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Introduce Yourself to Meaningful Prayer
Koren Publishers offers a free siddur to those who want a boost of inspiration.

By Yehudit Jessica Singer

In the Talmud (Taanit 2a) tefilla (Jewish prayer) is referred to as “avodah she’belev” – worship of the heart. We are charged to pray wholeheartedly; to infuse focus and kavana into the prescribed text written by our Sages. Yet, after years of reciting the same words, our prayers often become routine and hurried. The words we say daily remain esoteric and often times lost, especially as we rush to get the kids to school in the morning, run off to a business meeting or dream about the upcoming Kiddush.

As the founder of Koren Publishers set out to publish Siddurim over thirty years ago, he sought ways to resolve the dichotomy of feeling a personalized connection to tefilla and its set, formalized structure. True to our mesora – Jewish tradition – he envisioned giving each worshiper the vital sense of “knowing before whom one stands.” In fact, this very phrase is embossed on the cover of every Koren Siddur: דע לפני מי אתה עומד .

To facilitate a meaningful engagement in tefilla for English-speaking Jews, Koren features the brilliant thought and writings of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks in each Siddur. This partnership has led to the publication of a series of elegant, contemporary Siddurim that enriches the minds and hearts of Jews of all backgrounds. The acclaimed Koren Sacks Siddur, for example, presents the words in a clear font, laid out line-by-line in accordance with the meaning of the prayers. These line breaks enable the user to sense the rhythmic prose reflected in each prayer, as if being delivered by the Sages themselves. Unique amongst most bi-lingual Jewish prayer books, the English translation in the Koren Sacks Siddur appears on the right-hand side, while the Hebrew text is on the left, creating a visual symmetry that ‘fans out’ between both languages. Printed on cream-colored Bible paper, the overall design allows for optimum legibility for adult readers of all ages.

While Ḥazal certainly recognized the kavana challenge for everyone, it is our very children who often voice the most perplexing philosophical and theological questions. The Koren team therefore designed a new series of age-appropriate Siddurim for children. The Koren Magerman Educational Series consists of four separate siddurim, each one developmentally appropriate for children to use in school, shul and the home. Each siddur combines thought-provoking educational components that reflect Koren’s mission to foster a meaningful engagement with prayer for every Jew, of all ages. Currently, the Koren Children’s Siddur (for ages 5-7) and the Ani Tefilla Siddur (for high school and up) are available.

And of course, as the name indicates, Koren Publishers Jerusalem, is in fact, proudly headquartered in the heart of Jerusalem. Each Siddur therefore incorporates special prayers for the State of Israel, its soldiers, Yom HaAtzmaut(Israel’s Independence Day) and Jerusalem Day, enabling everyone to confirm the inextricable link between the land of Israel and the Jewish people.

Koren Publishers is now offering a free introductory gift for every Jewish home: Get a complimentary Shabbat Evening Siddur OR the Koren Children’s Siddur by signing up here.

Yehudit Jessica Singer is PR & Marketing Manager of Koren Publishers Jerusalem.

The Koren Free Siddur Giveaway is now over!!


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