In the last few days, as Israel has been hit with a wave of terror, I’ve started to write many times and each time, was only able to capture a fraction of what is on my mind and in my heart. To some extent, feelings are so fleeting, despair so deep, that you realize you can’t capture it and you give up. In each half-finished post (or less or more), there is an element I want to share…and then, I get to a point and realize I can’t. I can’t really explain. I have another thought and so am starting that post but rather than let all these go…I’m going to publish them as they are…unfinished, unedited…unsure. Here’s one:(P.S. You’ll see this note above on several posts…when you don’t see it, maybe I’ll have figured out enough of what I feel to finish the thought completely…or maybe the terror will have ended. No, I have no faith in that happening any time soon.)Dear World,

This morning, a Palestinian woman blew herself up on the road that goes past my city and into Jerusalem. Her goal was to get herself to downtown Jerusalem (where I work daily) where tens of thousands of people shop and work and kill as many Israelis/Jews as possible. She was stopped with the help of God and an alert policeman from my city.

For many days now, you have ignored the ongoing wave of terror directed at Israelis. You have ignored the murder of parents, the orphaning of children. You do not see the violence, the stabbings, the terror, the stoning attacks and the fireworks used as weapons to attack innocent people who are just trying to live their lives and hold on to some level of normalcy.


The anger we have here boils inside – partly for what is being done here; partly for the Palestinians attempt to twist the facts to claim WE are guilty. A 19-year old stabs a 15 year old…an innocent, unarmed 15 year old waiting for a train…quick acting security manage to shoot and kill the 19 year old before he can kill the 15 year old or anyone else…and Abu Mazen mourns for the 19 year old terrorist/murderer.

A 13 year old Palestinian critically stabbed a 13 year old Jewish boy – and the Palestinians run to the world and complain about the Palestinian 13 year old murderer who was neutralized.

And the other part is that you, the world, are stupid enough and deaf enough to accept the Palestinians at their word and speak of Jews and Arabs at war and Israel and the Palestinians needing to calm down.

Would you calm down if your child was stabbed simply for being in the street waiting for a bus or a train?

Wake up…I would say before it is too late, but I’ve been on the streets of London and Amsterdam – it’s already too late. Europe is dying. As amazing as that sounds, it is the truth. You are about to lose your identity, your enlightenment. Wait, this wave of terror we are experiencing…it’s coming your way.


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Paula R. Stern is CEO of WritePoint Ltd., a leading technical writing company in Israel. Her personal blog, A Soldier's Mother, has been running since 2007. She lives in Maale Adumim with her husband and children, a dog, too many birds, and a desire to write.


  1. I feel your pain and share in your frustration. I too watch as events unfold in Israel and I'm consumed with anger that MY government here in America would allow Israel to have to stand alone once again. As a Jewish man I am filled with love for our people and wish I could do more to help.

  2. Abbas should mourn for all the Palestinian Arabs. A people he made into monsters and murderers based on falsehood and lies.. He created an entire generation of murderers for many generations to come. Generations who themselves are unaware that they are being misled by lhis lies. A generaion without a presnet, without a future, without a life!

  3. Thanks again paula;
    Even more so america in in its death throws.
    The world is to absobed in 'selfie's' to notice or care.
    The soil of europe is soaked in jewish blood.ergo i could care less about europe.
    Was in Norman,Okla this summer to ser my son and grandchildren.went for pizza,three large screen tv's with news.Al Jezera! Students in keffeyas.
    Told my son it is time for his family to make aliya.

  4. O my God! I have being looking all this happen for years and all this people closed their eyes and they wanted to be blind I know happen what has to happen all the Jews will be redemmee soon and all rhose who are doing that will pay all all this. Amen

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