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You have to give the Lefties credit. They know how to work. And they know how to raise money to disseminate all of their poisonous falsehoods. I’d like to make movies to counter their monopoly on “Jewish” culture, but I can’t raise a dime. The Lefties control the film funds in Israel, the big publishing houses, and it’s the same way in America too – all of the popular Jewish novelists, playwrights, and directors are flaming liberals, along with the Jewish producers in Hollywood and the Jewish editors-in-chief of New York’s big publishing firms, as well as Jewish literary agents. Lefties all of them. The world sees and reads about their view of the world – not mine.

Now they’ve found a new star writer to crawl out from the closet of Jewish self-hatred. Michael Chabon. To tell the truth, I never heard of him until the Israel-hating Breaking Silence organization brought him to Hevron with a group of other writers, and the newspaper Haaretz did a story about his reaction of horror to the “occupation.” He is apparently a popular American (Jewish) novelist and worked as a co-screenwriter on Batman 2. Of course this gives him the credentials to be an expert on Israeli-Arab affairs, along with the very objective explanations he heard on his visit to Hevron from the Breaking Silence tour guide.


When the contingent of writers arrived back at the Arab-run, East Jerusalem hotel where they were staying, a reporter from the Forward interviewed Chabon. When asked about his reaction to the “occupation,” he stated: “It is the most grievous injustice I have ever seen in my life.”

The most grievous injustice that he has ever seen in his life?

Wow! It is simple amazing how low a Jew can get! True, King David called himself a worm and not a man. But he, in his great humility, was referring to how lowly he felt compared to the greatness of HaKodesh Baruch Hu. The phenomena of Jewish writers condemning their Jewishness, or vilifying the State of Israel, is a very different kind of worminess. Perhaps Mr. Chabon should visit Syria where Arabs have slaughtered a half million fellow Arabs the past five years, and where millions are homeless. One could give many other examples of injustices around the globe which make the “Israeli occupation” the size of a tiny ant hill. But no, the oppression of the Palestinians is, for Mr. Chabon, the most intolerable injustice in the world.

What makes Jews like Michael Chabon so anti-Israel? I believe it’s the mad craving to be loved by the gentile. To make it big in the gentile world. To be accepted by the goy. These are the kind of Jews who perished in the five days of darkness in Egypt because they wanted to remain Egyptian and not be a part of G-d’s plan for His People, which meant living by the Torah and conquering the Promised Land. These kind of Jews don’t want G-d or His Torah to be a part of their lives. But, precisely because they are Jews, G-d and His Torah are always in their souls. In order to drown out the ever-present “still small voice” of G-d and the call of Torah, they cry out their nonsense, their blasphemy, and their hatred of Israel – but the eternal winds from Sinai, the “still small voice” roaring in their souls will not be silenced. THIS SILENCE WILL NOT BE BROKEN. No matter how much they try to break the silence, these writers who profess to know “what’s best for Israel” shall perish. The silence will not be broken.



  1. There will always be self hating Jews who are the worst kind of Jew supporting anti Semitism. It boggles the mind.
    However Tzvi's article is both clever and natural in it's content. Well said!
    Self hating Jews take careful note!!!!!!

  2. "Lefties all of them. The world sees and reads about their view of the world – not mine." —- And how long would you live if the world knew your views? How long did Meir Kahane live? Chabon worked as a co-screenwriter on Batman 2 and probably wrote some of the script of Batman 2 himself who said, "you have a choice to die a hero or live as a victim." Well, you as Baba Fishman, you got a lot of work to do without getting killed; so, do it.

  3. Instead of despising self hating liberals Jews, one should take the time ,with lots of patience, to educate them ,and explain to them the harm they are causing us. If they forgot that they are Jews, you could be certain that someone will remind them by an antisemitic act perpetrated against them. Once a Jew always a Jew, no matter what.

  4. Being Jewish is not a given; not by the Halachah, and not by any deity. Being Jewish is a matter of moral choice. These people are not Jewish by any measure of ethical choice, but by political convenience. They are not part of the Abrahamic tribe, nor are they part of those who stood at the foot of Mount Sinai to declare themselves part of the Jewish Legal Code of Human Rights

  5. Michael Chabon showed some promise as a young writer, but perhaps that early success went to his head and drove out all of the common sense. Or perhaps he never had any sense to begin with. His current moral posturing is disgusting; maybe it makes him and those of his ilk feel somehow superior.

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