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On November 19, 2015, a Palestinian Arab murderer shot up cars in the Gush Etzion district of Judea and Samaria. Among the three Jews that were killed in that incident, was an American citizen who was studying in Israel for the year.


Ezra Schwartz was an 18 year old from Sharon, MA. He went with some friends to bring food and candies to Israeli soldiers who were guarding an intersection where three Israeli boys were abducted and killed in July 2014. On his way back to school, he was shot and killed along with others while sitting in traffic.

The New York Times did not think much of this Jewish American teenager.

The story of the murder was placed at the very bottom of page A6. There was no accompanying picture. No caption. No one saw this American victim of Palestinian Arab barbarity.  As a matter of fact, if you wanted to know the name of this American victim, you would have to wait until the tenth paragraph of the article.

NY Times November 20, 2015, page A6


This was in sharp contrast to how the New York Times covered the story of an American Arab who was beaten up while engaged in a riot in Israel.

On July 7, 2014, the New York Times placed a large color picture on the front page of an Arab youth surrounded by policemen.  The caption read “Tariq Abu Kheidar, 15, arrested in the unrest, is a cousin of the victim and was shown on a video being beaten by Israeli officers.” Tariq led the world news, on a day when over 100 people were slaughtered in various attacks.


The beating of an Arab American who participated in a riot got front page attention, while the murder of a Jewish American who was simply riding in a car got nothing.

The New York Times has a long history of ignoring Israeli deaths and highlighting Palestinian injuries as detailed in the articles below. The New York Times has extended its bias against American Jews as well.


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  1. there ought to be an objective journalistic panel to review the NYT's disgusting and outrageous fabrications. Are they so big and powerful, they can scorn and ignore the masses.
    enough is enough! If they can't be expected to deliver objective facts, then legal action should be taken.
    if legal action cannot be taken, then there should be protests in the streets against such blatant anti-Israel and anti-Jewish
    fictions. in addition, countless phone calls to the NYT should be made ongoing until they begin to see the light and if that does nothing to the bigots of the press, we must persuade their advertisers to reconsider using this horrific Israel hating rag for their marketing purposes. The NYT proved itself a worthy candidate for Jew hatred during WWII and in this age, they should no longer be privileged to continue its pattern of offensive 'journalism' against Jewry and Israel.

  2. Come on people. The news is the least reliable source of information. Who gives a hoot about the NY Times. Don't read the garbage they print. Have they forgotten the Twin Towers and all who died and who was responsible. Don't acknowledge the existence of these trash newspapers. Bit credit those who do actually report the news as it happens.

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