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The same is hardly true for American Jews. The future of Jews in the Exile, in any Exile, is “iffy” at best. It is not Israel, the state that arose from the ashes of an Exile after 1,900 years, exactly as the Bible prophesied, that can be destroyed. It is rather the American Jewish community, sitting on a volcano of an American economic and social crisis that is moving to catastrophic explosion, that will see despair and extremism explode, fueled by bitter jealousy of the Jew. The result will be unparalleled Jew-hatred.



The Talmud clearly states that there can never be a third Exile (though terrible tragedy within the country can certainly take place). But there is precisely the opposite promise for the Exile. Any Exile.

It is remarkable how little Jews realize the extent of real and palpable hatred of them. The jealousy and the envy of the Jew in the United States is awesome. It can be heard on any talk show as listeners phone in. It can be heard in any bar. It is so real and so frightening that one is staggered by it. Let no American Jew threaten Israel. It is the Jew of the Exile who will always need the one haven for the Jew in the world. That message should be gotten through to all the Establishment figures who pressure the Jewish State to refrain from acting normally for survival.

The third axiom must be to divide the ordinary American Jew from those organizations, leaders and rabbis, who — in essence — are so different in their thinking from him. The ordinary Jew in the United States has a normal, gut reaction that Israel must be strong to survive and use any method to do so. He can easily be made to understand the Arab threat to Israel’s survival; the madness of the very concept of Arab “moderates”; the insanity of concessions. It is the fact that he is at the mercy of the general news media, as well as those of liberal temple rabbis and Federation leaders, that inhibits him and distorts him.

The State of Israel must send leaders to speak directly to the masses of American Jews. Not timid spokespersons, who equivocate and apologize and fear to call the Arab spade a spade. Rather, leaders who will present the Jewish view that Eretz Yisrael is ours; that the Arabs seek to wipe out any Jewish state of any kind; that Israel must do everything that is necessary to survive, without guilt or complexes. Give the average Jew a sense of pride and power, and he will support Israel fully. And remember — no American functionary can compete with an Israeli Prime Minister or General.

At the same time, let Israeli leaders not be afraid to criticize the American leaders and expose them for what they are and what they are not. Let the bankrupt history of Jewish organizations who did nothing during the Holocaust and who, for decades, did nothing for Soviet Jewry, be known. Let the record of Jewish organizations who encouraged assimilation and intermarriage through the “melting pot” be seen. And let the choice be given to the average Jew. He will choose wisely and correctly. Above all, let Israel not shirk a confrontation with the empty vessels of the Jewish Establishment. They represent few Jews and their basic instincts are un-Jewish. A Jewish State need not fear them. They are nothing without Israel; Israelis everything without them.

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