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Every year, Tu B’shvat begins the planting season in Israel. This year’s, is more important than ever before. Why? As you know a tree is life, Eitz Chaim He, and this land Eretz Yisrael has seen too much death and destruction the last few months. We’ve all seen the pictures, the videos, heard the stories of the death and the destruction, the kidnapping and the horrors. Many people are looking for something meaningful, impactful and positive that they can do this year. This is the time of the year where we rebuild, replant, and bring life to Israel’s soil by planting fruit trees across Israel.


This Tu B’shvat join people around the world “United 4 New Trees of Life

Starting on Tu B’shvat schools, shuls, communities and people who love Israel worldwide are uniting to plant 12,000 NEW fruit trees near the Gaza border in memory of the 1,200 victims הי”ד. Thousands of new mitzvot will come from these  trees and their fruits, like, orlah, neta revai, trumot, ma’asrot and shmitta, and will be a merit leilui nishmat the korbanot. By partnering with farmers you will also share in these mitzvot according to HaRav Yaakov Ariel, former Chief Rabbi of Ramat Gan and director of Machon Torah VeHa’aretz.

Planting fruit trees now will accomplish these goals:

  1. Support farmers and communities in the south. They lost family, friends, workers, their families moved out. Some are in the IDF and need help desperately. They’re on the front lines risking their lives to keep us safe. Don’t let them down! Help save their farms and safeguard the holy land!
  2. Show Hamas and their supporters all around the world, that the Jews are in Israel to STAY! We’re not going anywhere, we’ll continue to GROW!!
  3. Plant 12,000 new fruit trees of life in memory of, and leilui nishmat the 1,200 korbanot and create NEW LIFE!!!
  4. Share in the unique mitzvot that can only be observed in Israel, and in its blessing!!!! (וְצִוִּיתִי אֶת-בִּרְכָתִי לָכֶם” (ויקרא 25:21″

Our hearts and tefillot are with the families of the innocent victims and hostages. We hope that in the merit of planting 12,000 new fruit trees, ALL the hostages will come back saftly, well, and soon! Trees will be planted with Zo Artzeinu who have planted over 600,000 fruit trees all across Israel. We need your help to plant these trees leilui nishmat the k’doshim who were brutally murdered on October 7thEveryone who helps plant will receive a personalized certificate suitable for framing. Trees can be dedicated in honor or memory of anyone. Every school, shul or family that plants 100 trees or more collectively, will have a personalized sign installed at their own orchard, and receive a photo of it to proudly display. Visit your orchard in Israel and be amazed at what you helped create! Shuls or schools can contact Zo Artzeinu at [email protected] to join this meaningful worldwide campaign.

Together we can achieve this goal, help bring Israel back to its feet by planting fruit trees starting on Tu B’shvat, and continuing until spring 2024, creating new life and bringing new hope to the land of Israel. Use promo code JewishPress and a matching donor will double your trees for FREE!

To join people around the word and plant your trees, or to see moving videos, visit


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