Zot Chanukah on Mount Meron: Farewell Dance to Festival of Lights

Zot Chanukah is a reference in Torah literature to the eighth day of Chanukah, since on that day the Torah reading includes the verse Zot Chanukat Ha'Mizbe'ach (this is the inauguration of the altar).

‘We Cannot Allow This to Become the New Normal’

“We light up the world with acts of goodness and kindness. That’s the essence of Chanukah, and that is the antidote to hatred and bigotry.”

Chanukah Lights Beam From Chabad Menorah at Dead Sea Mall

Dead Sea Regional Council leader Nir Wenger lit the menorah together with Chabad-Lubavitch emissary, Rabbi Shimon Elharar.

Israelis Light Chanukah Candles at Ancient Hasmonean Site, Arabs Riot

Beit Tsur was an ancient town on the road between Hebron and Jerusalem where the last Hasmonean battle took place before they vanquished the Greeks, liberated the Temple and purified it.

1,200-Year Old Cruse Loaded with Gold Coins Found in Yavneh Excavation

The large-scale excavation, carried out southeast of Tell Yavneh, has revealed a massive number of pottery kilns.

WATCH: Russian Jews ‘Party’ After Lighting Chanukah Menorah in Moscow’s Red Square

This is the 30th year that the Chanukah menorah is being lit in Moscow’s public square, itself a massive miracle.

Chanukah Greetings from Israel’s Middle Eastern Neighbors

Israeli relations with the region’s neighbors have improved over the past couple of years, in direct proportion to the growing threat in the region from Iran.

Western Wall Rabbi Tells Arizona Governor Doug Doucey, ‘Chanukah is Proof of Light That...

Governor Doucey said he feels "very connected to Judaism and to Jews" and noted that he even gave his three sons Biblical names.

WATCH: US Rep. Rashida Tlaib ‘Celebrates Jewish Independence’ in Chanukah Message’, Says Israel Advocacy...

"Rashida’s celebrating Jewish independence in Judea by describing the Jews that live there as occupiers."

Jewish Astronaut Wishes Happy Chanukah from the International Space Station

The ISS revolves around the Earth at about 17,500 mph resulting in it completing one revolution in about 90 minutes, and about 16 revolutions per day. That's a lot of candle lighting.

WATCH: Israeli Prime Minister, US Ambassador Light First Chanukah Candle at Western Wall in...

"The International Criminal Court that should know otherwise, has set forth decrees just as anti-Semitic as the decrees of the Seleucid Greeks... we will not bow our heads."

Preparing for Chanukah, Installing the Menorah at the Western Wall in Jerusalem

Beginning Sunday, 24 Kislev, 5780 (December 22, 2019) through Monday, 2 Tevet, 5780 (December 30, 2019), there will be a public Chanukah candle-lighting ceremony at the Western Wall Plaza.

32 Ft, 4,000 Lbs Menorahs at Brooklyn, Manhattan, Plazas

Lighting the giant menorah requires the use of a 60-foot boom lift.

2.5M Visitors to Western Wall in Jerusalem During Tishrei

The Rabbi of the Western Wall, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, said it is hard not to be amazed by the sight of so many people visiting the Wall.

President Rivlin Visits ‘Dimona, a City Where Dreams Come True’

“When Ben Gurion said the Negev would be the test of the people in Israel, he could not imagine more success than you have created here."

Chol HaMoed Travelers Meet Israel’s Amazing Mountain Goats

Hundreds of thousands of Israelis have been using the intermediary days of Sukkot (one more than in the diaspora) to tour the land, picnic...

City Landscaping Sanctifies, Satisfies & Profits City of Arad

The fruit reflects the nature of the city's residents: diverse, natural and the majority sweet.

Jewish Caucus, Chabad, Announce First-Ever Sukkah at New York City Hall

Organizing the project was a real team effort, according to Jewish Caucus Chairman Chaim Deutsch.

Also on Yom Kippur: Holocaust Memorial Vandalized, Arson Attempt at Jewish Center

Westchester County Police would not release the images on the flyers, calling the graphics “offensive” and the wording “obscene.”

On Eve of Yom Kippur, Netanyahu Begs Forgiveness of Woman He Called ‘Boring’

Netanyahu told Peretz: "You're not boring," and noted the fact that since he had announced his intention to apologize to her, she had become boring to the media.

President Rivlin Visits Halfway Facilities on Eve of Yom Kippur

President Rivlin said, “After the month of Selichot – penitential prayers – and during the ten days of repentance, this is the time for forgiveness: to request it and to grant it, as individuals and as a society”

WATCH: Avinu Malkenu Sung from the Ari Fuld Lookout in Oz VeGaon Forest

The video clip shows the magnificent panorama of the Judean Hills as seen from the Ari FUld Lookout in the Oz VeGaon Forest.

Some Israelis to Celebrate Sukkot with 4 Species Holders Made in Gaza

“On Sukkot, we pray that peace will be brought upon us. This is a great example of the kind of steps we are taking all year round."

Grotesque: Al Sharpton Gives Rosh Hashanah Sermon at East Side Synagogue

By now practically every Jewish newspaper in New York has condemned the notion that Sharpton, who is identified more than anyone else with the August 1991 Crown Heights Pogrom, should be preaching to Jews on Rosh hashanah.

Saudi Ambassador to US Wishes Jews ‘A Happy and Sweet New Year’

The good wishes for a “happy and sweet New Year” came from the new Saudi Ambassador to the US, Reema Bandar Al Saud bint Bandar.

More Than 1,600 Receive Medical Treatment in Uman Over Rosh HaShana

One person was airlifted to a hospital in Kiev due to the severity of his condition, at the beginning of the holiday.

PM Netanyahu, IDF Chief Kochavi Toast Officers With Sobering Words for Rosh Hashana

"All of us, without exception, make the decisions according to the good of the State of Israel... Considerations of security of the State of Israel alone are what dictate the parameters according to which we judge reality."

Evangelical Leader Asking Christians to Hold Vigils Outside Synagogues on High-Holidays

Cardoza-Moore instructed her followers: “Please contact your local Rabbi and let them know that you will be standing outside their synagogue in solidarity."

In Arad, Fish Swim in Cleaner Water for Rosh Hashana

“Even the fish deserve a healthy and happy New Year!”


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