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IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Yair Golan

The following was the contribution to Holocaust memorial day by Israel’s deputy chief of staff, General Yair Golan:

“If there is something that scares me about the memory of the Holocaust, it is the identification of horrifying processes that occurred in Europe in general and Germany in particular – 70, 80 and 90 years ago – and finding evidence of them here among us, today, in 2016.”

He and his boss wasted no time before casting the soldier who killed the terrorist in Hevron as public enemy number one.  Yes, as a general he knows an enemy when he sees one…


I don’t know if there is any link to his world view, but I would mention, just in passing, that he was the supreme commander of Judea and Samaria when the greatest crime perpetrated against the land of Israel and its people was carried out, oh so very professionally in during the 2005 forced expulsion.

Ten thousand Jews,. men, women and children were dragged from from their homes, including thousands in “his” Samaria. The land–including dozens of our synagogues–was then left to our sworn enemies ( Kristal Nacht…? )

Yes, one of the commanders and architects of the infamous Jewish expulsions is very scared today. He fears we are beginning to look like Nazi Germany. You know; those folks that expelled Jews from their homes.

He is concerned about certain “processes” in Israel today. Maybe he is concerned that Jews are finally coming out of their brain washing stupor and starting to shout ,” I can’t stand it and I won’t take it any more”!

Increasing numbers of Jews no longer feel guilty for hating their tormentors, for not turning the other cheek, for making generalizations…. They no longer feel ashamed at their rage as they begin to see what has been foisted upon them for so long. The “New Middle East” is not what they were promised by the General and other Shimon Peres wannabes. The king has no clothes and neither do some generals. Some of these generals, acting like politicians are losing their traditional luster in the eyes of the people.

Sad, but true, Israel has not won a war since 1973. Israelis are told that we are living in a time when military victory is impossible. We must “absorb” and acclimate ourselves to the blows of our enemies.

The sacrifice of ones life to maintain “purity of arms” is among a soldier’s highest deeds and strength ( I wonder how many soldier’s parents were polled on this one..?) There is no enemy to vanquish, just contain and not infuriate them too much..

It has come to a point where hardly a Jew in Israel does not know personally of a murdered or maimed fellow Jew by the same ones that the good general does not want to over react to.

No wonder there is a strong and loud back lash against this noxious comparison between what happened over there in Nazi Germany to our people by the worlds worst monsters, and the “processes” that concern the general in Israel today.

Mr General, go collect your pension and allow healthy Jews to lead our country.

We know why we are angry and are not ashamed of it. We know how our Torah teaches us to deal with our enemies in our land. We need no advice from you or from an ‘oh so caring world.’

Go home. You will have plenty of time to reflect on your greatest victory and finest hour – in the summer of 2005

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