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    A Very Bad Weekend

    It looks from here like a really bad weekend in Israel. Some 40-odd rockets were fired from Gaza at southern Israel within 48 hours,...

    Who Shot Them? A Series of Posts On the Nakba Day Shootings

    The teenagers in the video, then, were either injured non-seriously by rubber bullets, or faking for the camera.

    US Reform Jews Following Same Path as in 1940s

    The liberal wing of the Jewish establishment in the US is following the same path as it did in the 1940s.

    Lessons from the Latest Tragedy

    When will the State of Israel decide the Palestinian Arabs are a hostile enemy and treat them as such?

    Sandra Korn’s Academic Totalitarianism

    The fact that she chooses a boycott of Israeli universities as an example of a just limitation of academic freedom is a perfect example of the defect in her approach.

    Banana syndrome at the URJ

    Israel is an independent sovereign state, and it should not be treated as a banana republic.

    A Reasonable Alternative

    The survival of the state requires control of Judea/Samaria and a primarily Jewish population without hostile elements.

    Who’s the Real Illiterate?

    Unfortunately, some people are still in the dark about the significance of this, and similar acts.

    Barry Rubin, Scholar and Friend

    This is not a post that I wanted to write, though I knew it was coming.

    ‘Highest Levels’ of US Administration Deny Jewish History

    The U.S. government is tacitly agreeing that the historical truth about the Jews and Israel is inimical to “peace.”

    Thoughts on Nelson Mandela and Israel

    Peres chose the uranium because Israel needed it to survive.

    How to Keep a Sovereign State

    Incitement against Israel has reached a fever pitch, and PA officials are not even pretending to want to stop it.

    The Capitulation Administration

    The ‘test’ Mr. Kerry wants to perform is to weaken sanctions in return for promises and actions that will not materially affect Iran’s progress toward a weapon. That isn’t a test — it’s a capitulation.

    Syria, Iran and US Policy — What It Means for Israel

    The bad news is that Assad’s Syria is a pipeline of all kinds of support from Iran to Hizbollah.

    Show Me your Fatwa!

    The Iranian regime apparently believes that its frequent repetition of the “fatwa” lie will make it be accepted as truth.

    A Nuclear Iran: Get Used to It

    Two days before he spoke, Rouhani reviewed a missile transports parade in Teheran with the slogans “Death to America” and “Israel should cease to exist.”

    Keep Israel Out of It

    It is not Israel’s job to “help sway members” of Congress.

    Syrian Crisis Not Serious (Yet)

    President Obama feels boxed in by his ‘red line’ promise.

    Why I am important

    Not a peep was heard a few months ago when Israel announced that it would build housing for Arabs in the same area.

    Bibi’s Choice

    The U.S. is furious over the release of one Mexican drug lord, imagine how they would react if 104 “violent butchers” were released from prison.

    Cancer Imagery and Jew Hatred

    The idea persists, despite the fact that — by any objective standard — the behavior of Israel is anything but expansionist and invasive.

    Dear Mr. Prime Minister, You Betrayed Us

    Netanyahu betrayed the families of the victims of these terrorists, who were shot, burned, stabbed, blown up and beaten to death.

    Why Bibi Wants a Referendum

    He who gets to write the questions, wins the referendum.

    US Backs Wrong, Evil, Horse in Egypt

    For Obama, the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood attained power in a more-or-less free election, outweighs the fact that their political principles are thoroughly anti-democratic.

    These European and American Ideas May Be Dangerous to your Health

    A state that requires sacrifice from its people to survive, will only get it if there is a compelling ideological motivation driving its citizens to make the requisite sacrifices.

    Why the World Loves Palestinians

    In 100 years, there will be 116 million Palestinian refugees!

    Khaybar, Khaybar ya Yahud

    The series is explicitly intended to demonize the Jews as an alien race hostile to Muslims and the welfare of the world.

    The Idiocy of the ‘Two-State Solution’

    It has always fascinated me that those calling for a “two-state solution” seem to believe that once an agreement is signed and the IDF leaves the territories, then there will be peace.

    More Things to Come — in America

    Shortly after Clinton’s election at the tail end of the Israeli-Hezbollah war of 2016, Hezbollah activated several terrorist cells in the U.S.

    British MP Still Angry about 1948

    A pity he didn’t get his arrogant Jew-hating head blown off, in my opinion.


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