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When I was privileged to experience President Trump moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem, effectively proclaiming to the world that Jerusalem is capital of Israel, my heart rejoiced at the liberation of the body of the Land of Israel that it signified to the world.

It testified to the reawakening from the slumber of thousands of years of the dry bones waiting for Israel’s children to return from their extended exiles and rebuild our holy land, culminating with the re-establishment of the Kingdom of the House of David, soon and in our day.


It was the geshponga, that final hammer blow, in reaffirming Jewish sovereignty over Eretz Yisrael and a statement to the world that indeed Jerusalem in its entirety belongs to the Jewish people for eternity forever. It is Jerusalem that represents the soul of our nation and the epitome of kedusha necessary before Israel as a nation, can fulfil its prophetic destiny for all mankind.

In my flurry of excitement at the outcome of the Knesset vote on changes in the judiciary, dramatically broadcast to the entire world, I was again privileged to witness that this change ushers in the beginning of the shichrur hanefesh, naturally, without open miracles, required to fulfil klal Yisrael’s destiny in this world.

According to Reb Chaim zt’l, “hashiva shoftenu ke’varishone, is the turning point in Israel’s natural redemption, without open miracles, and building up to a renewed Sanhedrin.

In the many thunderous changes now advancing in the Knesset, Israel’s self-proclaimed and autonomous judiciary in practice for the past 30 years is coming to an end. It is the dawning of a true democratic judicial government with justice for all and not only the self-appointed elitists of past Labor governments.

Wrapped in this reform package will also be halachic changes, beginning with returning the power of the batei mishpat in Israel to once again judge matters as the request of both parties, and not only in the Israeli courts as was the case until now. Also, bringing or serving hamets in the hospitals will now be subject to the approval of the rabbinate under special conditions. As I write these words, the Hametz Law is currently being voted on in Knesset. It is fitting for a Jewish State to have communal Jewish issues under the aegis of the Chief Rabbinate where it belongs

May G-d grant me many more years now to continue witnessing that rebuilding process of the neshama of Eretz Yisrael first through mishpat and only then Tzedek.

As David Hamelech wrote (Ps. 94:15) “Ad Tzedek yashuv mishpat ve’acharov kol yishrei-lev! Before the Moshiach will come, justice will return to Israel, followed by righteousness.

Tzedek is alluded to be a pseudonym for Moshiach, as in Tzemech Tzedek, the title borne by the old Lubavitcher Rebbe, long believer in the coming of the Moshiach. Indeed, some of the last Rebbe’s followers advocate that he is the one who will be resurrected as the final  Moshiach! Fantasy!


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Rabbi Yehuda Schwartz discusses current issues on Eretz Yisrael from a Torah perspective gained from the many years drinking from the wellspring of the Great Gaon Harav Chaim Zimmerman, זצ"ל.