of Israel adjust to the challenge of newfound independence? Drama, intrigue and words of love pepper this fascinating chapter in the story of Jewish redemption.

Tripping Over Miracles – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Coincidence, karma, happenstance or miracles? The splitting of the Red Sea serves as a precursor to God's hand in every area of human endeavor. What WE do with the blessings is up to us!

Dusting Off Cobwebs – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

The American season of political discontent has entered a new era. Does a change in administration matter for Israel? Should be be ecstatic, ambivalent or wary?

Sense & Sensibility – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

After almost a year of unprecedented, near cataclysmic world events, have we become kinder or universally numb? What does the Torah say about sensitivity and wisdom? Connections abound!

Job Op: Leader – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Some people are born to nobility and some earn it. Together we explore whether we get the leaders we deserve or deserve the leaders we get!

Today is THAT Tomorrow! – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

What can we do to ensure that the year ahead is rife with health, wealth, love and miracles? Andrea offers an antidote to 2020!

The Giving Season – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

"How will I emerge from the pandemic year?," one might ask. "Will I be whole or fractured? Joyous or forever cautious?" A wee glimmer of light appears just beyond the figurative horizon. 'Attitude' determines the shape of tomorrow!

Staggering or Stagnant? – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

As 2020 comes to a close, it will forever be remembered as the Year of Covid. Will we emerge better than before or damaged beyond recognition?

Blinded by the Light – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Why commemorate a 2,000 year old battle again an ancient, distinct culture? We won, they lost, let's eat? The eternal Jewish story revealed in the glow of a wee candle . . . . . .

Men & Angels – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Can any of us alter history or should all outcomes be left to Heaven? Crazy questions for crazy times!

Transcending Malaise – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Can moments of despair spur an individual to greatness? In a world beset with near-hysteria and uncertainty, does the story of Yaakov reveal light at the end of the Covid-tunnel?

Nature or Nurture? – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

What happens when terrific parents have challenging children? Does Heaven play a role? Difficult questions for difficult days . . . . . .

Small Steps, Big Rewards – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

The legacy of Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks (ztl) will endure for generations, despite his untimely death. He found commonality with people from every corner of society.

The Roar of Silence – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

How many of us can claim to have heard the voice of God? And is God interested in actually conversing with us? Today we explore opportunities for increased holiness at a time when spirituality seems out of reach for many among us.

Avraham, Rebellious & Real – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Is 'honesty' a defiant trait? If so, Avraham embodies truth, humility and unwavering faith. A most fitting father for the Jewish people!

Boatloads of Blessing – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Why is the story of Noah relevant? And what does a rainbow really mean? Stay dry and ponder!!!

Starting Over – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Is the story of the Garden of Eden a children's tale or, in fact, a powerful and Heavenly blueprint for us to build-upon?

Fresh Canvas: Start Painting! – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Closing days of the Jewish new year give offer unprecedented opportunities for (re)creating a world rife with love, acceptance and miraculous adventure. Are we ready for the challenge?

Happy, Holy & Homeless – Pull Up a Chair [audio]

Dwelling in a flimsy booth for eight days instills helps us better appreciate God benevolence, reassess values and forge solidarity with those less fortunate than ourselves. A quintessential celebration of brotherhood!


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