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Ultra-Orthodox and secular Jewish men go nose-to-nose in Jerusalem

{Originally posted to the author’s website, Inspiration from Zion}

We are a tiny tribe.
Threatened from all corners of the earth, from near and from far.
We are Jews.


So few. So threatened.
So brilliant and yet so very stupid.

Our enemies laugh while, instead of uniting against them, we fight amongst ourselves.

I follow the religion more correctly than you!
I am more modest than you!
I am more studious than you!
I am more Zionist than you!
My physical strength protects you!
My spiritual strength protects you!

It goes on and on…

Our friends shake their heads in wonder.
And our enemies laugh.

The Jew says: “I am modern! I belong to the world! I am first German/American/Gay and Jewish second.”

The enemy responds: “You don’t belong to the world, you belong to Israel and we feel Israel is vile. You can march with us, but only if you utterly reject your Jewishness.”

I have heard Olim tell diaspora Jews that they are superior because they are “true Zionists”.
I have heard diaspora Jews tell Israelis that we should be grateful to them, do as they say because they contribute money to Israel.
(I have heard both tell non-Jews that they cannot be Zionists because they are not Jewish)

How do any of those attitudes help?!

There are so many of them and so few of us.

We are the Jews.
Together we are indestructible.

Of course, our enemies want to divide us. They would much prefer that we stay weak.

But why do so many Jews collaborate, participate eagerly in this damaging and dangerous game?!

Our enemies laugh, knowing that there are those amongst us, working from within to weaken the tribe.

History has shown that the Jewish people are invincible – accept against the enemy from within. Baseless hate. Jealousy. The desire to receive credit for achievements. The desire for political gain.

All somehow couched in terms of “I do this because I care…”

Pushing someone else down to make yourself feel superior is the action of an inferior personality.

Jew working against Jew is, in the long run, suicidal and potentially genocidal.

It is time for every Jew around the world, and every friend of Jews, to call for unity.
We must stand together. Opinion may differ but family is an unbreakable bond.
We are the Jews.

Our tribe is small and every member is needed.

Those who live in Israel must protect Zion from within. Those who live abroad must protect Zion from without. Each does what he or she knows how.

We can all do more, do better.

If only we would all be decent people first.
“Decency precedes the Torah”. Of all the enlightening revolutionary ideas, our tribe has brought to the world, if we only learned that one lesson, dayenu.


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