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UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon in Israel, July 23, 2014

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The obsession of the United Nations with Israel is well documented.


Various UN bodies sanction Israel in every session over any real or perceived issue. Meanwhile, the organization ignores mass slaughters and human rights abuses that occur daily throughout the world. When well-meaning people point out the singular focus on Israel, the Israel-bashers contend that such complaint is not a defense- it is just “whataboutary”.


If black people in Missouri were pulled over by police at 70 times the rate of white people, the police department would come under attack for abusive and discriminatory behavior.

If a particular person with financials similar to other people, was audited by the IRS every year, the agency and government would be investigated.

Just a few examples of UN uniquely targeting Israel:

  • The UN created a unique organization, UNRWA, to handle refugees from Palestine/Israel while every other global refugee is managed in an under-funded, under-manned separate agency. The UN compounds the abuse by only allowing descendants of UNRWA to receive aid, while denying descendants of the rest of the world’s refugees any support.
  • The UN has more censures against Israel than all of the countries of the world combined.
  • The UN only condemned the nationalist movement of Israelis as “racism” while ignoring nationalism of other countries
  • The UN censured Israel when the Israeli Prime Minister visited the holies spot for Jews during regular visiting hours, but didn’t say a word while some countries were slaughtering thousands of people.

A First One Through video about the many actions and sanctions against Israel, “I hate Israel – the UN told me so”


UN Human Rights Council: 56 out of 103 resolutions against Israel.

UN interpreter surprised by number of anti-Israel resolutions:



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  1. the UN is a disgrace to common logic.Israel one of the smallest countries in the world with atrocitries being done to them and all around the world by the animals that control the minds of the UN. It is time to ask the UN to leave the US and we should stop supporting them.

  2. Israel's only rational response to the U.N., every time they the Islamists force through yet another condemnatory resolution, is to calmly cite these overwhelming facts and statistics, and point out that no one can take such a biased organization seriously.

    Don't think Israel should dignify or amplify these absurd and bigoted accusations by even responding. Just keep pointing out the obvious bigotry and explain therefore Israel is unable to participate.

    And maybe "the U.N. and France" should decide what the U.S. borders should be, including all the land ripped off from France during the Louisiana Purchase!
    (and of course a ban on building in Washington, D.C.)

  3. EXCELLENT …. Now if we could just get this information to be embraced by the rest of the world, including those in the U.N. Sometimes I really believe that it is not the Truth these Anti Semitic, Israel haters want…. for the bottom line to all the accusations is not the FACTS…. it is their Hatred for the Jewish People. And as long as that hatred lives within their hearts, they can never see nor hear the Truth. Shalom Achi

  4. How is Israel supposed to get any good reports when they are out numbered by hatred in the UN. Some of the largest countries are anti Israel. Such bull is being spilled all over the place and all the UN is doing is adding to the fire. I realize that we are taught not to hate, not to be the way the other countries are, but right now I want to do to them all they have done to us and then some. Do they not realize the trouble they are causing us? The more lies and garbage being sad the more people will be thinking that we are exactly what everyone has been saying and honestly it becomes very scary to show what we are plus living in Quebec, Canada we have it via 2 sides and who knows how many other sickos will come out of the wood work. PS: I wish the UN would keep all their comments to themselves as they have no genuine idea of what is really happening and they are only making things worse. I think UN should now stand for UNUNITING NATIONS

  5. The U,N a Forum for the Muslim countries and other Jewish haters, who are obsessed by the Jewish people and Israel, shows how important we are regarded, that they spend most of their time debating and voting against Israel, on any pretext they dream up.

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