She Will Be the Next Squad Congresswoman Unless Pennsylvanians Stop Her

God help us if she makes it in Tuesday’s Democratic primary, and God help us even more intensely should she win the November race.

Hallelujah: ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt Declares Antizionism Is Antisemitism

In a way, Greenblatt, a former Obama administration official, lent legitimacy to extremist antizionist Jewish groups that didn’t enjoy his cachet.

Rutgers ‘Students for Justice in Palestine’ Harass Jewish Students on Passover

The SJP demonstrators waved Palestinian Authority flags and called the Jewish students “baby killers” and “terrorists.”

Republican Senators Push Bill to Cut Federal Funding to Amnesty International

Sen. Rick Scott said the bill is intended to send a message that America will not support the “radical left’s dangerous anti-Israel agenda.”

Congressman Defends Against J Street’s Accusation of ‘Dual Loyalty’

Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-N.Y.) had some questions about re-entering the Iran nuclear deal—namely, about the IRGC. For those inquiries, he said he received an unwarranted backlash.

Non-Zionist Cong. ‘Tzedek Chicago’ Unanimously Votes to be ‘Anti-Zionist’

"The creation of an ethnic Jewish nation state in historic Palestine resulted in an injustice against the Palestinian people – an injustice that continues to this day."

America First Exposing Biden’s State Dept. $1 Million Grant Soliciting Attacks on Israel

“These activities and plans are part of the Biden Administration’s larger strategy to cripple Israel’s ability to defend herself."

Watch: US Ambassador Telling Peace Now: The Idea of Settlement Growth INFURIATES Me

Nides made no bones about reopening the Jerusalem Consulate General, the one “for PA Arabs.”

Samaria Leader to European Commission: Stop Funding Anti-Settler Campaign that Encourages Antisemitism

It was exposed that European funding was sent to leftwing organizations to demonize Israeli citizens.

UK Government Launches Process to Outlaw BDS

MP Rob Jenrick: "BDS against Israel is all too often connected to antisemitism in the UK and does nothing to promote peace."

Lobbying Group Calls on J Street to Drop Endorsement of Scandal-Ridden Lawmaker

Pro-Israel America is calling on J Street PAC to drop its endorsement of Rep. Marie Newman (D-Ill.)

Biden’s BDS Supporter’s Nomination ‘in Limbo,’ Blocked by Idaho Republican

“When a nominee makes statements in support of the BDS movement, that person is going to be aggressively vetted.”

Report: NGOs Behind Amnesty Int’l ‘Israeli Apartheid’ Report Received over $100 Million from Foreign...

"Amnesty's report is merely another anti-Israel hit job made possible by foreign governments who employ radical anti-Zionist Israeli NGOs."

Amnesty International Accuses Israel of Apartheid in Impending Report

It appears that Amnesty International is launching a full-scale Apartheid campaign against Israel.

Freed Hostage Rabbi Demanded Israel Drop Sovereignty Plans in the Settlements

Before I add a sour note to the discussion, I should probably stipulate that Charlie Cytron-Walker must be a nice guy and well-liked in his community.

Israel Welcomes Netherlands Defunding of (1 of 6) PFLP-Linked Org

The UAWC is one of six PFLP-linked civilian organizations that Israel proscribed in October after they were shown to act as conduits for funneling funds to the terrorist organization.

Peace Now Warns: Municipality Approved 3,557 Housing Units in Eastern Jerusalem

Mind you, these plans are in neighborhoods that have been part of "Israel proper" for more than fifty years.

Western Countries Have Provided $1 Billion to Anti-Israel Orgs Over the Past Decade

The NGO-Monitor report was published ahead of a special Knesset conference on the de-legitimization of Israel.

ADL Report: Students for Justice in Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace Top Drivers of...

Seventeen colleges brought BDS measures up for a vote by the student government in 2020-21, and 11 have passed them.

Big Four Auditors Ditch NGOs Listed as Terror Groups by Israel

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Ernst & Young Global Limited will no longer audit the Union of Agricultural Work Committees or Defense for Children International Palestine.

How Embarrassing! Left-Wing Org Promotes Arab ‘Victim’ Who Turns Out to be a Terrorist

The wounded Arab “farmer” touted by Yesh Din was a terrorist who had stabbed a soldier and served time in jail.

Watch: Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict Brings Out the PLO Flags in Brooklyn Demonstrations

Riots and looting broke out around the country in response to the not guilty verdict.

UConn Hillel Accused of ‘Islamophobia’ by Newspaper After Countering SJP Rally

Members of Hillel and other pro-Israel campus organizations set up a table with literature on the outskirts of the rally to challenge the one-sided anti-Semitic narrative of Students for Justice in Palestine.

Gantz, Lapid, Hail Conviction of ‘Human Rights’ Activist Who Raised Funds for PFLP

The cynical use of human rights organizations as a cover fuels terror ism and hurts organizations that do real work for civil society.

79 Groups Urge Virginia Tech to Protect Jewish Students after Graduate Senate Approves Pro-BDS...

Virginia Tech’s Graduate and Professional Student Senate members implement the academic boycott on campus and in their own classrooms.


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