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Khorramabad, Iran.

A strong explosion was heard on Saturday night in Khorramabad, a city in northern Iran, population 350,000, Tasnim reported.

The explosion shook homes and caused panic, but no injuries or damage to property were reported.


Iran International reported that, despite official denials, “there is a significant Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp missile base in the city,” explaining the reason for the explosion.

Iran International also reported that one person died and four others were injured in an explosion at Iran’s southern refinery of Bandar Abbas on September 22. A similar incident took place in July in an oil facility in Bandar Abbas, when three petroleum product reservoirs belonging to the Aftab Oil Refining company caught fire which caused unspecified damage.

Over the past three years, numerous unexplained explosions and fires have taken place at Iranian military, nuclear, and industrial facilities, as well as pipelines and refineries.

On January 28, a huge fire erupted at an Iranian military industry factory following a suspected drone strike in Esfahan.

On September 24, Tasnim reported that Iranian intelligence forces thwarted a plot to carry out a string of terrorist bombing attacks in Tehran, arresting dozens of elements linked with ISIS.


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