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Is There Still Bipartisan Support for Israel?

I thought that this is a new low for the Democratic Party. Israel no longer enjoyed universal support in congress. That support now existed only among Republicans.

Emes Ve-Emunah: Why I Am a Jew

I too have questions. And like many, I too have not found satisfactory answers to them all.  And yet I remain true to my faith.

Emes Ve-Emunah: Drive-by Murder of a Yeshiva Student

I doubt there is a single parent that ever feared anything remotely like a drive-by shooting would ever happen to their child. 

Emes Ve-Emunah: The Only Solution is a Federal Mandate

Both Pfizer AND Moderna have said that we will all need a 3rd booster shot before the winter. 

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield

If we can’t make them realize the folly of their ways, we can at least try and stop them from profiting from it

True Believers and Extremism

The question is why? Why is the Taliban so successful? This brings me back to extremism.

Of Classrooms, Basketball Courts, and Hana Szenes

Bet Shemesh Mayor Aliza Bloch has fired the Charedi members of her ruling coalition.

Kiddush HaShem in the Midst of a Tragedy

It’s difficult to place any kind of silver lining on this event. People are still suffering...There is no sliver lining for them. But I believe that a Kiddush HaShem should be made public. There are two of them I’d like to highlight.

Diplomacy is Never the Answer to Religious Fanatics

I see no difference between Hitler and Raisi. Other than the fact that Raisi sees eradicating Israel a religious obligation. Even if means mass murdering Jews. In my view this makes him more dangerous that Hitler

Biden’s Attitude Towards Israel

There are others on Biden’s foreign policy team that also hostile to Israel.

The End of an Era

What about religious issues? Clearly some of their coalition partners are not too thrilled about religion playing any part in government decisions. They see Charedim as an impediment to that.

An Unprecedented Tragedy in Israel

So I am not against having this event every Lag B’Omer. I am only against having crowds of this magnitude there. The chances of a tragedy like this happening again can be avoided or at least minimized.

Emes Ve-Emunah: Will Identity Politics Destroy Us?

This is no way to run a country. True leaders need to be color blind. You look for the best people and hire them

Has Antisemitism Become Acceptable in America?

How does antisemitism fit into all this? Unfortunately antisemitism is becoming acceptable as part of the ‘woke’ culture

A Bad Decision by the Israeli Supreme Court

Israel is both a democracy and a Jewish state. But by their decision, the Supreme Court has moved the needle. They apparently place more importance on being a democracy than they do on being a Jewish state

The Yahrzeit of COVID

I just wanted to reflect on how devastating this disease has been to the world in general and to our community in particular.

Is SNL Antisemitic?

Does SNL owe Israel and the Jewish community an apology?
Orthodox-ordained Rabbi Steve Greenberg officiated at a same-sex wedding ceremony in DC.

Will They Ever Learn?

Leaders of the  Conservative Movement keep thinking they are going to innovate themselves out of the mess they got themselves into

Danny Thomas, The Steipler, and Rabbi Dr. Twerski

Danny Thomas was more than just neutral about the Jewish people. He showed kindness and sensitivity to the plight of a Chasid-- Abraham J. Twerski.

Changing Role of Women in Judaism

I often wonder if the sages were transported to the world we live in today, would they even recognize it as in any way Jewish? I am not talking about modern Orthodox Jewry. I am talking about the world of Charedim.

Jared Kushner’s Legacy

If Kushner epitomizes incompetence and mediocrity, we could sure use a lot more of it!

Emes Ve-Emunah: The Promised Land in ‘A Promised Land’

Lipman's critique is limited to Obama’s discussion about Israel. And it is not flattering to say the least. In fact it’s a pretty scathing attack against the former President which might explain some of his policies towards Israel. Especially near the end of his term.

Emes Ve-Emunah: A COVID Thanksgiving

Although we could not attend those weddings, we are so grateful for those blessings.

The Toxic Culture of Sexuality

What is seen in movies and on TV or is heard in song, or reads in books - is all too often emulated by the viewer.

Emes Ve-Emunah: Trump? Or Biden?

While his words and demeanor hand have been the opposite of our ideals, for Orthodox Jews the President’s policies have been more supportive of them than any other President in American history.   

It’s Not His Fault!

My answer is simple. Unless you think all the Europeans responsible for the massive COVID numbers are MAGA people - the facts speak for themselves.

Is Orthodoxy in Danger?

Dn’t believe that Orthodoxy is doomed. We are not all going to have some kind of epiphany and reject our beliefs. Even if our questions and challenges remain unanswered.

The ‘Absolute Morality’ of Liberal Orthodoxy

Liberal Orthodoxy is now the Torah of the left. It is a doctrine that is constantly being heard on campuses all over the land. A philosophy reflected by the media with little to no opposition.

An Unprecedented Orthodox Divide

The pandemic has divided the right wing Yeshiva world even more, in unprecedented ways.

About Last Night…

s Biden the lesser of two evils? Probably. But the lesser of two evils is still evil. I am probably one of the very few voters that has not made up their minds yet


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