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Israeli Arab Knesset member (Ra'am- Ta'al / Joint Arab List) Masoud Ganaim at an Education committee meeting in the Israeli parliament in 2012.

On the anniversary of the destruction of the two Jewish Holy Temples in Jerusalem, Tisha B’Av, an Israeli Arab lawmaker insisted in a radio interview that neither ever existed.

Joint Arab List (Ra’am Tal) Knesset member Masoud Ganaim made the statement during an interview Sunday (July 26) on Galei Tzahal Army Radio. Ganaim was asked – as was Jewish lawmaker Yinon Magal from the Bayit Yehudi party — about violent riots that were being perpetrated by Muslim Arabs in the Al Aqsa mosque on the site of the Temple Mount. The rioting Arabs hurled rocks, cement blocks, firebombs and other explosives at Israel Police and even Waqf Islamic Authority security personnel from inside the mosque.


When asked about the violence, Ganaim said that the rock-throwing was not the problem: the real issue, he said, was the “incitement” caused by Jews wanting to pray at the site, considered the holiest in the Jewish faith.

Ganaim also said during the conversation that no Jewish Temples ever existed on the Temple Mount – and that he knows this for a fact because he is a history teacher.

“The State of Israel knows that Jews and Israel have no legitimacy to the site except for their legitimacy as an occupier – a legitimacy won by force,” he said. The MK blamed Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel (Bayit Yehudi) in particular for visiting the site on Tisha B’Av, calling the minister an “occupier” and his visit “incitement.”

Magal responded that a system of reverse “apartheid” exists on the Temple Mount – against Jews – and that despite the sanctity of the site in Judaism … a Jew who wants to make a blessing over an apple he is preparing to eat will be arrested for “incitement.” At the same time, police do nothing to Arabs seen screaming or hurling rocks at visiting Jews.

“The site has always been holy to Islam,” Ganaim repeated, “never to any other religion.”

Was there ever a Jewish Temple on the site? the interviewer asked directly.

Ganaim flatly denied it, and followed up by saying he knew that to be true because he personally is a history teacher. “At most,” there “may have been” a temple “somewhere else,” he allowed, but noted that Jewish scriptures only refer to a future Temple in Jerusalem descending from Heaven.

Jews need to wait until that happens before attempting to visit the Temple Mount, Ganaim advised.

The Western Wall, located at the edge of the Temple Mount, is the remnant of outer retaining wall of the Second Holy Temple in Jerusalem, a fact confirmed numerous times by reputable archaeologists. The Second Temple was built upon the ruins of the First Temple.

There also exist an abundance of archaeological artifacts documenting a Second Temple presence on the Temple Mount itself as well, believed to have been the site of the Temple’s “holy of holies.” There are special laws delineated in the Torah as to when and how a Jew must be prepared in order to approach the site.

The future Temple of which Ganaim spoke is the Third Holy Temple which Jews await and which is expected to appear with the arrival of Moshiach Tzidkenu, the Messiah, who it is said will be born on Tisha B’Av.

May we all merit to see both speedily in our lifetimes.


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


  1. He obviously doesn’t realise either that Mohammed was a false prophet, having plagarised both the Torah and Christian New Testament, nor that the al Aksa Mosque was built on the remains of the 1st and 2nd Temples. As they say, if you tell the same lie often enough, people begin believing it …

  2. hahaha never existed ?? and what about Al Aqsa when it was built? maybe after 700 CE ?? no ?? so what was before hahah WOW! With all respect MR Masoud Ganaim but how do you know your brain exists if you have never seen it ???

  3. Let’s ignore all that extra-biblical documentation and archeological evidence that support the existence and destruction of the two temples. He must have received his history teaching credentials while staying at an Holiday Inn Express.

  4. He is not the first to say so. This is one of many talking points in the Arab lexicon. Why? History shows us that if the Arabs say it loud enough and long enough, it's eventually unchallenegd by mainstream media and added to the accepted Arab narrative, which has been caefully and methodically constructed over the last 51 years by doing exactly this..

  5. Omg these people who are so delusional that they’ve convinced themselves historical events places didn’t exist are one of the biggest wastes of space. I do believe they need serious psychiatric help! At my hands with the ECT machine!!

  6. A deliberate lie that only the most uneducated believe…Sadly, most Muslims are uneducated and that is why they so readily believe the lies…Sadder still are many of the non-Muslim Americans and Europeans who also are ignorant and can be persuaded to “just believe” many things someone tells them with no knowledge of how to even research to learn for themselves what is the truth…Those blank slates in the world are what liars depend upon in their efforts to “rule the world”. And those human slates mean no more to them than an actual slate.

  7. Of course the 2 temples existed on the temple mount, built under the instruction of the God of Abraham by Israel, thousands of years ago.

    And according to anciemt and modern scripture, Israel will rebuild the Temple.

  8. Here’s what I don’t get. He enjoys freedom of speech in Israel. No other place in the ME allows that. He enjoys his political office. Again no opportunity for that anywhere else in ME. To me, it seems there is much he’s taking for granted. I would think because he lives there, he would acknowledge Israels history, especially because it’s so easily proven

  9. The Quran orders it’s adherents to convert, kill or make slaves of all non-muslims…That is not from the G-D of all…That is from a self serving would-be prophet who was not a prophet…Only the ignorant follow it because they are not allowed to even read it for themselves but only are told what to believe from birth so they can be used to kill non-musims…What better way to entice young men to be willing to take the Life the G-D of all gave them than to lie to them about virgins waiting for them at their death? You should be ashamed of yourself for being so willingly blind…and moreso for leading others to believe the lies.

  10. He doesn’t think for himself…His mind is buried under all the lies told to him since his birth..In other words, he’s programmed, and he really should not be holding any office because he will only continue to use it to spew outrageous lies from.

  11. You cannot change the evidence, the Holly Torah, the Holly Bible and the Coran.
    You only can say lies lies lies and send your people into he fray for your own satisfaction and benefit. If the eorld disciver what is happening with the goods and the money that you are reciving it shall be the end for all of you…liers

  12. There is no such thing as a Palestinian Arab. They never existed and still don't. They're all Egyptian, Jordanian, Lebanese, Syrian and maybe Saudi.
    What's also interesting is an Arab quoting Midrashim.
    Let this Pereh Adam quote Chumash better,

  13. Every Israeli government official should be required to (a) take a civics test demonstrating knowledge of Jewish history; and (b) take a loyalty oath to the sovereign Jewish state of Israel. Kick this idiot and Zoabi out of the Knesset!

  14. Every Israeli government official should be required to (a) take a civics test demonstrating knowledge of Jewish history; and (b) take a loyalty oath to the sovereign Jewish state of Israel. Kick this idiot and Zoabi out of the Knesset!

  15. First the PLO says Jews don’t exist, now Israeli Arab lawmakers are claiming the Temples described in Babylonian, Roman, Jewish, Greek, Persian and Armenian, literature didn’t exist. But flying horses do.

    There are no Arabic writing about the Temples because Arabic is the language of the invaders from Arabia and did not exist outside of the Arabian Peninsula until 622 CE, 550 years after the Roman destruction.

  16. A DOCUMENT WRITTEN 1925 " A brief Guide to AL-HARAM AL-SHARIF Jerusalem Published by the Supreme Moslem council DATED 1925 "
    Page 4 “The site is one of the oldest in the world. Its sanctity dates from the earliest (perhaps pre-historic) times. Its identity with the site of Solomon’s Temple is beyond dispute. This, too, is the spot, according to the universal belief, on which ‘David built there an altar unto the Lord and offered burnt offerings and peace offerings

  17. We have to learfn to fight this clap-trap more effectively. I have already been hearing this nonsense for the last few months – in one case from a university professor . . . This intellectual cancer is spreading and in the long run is far more dangerous to Israel than blocade runners.

  18. Gallei Tzahal shouldn't give the honor to a liar to be interviewd. It's also about time to make all members of the Knesset to take allegiance to the State of Israel or they should move to the PA where they belong anyhow. What we have now is the 5th column in the system and use the Democratic Process to side with the enemy. Shame on us to play their game.

  19. Either of the following must be true:

    Israel is a *Jewish State* hence this chazer (and others like him) have no place anywhere near "Knesset" or…

    Israel is a "Democratic" State Affiliated with some Jews – in which case this chazer should be fully entitled to spew his chazershe opinions as a member of the "Knesset" of the said State..
    which one is it?

    So why are we getting all worked up about this? Isn't this the whole point ot the "Democratic State of Israel living side by side with…" etc. etc…? Lihyot Am Chofshi B'Artzeinu….sure.

    The problem is not that some chazer says that Beis HaMikdosh never stood on Har HaBayis.. What do you expect from the chazer?? The problem is that we behave as if it never stood there… That's the problem.

    Moshiach NOW.

  20. He is correct .But did anyone tell him that his parliamentarian stipend as well as any funds expended on his constituents still do come out of Temple Treasury.Thus from now on he can go cap in hand and beg funds for himself and his mendicents folllowers who voted him in from that criminal Abu Mazen.

  21. I am not a history teacher and I know there were two Temples. The first was destroyed by the Byzantines and the Second Temple was rebuilt when Cyrus of the Persians allowed it. This occurred way before The Dome of The Rock or Al Aqsa. I doubt he was certified as an historian.

  22. True but not on that site in particular. I don't know why even the Muslims consider it holy.. The wall and the dome was a Roman fortress that overlooked the city it was a guard post. There was nothing religious about any of it. Unless looking up the wall at Roman soldiers was considered a religious experience. Rome did a good job of raizing the last temple and scattering it all over Palestine so no one would even know such a building ever existed.. Where they were is much in question but that battlemount is not it.

  23. Good question Shui.. What was it before? Who was in the holy city for centuries after the Temple was destroyed in 70 C.E? Rome.. Jews and assorted others? Did they all leave? Of course not.. If that were true then why the incident of the Mossad? Pretty nasty affair of Roman brutality no? Rome built the wall and the Dome for the Guards over looking the City and to keep a safe distance from rebels in the City. As your anscestors were about as happy to kill if a self proclaimed messiah said to do so as the Jihadist do today. It seems quite siilly to pray in front of a battlement meant for your destruction at the hands of Rome no less..

  24. The easiest way to justify the existence of the Mosque and the outrageous Arabs behaviour is to deny the existence of the temples. The very sad part is, that he being a history teacher, is that he now is brainwashing the students to believe that.

  25. The attempt to rewrite history has been one of the prime tactics used by these factions trying to take what doesnt belong to them. You can tell he is not very smart by the book he reads, he shouldn't be teaching history, doubt that he can even remember what he ate for breakfast.

  26. Finally! The JewishPress stopped calling the Muslim Arabs "Palestinians". Thank you!
    I hope you will carefully avoid the "p" word in all other articles as well.

    As for the denial of the existance of both Jewish Temples, the moron just demonstrated his blind hatred and that he doesn't mind to lie anything.
    If this guy had a little brain he wouldn't have contest the existance of the Second Temple, only the first one. And it is so typical of the intellectual level of Muslim propagandists…

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