Despair of the Seculars

"The seculars in Israel, are interested in eliminating the Jewish being entirely without a trace of Torah." -- R. Chaim Zimmerman, zt'l

Two-Part Natural Redemption

Before the Moshiach will come, justice will return to Israel, followed by righteousness.

Hatred of Torah (Part 2)

Our generation has failed to adequately explain the pivotal place of Yeshivot today in the Redemption.

Hatred of Torah (Part 1)

The hatred of the am ha’aretz in Israel today towards the talmid chacham, is really his hatred of Torah that the religious person chooses to live by and give his allegiance to.

A Heart of Flesh

We are privileged to be living through one of the greatest moments in modern Jewish history with a pro-Torah government without a Heart of...

Zeus and Lebanon’s Stability

It is only a scant few months when headlines blasted across Israel and world media on the controversial signing of the US-brokered maritime border deal between Israel and Lebanese governments.


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