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New York Times Jerusalem Bureau Chief Jodi Rudoren

I have often criticized the New York Times for slanting ‘news’ stories as well as for its consistent anti-Israel bias in editorials, selection of op-eds, columnists, etc.

Now the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) has prepared a study of the Times’ content that they argue demonstrates that the newspaper is as bad or worse than I’ve said:


The dominant finding of the study is a disproportionate, continuous, embedded indictment that dominates both news and commentary sections. Israeli views are downplayed while Palestinian perspectives, especially criticism of Israel, are amplified and even promoted. The net effect is an overarching message, woven into the fabric of the coverage, of Israeli fault and responsibility for the conflict.

The summary (the full report, with detailed data will be available soon) lists several newsworthy  topics — the peace process, the Mavi Marmara affair, the ‘siege’ of Gaza, violence and incitement in Israel and the territories. It argues that the Times’ coverage of these has been biased to the extreme. It also notes that editorials and articles chosen for the op-ed pages have been almost entirely anti-Israel — some totally irrational, such as a remarkably ugly piece by an anti-Israel extremist that “characterized Israel’s tolerance toward homosexuals as a devious ploy to conceal abuses of Palestinian human rights.”

There is no doubt in my mind that the data will confirm rigorously what I noticed years ago and continue to notice: that the New York Times has chosen the path of dishonesty and even deliberate defamation, over responsible journalism. They are not disinterested observers of events; they are fighters in an information war.

I think we must draw a distinction here between the normal political ‘slant’ of an editorial policy — all media have them — and a sustained policy to abet the assassination of a nation. I am entirely serious when I say that the difference between the New York Times and Der Stürmeris one of style and degree. The intent is similar.

“Oh, come on,” you say. “Don’t be an extremist yourself. It’s just the usual liberal bias.” No, it isn’t. It is a sustained campaign to establish certain false propositions in the minds of the public — an educated, influential segment of the public. These beliefs are intended to influence policy, in a way which will directly damage Israel’s security. The New York Times is doing its best, in other words, to get people (Jews) killed.

Here are some of the false propositions that are repeated, over and over, in the pages of the Times:

  • The conflict continues because Israel is not prepared to make peace with the Palestinians.
  • Any defensive action in the face of terrorism is collective punishment of Palestinians.
  • Any defensive action that hurts Palestinians is disproportionate.
  • Israel’s government is an extremist right-wing regime.
  • Israelis in general are racially prejudiced against Arabs.
  • The security fence is a land grab.
  • Israeli Jews have no right to live beyond the Green Line.
  • Eastern Jerusalem is “Arab Jerusalem.”
  • ‘Settlers’ are terrorists, Palestinian Arabs are oppressed.

The objective of this propaganda is to make it harder for Israel to defend itself against terrorism and war, and to facilitate diplomatic pressure to reverse the outcome of 1967. Of course, once that is accomplished, it will be the results of 1948 that will be placed under pressure.

I could go on. I could speculate about the motivations of the editors and publishers. But wondering about the motivations of their enemies is a Jewish disease.

What we should do is to stop giving aid and comfort to them. To stop subscribing to this newspaper, even if we like the book reviews or sports articles. You wouldn’t make donations to Hizballah, right? Then don’t buy the Times.

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  1. The header says it all. There is no difference between the Episcopal owned NY Times, and its sister paper the gaza based nazi owned haaretz.

    From before the Shoah, the publishers have been on a rampage of histrionics condemning all things Jewish. For over 60 years the publishers and their offspring (which proves racism and Antisemitism is a learned belief) never missed a day where there wasn't an attack on Israel and/or Jews on their front page AND on their editorial pages while fabricating their lies and refusing to print corrections when they have been exposed. The publishing family finally couldn't contain their Jew hatred and converted (and we Jews are grateful) to the Episcopal Church – one of the most notoriously Antisemitic religions in the world where they felt so at home.

    On the bright side, they are losing hundreds of millions of dollars, and like their gaza based affiliate, are laying off large chunks of their employees. Carlos Slim, the new major investor in the Times, who has invested over $100Million in the past year, has stated he will not continue to infyse the money loser with cash. Once the infusion stops, the presses stop rolling and the lights get shut off.

    I await that day! They are in a great midtown location that would make great apartments.

  2. Jews in Fresno? Seriously, a better argument can be made that all those points whoch Mr. Fresno considers to be lies are mostly or completely true and several are backed by international law. But to compare the NY Times with There Stürmer? Please! I would sooner compare the Jewish Press with There Stürmer except that I'm sure There Stürmer would not publish any of my critical comments.

  3. It always amazes me how neo-nazis tend to migrate to Jewish web sites to spew their venom. Must be they know that we have a history of Freedom of Speech and are stupid enough to let them post their Mein Kampf quotes

  4. Who needs Mein Kampf when there's the Jewish Press and the likes of you and Vic to provide the quotes. Seriously, why haven't you two made aliyah? I know, you feel more comfortable and can make more money here and you don't speak Hebrew. Also, you might have noticed in, dare I mention it, Ha'aretz, that a poll shows that 40% of Israeli Jews would jump at a chance to emigrate.

  5. I just might start subscribing to the NYT.It is getting so old to read where anybody or anything that is against the Jewish agenda in Israel is antisemitic and against Israel in general.That is a false premise and it needs to stop.After all the Jewish people pride themselves for their intellectual capacity.I would hope that entails rational comprehension not based on any bias.

  6. We appreciate you provided your source – the gaza based nazi owned haaretz. You may want to revisit that poll: your beloved neo-nazis that publish it have already been forced to recant their "conclusions" – only a few days after posting it – when they were proven to be lies. This is NOT the first time the nazis ran a "poll" which was then proven to be pure fabrication. Let's see why: The "poll"offers no stats as to how many were polled (my guess only the staff in gaza was polled), accurate margins of error, and who was polled. If they polled the Arab sector mainly, which shcoken believes are the only "legitimate" residents, then we can see how he skews numbers.

    On the bright side, BOTH haaretz and the NY Times are imploding into bankruptcy. I shall pop the champagne. By the way Jeff, I find it funny that you neo-nazis always come to Jewish sites to spew your venom. Can that be that we the Jews still believe in Freedom of Speech whilst your people only believe in the Freedom of the ovens?

    (I don't speak Hebrew? Actually I do – fluently! As I do Spanish, English and 2 other languages. But then, seeing your beliefs, you are not comfortable with exchanges with those of us that are better educated then you) But then all your ilk knows how to do is make ASSumptions and then attack with venom all those that force you out of your neo-nazi closet!)

  7. Remember that the publishers of the NY Times are NOT Jewish, contrary to popular beliefs. But then, Lawrence, I see you are an aficionado of Antisemitism. You routinely use Press TV as your source – yes the same Press TV that demonizes not just all things Jewish (including their repeated Holocaust denial) and all things "infidel." But no surprise given Press TV is owned by the Iranian government and run by the ayatollahs.

    So query me this Lawrence: Why do Jew haters like you keep coming to Jewish web sites to spew forth? I would love to see you make some comments on Press or Ma'an about how they treat "infidels." You'd be banned in seconds. But then, your being here let's us know what our enemies are thinking so keep writing.

  8. While anti-Israel reporting may make some Jews uncomfortable, the fact remains that among the world's top media outlets, the NY Times is one of the most trustworthy. The fact that you don't like the so-called spin doesn't make the journalists and editors of the Times "wrong." Some people just hate the mainstream media; Zionists, meet Tea Party crazies and fundamentalist bigots.

    If Israeli leaders didn't do stupid things that perpetuate this conflict, then we could blame the Palestinians; sadly, Jews shoot themselves almost as often as Arabs shoot at them with stupid government policies directed more towards reelection than reconciliation.

  9. All you have to do is understand Israel's laws and policies to know that they follow in the footsteps of some of the Third Reich's laws and policies which translates to anyone supporting Israel as a racist state is condoning other racist states, be it past or present.

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