Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90
Mass prayers at the Kotel in Jerusalem on June 14, 2014, for the three Kidnapped Boys.

Wouldn’t such Achdus be even more inspiring if all of observant Jewry could listen to each other and respect our differences? And maybe even take suggestions from each other for improving our lives as well as improving our Avodas HaShem?


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  1. Let us to forget who we are, Jews are the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Our ancestors sinned and were exiled from their lands for two thousand long and miserable years. We collectively went from massacre and torture to oppression and coercion. Now in His great kindness, G-d has decided to bring us back to our lands. Let us learn from the mistakes of those who preceded us. We must maintain our unity, our national purpose and our loyalty to our Creator. In this manner we can only succeed in redeeming our ancient lands.

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