Photo Credit: Saul Jay Singer
Eastern European immigrants reciting Tashlich at the Brooklyn Bridge and accompanying prasim. The verse below is from Micha 7:19: “Hurl all our sins into the depths of the sea.”

For the sin of negotiating with terrorists;

For the sin of not criticizing an ally because I was desperate for their support on other matters;


For the sin of staying in organizations that despise me and my values;

For the sin of not clearly condemning Holocaust deniers;

For the sin of not doing more to oust radical anti-Zionist politicians;

For the sin of not doing more to oust radical anti-Semitic politicians;

For the sin of ignoring vile of antisemitism fostered by minority groups;

For the sin of allowing a noxious political party to grow and gain power;

For the sin of not writing Congress to condemn the United Nations ignoring the use of children as soldiers

For the sin of not writing to the media which falsely portrays Palestinians as seeking peace rather than the fact they are longing to murder Jews;

For the sin of donating to groups that foster terrorism against Jews;

For the sin of not lobbying to shut down UNRWA;

For the sin of not internalizing the ‘Settler Intifada‘ resisting Arab terrorism in the proportionate manner suggested by the UN;

For the sin of not speaking truthfully about counter-terrorism;

For the sin of ignoring the growing threat from a ‘Global Intifada’;

For the sin of giving platforms to anti-Semites;

For the sin of visiting countries that continue to vote against Israel;

For the sin of equating Muslims and al Aqsa Mosque with Jews and the Jewish Temple Mount;

For the sin of not loudly calling out antisemitism in all of its manifestations;

For the sin of paying for antisemitic media;

For the sin of not protesting the ban on Jews praying on the Temple Mount; 

For the sin of excluding Jews from diversity programs and victims of preference;

For the sin of fratricide, killing and excommunicating a fellow Jew;

For the sin of ignoring the horrible spike of Palestinians killing Israelis;

For the sin of allowing violence to reap rewards;

For the sin of treating racism and antisemitism differently;

For the sin of not putting oneself in Israel’s shoes;

For the sin of ignoring the ties between antisemitism and anti-Zionism;

For the sin of fumbling activities of Israel and the diaspora;

For the sin of collaborating with The New York Times in attacking Hasidic schools;

For the sin of equating Jewish connection with Israel to migrants entering the U.S.;

For the sin of equating the fear of Jews going to pray and Muslims going to pray;

For these things related to the Jewish world, please pardon us

For letting my shaymos pile up unceremoniously;

For swiping a machzor from the shul and not returning it on time;

For missing tashlich because of the rain;

For enjoying warm vacation weather and beach, instead of feeling like I left Egypt on Passover;

For eating in a non-kosher restaurant with clients eating only lettuce and telling them I wasn’t hungry, rather than state I only eat kosher;

For swearing off any additional COVID shots without a bli neder, when I have no idea about the future

For these sins related to my faith, please pardon us

For being so slow in Whatsapp tehillim groups, and repeating a chapter already claimed, disrupting the flow;

For comparing my state-of-hair to those my age;

For telling people I no longer drink alcohol, while they are enjoying a drink;

For the sin of posting too many pictures on vacation;

For rubber necking transgender people;

For abruptly ceasing casual shabbat shalom kisses in synagogue without explaining the reason;

For taking off extra days from the office when getting covid the third time;

For not helping enough people in their job searches;

For speculating why a couple I only know casually filed for divorce;

For not including everyone, especially the younger people, in shabbat lunch conversations;

For these sins related to community, please pardon us

For typing @everyone on Facebook;

For connecting to people I don’t know on LinkedIn;

For trolling people whose political views I disagree with;

For posting pictures on Instagram with a fish face;

For these sins related to social media, please pardon us

For lying to my spouse about my weight;

For checking out my ex’s social media;

For never kissing my mother-in-law;

For spending time in bed on my cellphone rather than with my spouse;

For these sins related to family, please pardon us

For playing with the latest AI in a non-PG way;

For putting halavah in the refrigerator;

For binge-snacking when the spouse leaves the room;

For not exercising enough;

For wasting money buying the latest iPhone;

For standing in a line outside to buy… anything;

For talking to too many people, for talking to too few;

For doing too much, for doing too little;

For all these things, please pardon us


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