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Galia Tamam holds a picture of her son, Moshe, who was murdered by Arab terrorists in 1984.

The Palestinian ministry of foreign affairs has started a major diplomatic initiative to pressure Israel to release Walid Daqqa, a prisoner who has cancer.

Their diplomats worldwide have been instructed to contact international bodies, especially the International Red Cross, to claim that Daqqa is the victim of “deliberate medical negligence” and is suffering greatly.
The do not mention why he is in prison.

On August 6th, 1984, 19 year old soldier Moshe Tamam was hitchhiking home for a weekend leave to spend time with his family in Netanya. He first visited his girlfriend in Tiberias, and then took the bus towards Tel Aviv. At the Beit Leed Junction he got off and hitched a ride with four Israeli-Arabs from Baka El Garbiya.

These Israeli Arabs were members of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine who had been tasked with kidnapping an Israeli soldier to smuggle to Syria for a prisoner exchange.
For two days, Moshe Tamam was held in a house on the outskirts of Baka El Garbiya.  When the terrorists realized that they could not get him across the border into Syria, they decided to kill him.
First they gouged out Moshe’s eyes, and then they mutilated him by cutting off parts of his body starting with his sexual organs. Finally, they shot him in the chest, and dumped his body in an olive grove near Jenin.  Moshe’s mutilated body was discovered on August 10th. The DFLP immediately claimed responsibility for the heinous murder.
Daqqa is a hero and a celebrity to Palestinians. Palestinian NGO Al Haq describes him as an “writer, activist, intellectual, and political prisoner.”
Daqqa is an Israeli citizen, from Baqa Al-Gharbiya, which Al Haq calls a “Palestinian city.”
He has written about how the “torture” in Israeli prisons is worse than places like Tazmamart, Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo: “In Israeli prisons you face a harder form of torture, because it is ‘civilised’; it turns your own senses and mind into tools of daily torture, quietly creeping without any club, without making any noise… the state of losing the ability to interpret reality, the feeling of impotence and the loss of initiative.”
In other words, it is a normal prison. There is no torture, there is only the loss of freedom, which  is the entire point of prison.
And his own life disproves his slanders. Since Daqqa has been in prison, he has graduated with two degrees and he has written books. He also reportedly smuggled out his sperm to the wife he married while in prison and she gave birth.
The monster  who tortured and sadistically murdered Moshe Tamam in Baqa Al-Gharbiya claims to be an “authority” on how Israel tortures its prisoners – by not torturing them.
This disgusting piece of garbage was transferred to an Israeli hospital yesterday.

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