Photo Credit: Courtesy: Abu Ali Express
Twitter profile of the PLO's Hussein a-Sheikh.

Today’s star in the Palestinian arena, without a shred of doubt, is the PA’s Minister of Civil Affairs Hussein a-Sheikh. Abu Mazen just officially appointed him as the Secretary of the Executive Committee in the PLO.

Just a quick reminder, the PLO is the umbrella organization of the Palestinian factions, officially representing the Palestinians on the global stage. The PLO signed the Oslo Accords with Israel as the representative of the Palestinian people. From these accords the PA, the Palestinian Authority, was born.


This appointment, which fills the void left by Sa’eb Erekat (who died from Covid complications a year and a half ago), officially establishes a-Sheikh as the designated successor of Abu Mazen, the 87-year-old President of the PA.

The only thing he’s missing now is a verified Twitter account.


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