Media Bias and Political Partisanship

Media reactions to Trump's speech show that the they have completely lost their credibility.

The Problem with Modern Orthodoxy

How do we educate parents to take their Judaism more seriously and with more enthusiasm so that they can pass that on to their children?

Charedi Bashing

Of course this is not the first time the Charedi world responded to a crisis in order to benefit all of society. (Not just themselves as is often asserted by Charedi critics.) This also happened in Monsey, New York several months ago.

Some Good News in a Year of Bad News

The more Arab states that make peace with Israel, the less support Palestinians will get for holding on to their unrealistic version of a state.

Democracy Under Siege

I am discouraged. Is this the end of America as we know it? ...the America I know and love?

Is Israel and its Police Antisemitic?

Something for both sides to consider especially during the 3 weeks

Racism, Antisemitism, and BLM

To suggest that Orthodox Jews are alone in this country (or at least in Brooklyn as the title of her piece says) is just as false

The Defiant Ones


One Torah – One People

There is not an iota of real difference between the way Torah is studied in the Beis HaMedrash of YU and the way it is studied at any other Yeshiva. It is more than time that Modern Orthodoxy is treated like an equal among equals and given the same prominence they give those to their right.

The Ties That Bind

What unites us as observant Jews is far greater than what divides us. In that spirit I have to say I’m pleased.

Emes Ve-Emunah: Science and Creation – Not a Contradiction

There is no contradiction between scientific theories of evolution and the existence of God who created the universe. Scientific inquiry and study can perhaps determine 'what' happened - and when it happened along evolutionary time. But it cannot determine 'how' it happened.

Ordaining an Openly Gay Jew

What Rabbi Landes has done does damage the institution of the rabbinate. Ordaining a publicly gay man that lives with another gay man is a violation not only of the traditional image of a rabbi - it in effect says that a man who lies with another man as with a woman - a cardinal sin - is nevertheless an acceptable religious leader.

The Injustice of Moral Equivalence

The media coverage is so consistently biased against Israel, I’m surprised that there aren’t more Americans that blame Israel for all that’s wrong in the world.

Poway and Jews in America

The Jewish community has not yet fully recovered from the mass shooting of Jewish worshipers in Pittsburgh and something like this happens. That is enough to traumatize Jews all over America. Should we be worried? Are we re-living 1930s Germany?

Emes Ve-Emunah: A Breathtaking Distortion of Chanukah and Judaism

Chanukah is not a holiday about our violent intolerance of others as Binyamin Zahav seems to suggest. It is a holiday of freedom from anti religious tyranny imposed by a kingdom bent on eradicating our faith and traditions.

Emes Ve-Emunah; Rav Avrohom Chaim Levin, ZTL

Rav Levine was a Gadol. He exemplified the Midah of Emes and he openly stood his ground on principles in which he believed - even when challenged.

Refuting a Rebuttal

There are people on both sides of the ideological aisle that insist that their perspective trumps the other. Those scientists that are not guided by faith will discard everything that science contradicts. Those that insist on the literal interpretation of entirety of the Torah narrative will deny the science no matter how clearly the science is demonstrated as fact.

Emes Ve-Emunah: The Truth about the Gaza Protest

What is Israel supposed to do? Bring their own slingshots and Molotov cocktails?! Of course they are going to protect themselves and the rest of Israel in the most efficient way possible. All while respecting human life.

What Modesty is, and What it Isn’t

Should it take a secular newspaper--the Wall Street Journal-- to give us Musser about what Modesty really means? I really think we need a little self-examination about what motivates our consumerism these days.

Blaming the Wrong People

Admittedly, the optics are bad. Viewing this event out of context does make Israel seem trigger happy. But it is imperative to look at the historical context of this situation and see who is really to blame for the very real suffering of Palestinians living in Gaza.

Emes Ve-Emunah: A Win? Or a Defeat?

Progressive Orthodoxy can afford to retreat. Not because they have won, as they think but because they have lost even if they don’t realize it yet. If they insist on maintaining this new innovation of 'women rabbis; they will eventually write themselves out of Orthodoxy

Emes Ve-Emunah: Polish Death Camps

Except for the righteous gentiles among them, the Poles were perhaps the most eager participants of all nationalities in helping Nazis send Jews to the death camps of any other country.

Emes Ve-Emunah: Israel Must Remain Orthodox

"Though I may disagree with some of the things Rabbi Riskin has done of late, when he’s right, he’s right. And when it comes to whether Israel should remain an Orthodox state, I couldn't agree more that it should."

Emes Ve-Emunah: #MeToo? Really?

Rabba Hurwtiz is wrong in blaming opposition to women being in the Rabbinate on a pre-existing male power structure. Poskim of virtually every mainstream Orthodox organization stated that women cannot be rabbis and serve in that capacity regardless

What Now?

One can say whatever they wish about the President or his ulterior motives. But one cannot deny the significance of what he has done for the Jewish people.

Emes Ve-Emunah: What They Really Want

Thought the fight over the Kotel was about egalitarianism? Wrong. Conservative leader, Rabbi Steven Wernick, has made that very clear: "The issue is about legitimization, it’s about recognition,"

Emes Ve-Emunah: An Unbridgeable Gap?

Why do committed Liberal Orthodox Jews have more of a propensity to be less observant? I believe they generally see values other than those of Torah overriding traditional Torah based ones - whenever they conflict

The Fallacy and Destructiveness of Stereotyping

I think we should all just step back from our prejudices about those outside our camp, and see the world for what it really is a collection of human beings whose character ranges in the same ratio with respect to the entire spectrum of ethics, honesty, and kindness.

Will ‘A Jewish Father’ End Up with Jewish Grandchildren?

Taking your children out of a religious school and placing them in a secular school - even a good one - should never be an option. Because if you care about their religious future at all

Orthodoxy Needs a Legitimate Left Wing

Orthodoxy must retain Jews in ways that do not compromise Halacha and do not cross the important lines of tradition. That is how the left wing of Orthodoxy used to be. but is no longer-and that is why a true left wing must emerge


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