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Dear Progressive Diaspora Jews,

I feel for you.


First you broke with your religious friends. You decided that Orthodox Jews were homophobic and against the broad LGBT+ community. In Israel, they were portrayed as sucking off the system and not paying taxes, while in the US they did much the same, while denying young children a proper education.

Then you purged your right-of-center family to gain alliances. You and your comrades labeled the right-wing “racists,” and refused to have them to your house or dine with them anymore.

You gave up your Jewish homeland, buying into the narrative that Israel is some version of “European settler colonialism.” You joined calls to boycott the Jewish state, its institutions and people.

In doing so, you unwittingly gave up your heritage and history. You absorbed the narrative that Jews have no place on “Arab land” and don’t belong in the region.

The embrace of all of those approaches was summed up in supporting the ban of Jews from living in the heart of the biblical homeland. You even supported blocking Jews from visiting the holiest place on the Temple Mount, and to pray there, upset that Muslims found it offensive.

Having shunned former friends and family, history and heritage, religion and rights of Jews, you joined your left-wing brothers in all of their causes. Having passed the indoctrination ritual of shedding any particularism and “privilege”, you thought you had clearly earned the right to be called a Socialist comrade.

You even joined anti-Israel groups like J Street and New Israel Fund which pour millions of dollars into campaigns to make Israel appear racist, and successfully got minorities and LGBT people into positions of power.

You even excused your intersectional brothers who called you out as the “enemy” despite your support. You internalized that if minorities were still calling you an enemy after everything you had done, it was evidence that you needed to do more.

But now, after the October 7 Hamas massacre, they have asked you to forsake your humanity. To excuse the beheading of children and burning families alive. To ignore the rape of women and killing of old people. To turn a blind eye to the torture of innocent people and abduction of hostages.

New York Times on October 21, 2023 about Progressives bemoaning the treatment by their intersectional allies after the brutal massacre of 1,400 people in Israel

As your “allies” celebrate the most vicious cruelty to Jewish men, women and children, you pause to think that despite shedding almost every Jew and Zionist from your life, your intersectional brothers still see you as a Jew unless you can join them in cheering the slaughter of Jews and destruction of the Jewish State.

You watch as some fellow Jews like members of Jewish Voice for Peace jump that challenge and cozy to the jihadists. But you pause. Isn’t this obviously morally repugnant you ask yourself?

Your socialist and radical Islamic brothers have killed more than your left-wing friends at the Israeli dance festival and beheaded more than just innocent children in their homes.

They destroyed your faith in a manner more cruel perhaps, than Nazis burning Jews in the town synagogue. Those European Jews had community and faith when they perished. But you, you stand alone and naked as they butcher everyone you know.

I do not gloat. I am not telling you I told you so after I’ve shown you what THEY say and believe for years.

I know that you and your friends painted the “right wing” as irredeemable monsters long ago. But we never abandoned you.

Please come back. Mourn with us. Help identify our dead.

You need to sit shiva too.

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