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Japanese-American child en route to an "assembly center", Spring 1942

Are the Jews of America heading for detention camps? It could very well be. Secretary of State Kerry has hinted, in no uncertain terms, that if Israel opt for a military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, the United States will take preventive military action to foil the Israeli attack. In the agreement which the United States signed with the Iranian terrorist regime, America promises to defend Iran’s nuclear bombs-in-the-making against enemy attack. Thus, in becoming an ally of Iran, the United States has put itself on a collision course with the Jewish State, which has no other option than to destroy Iran’s nuclear program before the Ayatollahs in Teheran carry out their threats to wipe Israel off the map.

Fantasy you say? In 1942, just after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, the United States Government ordered that all people of Japanese ancestry living in America be rounded up and evacuated to specially-created detention centers.


Over 120,000 people were incarcerated. 62 percent were U.S. citizens. President Franklin D. Roosevelt authorized the deportation and incarceration with Executive Order 9066, issued February 19, 1942, which allowed regional military commanders to designate “military areas” from which “any or all persons may be excluded.” This power was used to declare that all people of Japanese ancestry were excluded from the entire West Coast, including all of California and much of Oregon, Washington and Arizona. This could very well happen to the Jews of New York, Florida, California, and New Jersey, in order to protect America from a potential Israeli retaliatory strike, from inside of America, after the United States Air Force tries to down Israeli jets on the way to Iran.

While on the surface, only the Israelis living in America will fall under the FBI’s full suspicion of harboring dual loyalties, all Jews will be suspect as well, for it is widely known that all Jews are “landsmen” of the same tribe. Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform Jews will be rounded up together. People who had Reform and Conservative conversations will be herded into the train cars as well. It won’t help them to claim that they really didn’t have a true conversion. America won’t take any chances. Everyone will go.

With the signing of the Iran agreement, President Obama and Mr. Kerry have removed their masks. They have decided to isolate Israel from the entire international community. They have forged a bond with a clear and outspoken enemy of the Jewish State, and they have committed America to defend Iran’s soon-to-be nuclear stockpile. They maintain that the agreement was worked out with Israel’s best interests in mind, even though 99 percent of the Jews in Israel are against the agreement. But, once again, America knows what is best for the Jewish People, just like in World War Two, when U.S. bombers could have destroyed the railway tracks to Auschwitz, but the policy makers in Washington declined – for the good of the Jewish People.

What does this mean for the Jews of America? They have two choices. They can stick their heads in the sand and pretend that nothing has changed. Or they can open their eyes and see the writing on the wall. I can hear it now… “This is Charles Krauthammer reporting from a Jewish-American detention camp somewhere in heart of the Florida Everglades.” If I were a Jew living in America, I’d buy a one-way ticket out of the country – now!


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  1. Jewish Americans, in particular, need to confront former Gov. Huckabee re: his latest comments. The linguistics of politicians such as Huckabee’s are incendiary, divisive and over-blown. the right-wing seeks to unite and rile a population that is belligerent and filled with self-righteous indignation. Huckabee’s “oven” remarks are thinly veiled hate-speech that, by introducing Jews, serves as a double sword that WILL turn sentiment against Jews with age-old condemnations like the ones the Nazis used in the last century. Look at the way people have rallied with Trump on the topic of Mexican immigration. Look at the way the right-wing has used Israel and Netanyahu to sabotage an international treaty. Look at the simmering Black racism that has erupted–it’s no accident that Confederate flags have been substituted with Nazi flags at recent demonstrations. American Jews need to speak out and not allow this shock-evoking rhetoric to define and separate them from the larger population. If there is one thing the right-wingers want it is to delineate this nation by injecting their Christianity into government, to break down the separation of Church and State. Jewish Americans need to confront this in ALL of the platforms where it appears, starting TODAY. You don’t want “Jews” thrown into a mix of toxic hyperbole, even if there is a claim of “special friendship.” America is not supposed to be a nation of Us vs. Them.

  2. Your attempt to twist a pro jewish/Israeli comment into something negative is all FAIL. Never again should people ignore evil tyrants that say the want to exterminate a nation or race. That exactly what Iran has said and the current President has enabled.

  3. During WWII, Jews of German decent living in Latin American were sent to the U.S. And placed in detention camps to be traded for Americans in Germany! Can't find the name of the program, but I know it was doneK

  4. Obama is setting the stage for a 2nd Holocaust of the Jews- if you don’t believe this you are amongst a very sad and large company who unfortunately didn’t believe those that warned in the exact same way of the 1st Holocaust of the Jews.

  5. AN IRONY WORTHY OF KAFKA – When Axis nationals resident in Latin America were taken to U.S. internment camps for the duration, the question of Jews who were still technically German citizens proved difficult to resolve. Some sixty German Jews, along with non-Jewish Germans, wound up being sent to the Panama Canal Zone and from there transferred to internment in the U.S. (Some German and Italian Jews resident in the U.S. were also interned.) American guidelines for handling the internees could not include a religious test—with the result being that German Jews found themselves sharing internees’ quarters with German nazis. Logically, the Jews should not have been interned at all, but there seemed (at first) no way around the shibboleth of nationality. The individual Latin American republics were able to exercise some latitude, it should be noted; not all of them sent their German Jews to the Canal Zone. Panama itself—for whatever reason—was one of the exceptions; there, fascist hold-overs from the Arias regime still had influence—at least on this issue. But the families of the Panamanian internees appealed to the Canal Zone’s Rabbi Nathan Witkin and he succeeded in getting all but 29 of them released. But these 29 German Jews formerly resident in Panama would soon find themselves sharing camps in Georgia and Florida with German nazis. Although separate dining facilities were set up, inevitably there was friction with the nazis and by 1942, in some places, violence broke out. These Latin American Jews might have remained behind barbed wire till the war’s end, had not refugee organizations succeeded by mid-1943 in getting them reclassified as ‘internees-at-large’ who could live outside the camps for the duration. This required background investigations, many of them in Panama, to prove that the internees were actually Jewish, and not Axis infiltrators. After the war, the legal status of the Latin American Jewish internees was unclear for many years; most of them did not wish to return to the Latin American countries that had deported them and—in many cases—seized their property. For some, their final status was not clarified until 1953.

  6. So What :":::70% of American Jews would vote for him again anyway. Out of loyalty to left leaning liberalism, most Jews will even vote for Hillary who is a female caucasion clone of Obama. Your correct. It may be time to leave, or wait until it is too late.(Maybe move to Paris or Venezuala.) How about Jerusalem or Tel aviv-what a novl idea!!

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