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The air and streets are alive with pro and con talk of judicial reform for the past 3 months already and the end is nowhere in sight. Demonstrations, strikes and condemnations from world leaders are all part of Israel’s change of government and its declared program to make Israel truly representative of all its citizens taking into consideration two conditions: A Jewish State and a secure country for all its residents.

However, this idea was not so simple. Seventy-five years of Leftist control of all civil, military and judicial activity suddenly came to an end, and before the world would wake up, the elitists in Israel decided that they cannot allow a Right-wing government, and world powers, to take control of its liberal and democratic nation. They believe that only they are qualified and entitled to this authority because of their history of political, military, economic and social order built on the body of Ben Gurion, a known Socialist and anti-Torah leader.


But a lot has changed since then. Many “Zionists” are now living in the comfort of other nations, having replaced their socialist ideology for a capitalist one, proudly singing Hatikvah in social gatherings and visiting Israel conveniently for family or political occasions.

Determined to build a new Jewish state on the ashes of Auschwitz, Israel was more a place of refuge than a promise of return They were determined that no Jew would ever again surrender its identity to others and were  even willing to defend it with their lives  life if necessary.

But that was 75 years ago when they were in control! Even the Begin government of 1977 was more of an accommodation than a transfer of authority to the “Right”, since they retained control of most of Israel’s military, financial and Histadrut-owned entities as well as the courts.

And while until recent developments when religious considerations would be endured on a “status-quo” basis, ingeniously engineered at the State was established, this cherished tolerance was suddenly being challenged as the Torah factions grew disproportionately with the 25th Israel election, even as the anti-Torah “Zionists” were basking in the pools and discos of California and elsewhere.

My heart soared at the clear sign of the beginning of shichrur hanefesh, as Reb Chaim zt’l explained. The “heart of stone”, that is the Left, was removed from the body of Israel at last, making room for the “heart of flesh” that will replace it and moving one phase closer to the final phase Yehezkel Hanavi promises klall Yisrael at this time in Redemption.

But panic held sway! As the reality of a pro-Torah government sunk into the hearts and minds of the anti-Torah opposition in Israel, as well as throughout the world who still cannot accept Torah miSinai, ghosts of an halachic state and/or a less liberal one wherein Israel would officially be declared a Jewish state within halachic parameters, where additional ethnic and national groups would be welcomed under its aegis.

Looking at the political reality in Israel and throughout the world today where “democracy” dictates, I must be the greatest fool or the biggest believer בעל מאמין to put my thoughts on paper at this turning-point in destiny! Governing from reactions on the street and in the news media, it looks like the Left is destined to rule Israel in the short run even after Torah people won the election. Nevertheless, I’m putting my money on Torah as not only true, but exact and irreversible as we move on towards the promise of Malchut bet David.

But they have the power and the money?

We have Nevua.

They are controlling the military and police?

We have the “man of war” the איש מלחמה.

We voted for the right and got the Left?

It’s not over yet!

I believe the Netanyahu government will prevail, despite the overpowering odds against his political survival.

I believe that after this temporary pause in judicial reform, it will eventually pass in some form or another as the government continues to promulgate other changes in “laws” of Israel that have been corrupted to favor anti-Torah demands.

And in the end, I believe, Israel will be redeemed through the justice the Torah demands and not political pragmatism, justice fitting the Children of Israel back in their homeland after such a devastating Galut!




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Rabbi Yehuda Schwartz discusses current issues on Eretz Yisrael from a Torah perspective gained from the many years drinking from the wellspring of the Great Gaon Harav Chaim Zimmerman, זצ"ל.