Red Cross Compares Captured Gazan Terrorists to Israeli Hostages

"Since October 7, Israel has suspended visits to the Palestinian prisoners in the prisons. At the same time, Hamas has so far not allowed visits to the abductees it is holding. This is unacceptable."

Biden Suspends Sale of 20K Rifles to ‘Violent Settlers’ following General Yehuda Fox’s ‘Secret...

The only assurance the Biden administration will accept is Netanyahu’s sacking of Itamar Ben Gvir.

IfNotNow Mourns Brandeis U’s Ban on ‘National Students for Justice in Palestine’

And then there was IfNotNow Boston, catering to antisemites who prefer their Jew-hatred to come from Jews.

Thousands of Anti-Israel Protesters Shut Down NYC’s Grand Central Station

The New York Police Department said at least 200 protesters were arrested.

Swiss Foreign Office Suspends Funds to 11 Arab NGOs, including 5 Anti-Zionist Israeli Groups

“The decision was taken in light of the new situation since the attack by the militant group Hamas on Israel on October 7."

Blinken Meets with Israeli Crypto Fascists in Effort to Americanize the War, Force 2-State...

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts, said the post-traumatized citizens of Troy watching their city burning.
Israel Uncensored: Natalie Portman Snubs Bibi - BDS Declares Victory

US Appeals Court Dismisses Challenge to Texas Anti-BDS Law

Thirty-seven states across America have passed anti-BDS laws.

NIF Associate Director Thrown Out of Village Mosque for Immodesty, Sheikh Sacked

Next time you go visit terrorists who just murdered your Jewish kin - pick a longer dress...

Diaspora Affairs Minister Called J Street ‘a Hostile Organization’

Of course, if Chikli insists he was only stretching his mouth into a smile, why the talk about a Photoshop edit?

Flawed UN Report May Lead to a Blacklisting of Israel

The UN report is based on reports from anti-Israel NGOs, some designated as terror organizations.

NGO Advocating Early Release for Cancer-Ridden Terrorist Violated Non-Profit Law

Baladna was not on former Defense Minister Benny Gantz’s list of NGOs that were banned for supporting terror organizations.

Amnesty International Board Member Denies Israel’s Existence

A new CAMERA report reveals that Rasha Abdel Latif has also lauded terror attacks against Israel.

18 Days Later, Rage Erupts over CUNY’s Choice of Hate-Spitting Arab for Commencement Speech

Mohammed’s commencement ceremony speech was live-streamed on the CUNY Law School’s YouTube account and deleted a few hours later.

Succumbing to Foreign Pressure, Netanyahu Suspends Taxing Anti-Israel NGOs

Netanyahu suspended a similar bill in 2016, under pressure from the Obama administration and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

US Angry at 65% Tax on Hostile Israeli NGOs Receiving Foreign Contributions

Ambassador Taylor should consult her government’s Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938.

Biden Under Pressure to Drop Anti-Zionist Clauses in IHRA’s Definition of Antisemitism

Should President Biden’s announcement veer from the IHRA list, we'll know we're dealing with an anti-Israel While House.

New Israel Fund Reveals String of Donations to Anti-Reform Protest Groups

It “invests in organizations bent on destroying Zionism,” Gadi Taub, a senior lecturer at the Hebrew University said.

Leftist Hooligans Storm Aliyah Event in Paris

Hani Zubida from Reichman University gloated at the attack.

Foreign Governments Manipulate Israel’s Supreme Courts – Here’s How

In the last six years, 758 petitions were submitted to the Supreme Court by 32 organizations funded by foreign political entities.

Left-Wing Charity Organization Loses Fundraising Platform Over Ties to PFLP

This isn’t the first time that terror groups were able to receive money through “fiscal sponsorship” arrangements.

US Revokes Nomination of Anti-Israel Professor as Human Rights Commissioner

Let’s just accept the gift horse and be happy we don’t have Prof. Cavallaro in this administration.

Israel Ambassador to Spain Taken to Safety After Attempted Attack by BDS Demonstrators

The ambassador was swiftly taken to another room by local and Israeli security guards, with demonstrators attempting to follow and storm her location.

New Israel Fund Accused of Tax Scheme—Report

The NIF is incorporated as a foreign company in Israel and therefore its Israeli donors aren’t entitled to tax benefits.

‘Day of Rage’ in New York’s Grand Central Station Calls for Intifada, Destruction of...

“With our spirit and our blood, we will redeem you, O Palestine!” they yelled. “We don’t want no two states, we want all of it!” they chanted.

‘Combatants for Peace’ Asking the US to Reduce Military Aid to Israel

“The intention of Minister Ben Gvir and the Otzma Yehudit party is to change the rules of engagement on an ethnic basis is particularly appalling.”

Ben Gvir Calls for Deportation of Anti-Zionist Neturei Karta Visitors to Jenin

The anti-Zionists stayed at the home of local Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist leader Bassam al-Sa’adi, and met with senior officials from the group.

Terrorist Discovered to be B’Tzelem Volunteer

The terrorist-activist was one of four who were captured by IDF soldiers in Samaria on Friday as they were attacking Israelis with rocks.

Otzma Yehudit Submits Bill Vanquishing ‘Incitement Funds’

The bill amends the Non-Profit Law by banning donations from countries without diplomatic relations with Israel.


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