J Street Joins Israel Haters on FBI Probe, ‘Deeply Disappointed’ by Gantz’s Rejection

It’s the kind of argument one expects from a dedicated adversary, not a group calling itself “pro-Israel, pro-peace.”

Spanish NGO Slams Upcoming Anti-Israel ‘Hate Fest’ in Parliament

"All fair-minded people should be working to ensure that the event does not take place, because it will start with hatred and lead to incitement.”

‘A State for Sale’ Generates Police Complaint Against Radical German Foundations in Israel

"It’s inconceivable that German foundations, funded by the German government, intervene and undermine Israeli sovereignty."

Anti-Zionist Who Was Suspended from Labour Joins Party’s National Executive Committee

Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi also sought to offer "an alternative to the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM)'s pro-Israel agenda.

Hamas Operative Sentenced to 12 Years After Diverting Aid Funds to Terror Group

Shortly after being employed by World Vision, Mohammed El-Halabi began to use his position to benefit the Hamas terrorist organization

Report: Germany Illegally Funneled NIS 1 billion to Anti-Zionist NGOs in Israel

Germany is the world’s leading country in funding Israeli far-left organizations.

Israel Ratifies Decision to Designate Three NGOs as Terror Organizations

The Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees, Bisan and Adameer are “branches of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine [PFLP],” says Israel’s Defense Ministry.

PA Arab NGOs Cover Up Terror Groups’ Exploitation of Children

Palestinian NGOs take a hypocritical approach towards children’s rights.

9 European Countries Announce They Will Continue Funding Orgs Tied to PFLP

Belgium, France, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden release joint statement citing “insufficient evidence” to support the designation • U.N. threatens to blacklist Israel following report on deaths of Palestinian Authority minors.

BDS Orgs Argue How Much Antisemitism is OK

The makers of the Mapping Project are hiding their identity.

Leftist Pundit Peeved at NY Times for Saying Iran Deal Is Dying without Blaming...

For the record, it’s actually disturbing that 33 Democrats supported the removal of the IRGC’s terrorist designation.

Central Fund of Israel Under Attack

Tru’ah and its progressive supporters were joined by members of the Congressional "Squad" in their efforts to target the Central Fund of Israel.

Wishful Thinking: The Left Claims General Mills Surrendered to BDS – It Didn’t

Despite the change in ownership, Pillsbury products will continue to be made in eastern Jerusalem’s Atarot industrial park, and sold in Israel.

New Tennessee Law Recognizes Anti-Zionism as Antisemitism

HB 2673 helps law enforcement agencies determine when antisemitic bias is present when investigating complaints.

Dutch Minister Visiting Israel Meets Terrorist Group Affiliated with PFLP

Al-Haq is a leader in anti-Israel “lawfare” and BDS campaigns.

She Will Be the Next Squad Congresswoman Unless Pennsylvanians Stop Her

God help us if she makes it in Tuesday’s Democratic primary, and God help us even more intensely should she win the November race.

Hallelujah: ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt Declares Antizionism Is Antisemitism

In a way, Greenblatt, a former Obama administration official, lent legitimacy to extremist antizionist Jewish groups that didn’t enjoy his cachet.

Rutgers ‘Students for Justice in Palestine’ Harass Jewish Students on Passover

The SJP demonstrators waved Palestinian Authority flags and called the Jewish students “baby killers” and “terrorists.”

Republican Senators Push Bill to Cut Federal Funding to Amnesty International

Sen. Rick Scott said the bill is intended to send a message that America will not support the “radical left’s dangerous anti-Israel agenda.”

Congressman Defends Against J Street’s Accusation of ‘Dual Loyalty’

Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-N.Y.) had some questions about re-entering the Iran nuclear deal—namely, about the IRGC. For those inquiries, he said he received an unwarranted backlash.

Non-Zionist Cong. ‘Tzedek Chicago’ Unanimously Votes to be ‘Anti-Zionist’

"The creation of an ethnic Jewish nation state in historic Palestine resulted in an injustice against the Palestinian people – an injustice that continues to this day."

America First Exposing Biden’s State Dept. $1 Million Grant Soliciting Attacks on Israel

“These activities and plans are part of the Biden Administration’s larger strategy to cripple Israel’s ability to defend herself."

Watch: US Ambassador Telling Peace Now: The Idea of Settlement Growth INFURIATES Me

Nides made no bones about reopening the Jerusalem Consulate General, the one “for PA Arabs.”

Samaria Leader to European Commission: Stop Funding Anti-Settler Campaign that Encourages Antisemitism

It was exposed that European funding was sent to leftwing organizations to demonize Israeli citizens.

UK Government Launches Process to Outlaw BDS

MP Rob Jenrick: "BDS against Israel is all too often connected to antisemitism in the UK and does nothing to promote peace."

Lobbying Group Calls on J Street to Drop Endorsement of Scandal-Ridden Lawmaker

Pro-Israel America is calling on J Street PAC to drop its endorsement of Rep. Marie Newman (D-Ill.)

Biden’s BDS Supporter’s Nomination ‘in Limbo,’ Blocked by Idaho Republican

“When a nominee makes statements in support of the BDS movement, that person is going to be aggressively vetted.”


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