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In recent days, the Houthis launched three attacks on Saudi oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. The third attack caused damage to the site, slowing down the output at the Saudi refinery.

At the same time, the West is pushing Saudi Arabia in the direction of peace talks with the Houthis.


The Saudis understand that the Biden administration is under pressure following rising energy prices (caused partially by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the Western sanctions imposed on it). That’s why they publicly announced that they are not responsible for the rising oil prices, blaming the recent Houthi attacks.

The Iranians are surely enjoying this, not only did their proxy in Yemen successfully attack Saudi Arabia, it also caused the price of oil to go up, all while a nuclear agreement with the West is just around the corner (thinking about all the profit they’ll make from selling their oil, once the sanctions are lifted)…

Money is the best motivator for terrorist attacks, a direct result of America’s unexplained eagerness to sign a nuclear deal with Iran.


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