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Normally, I wouldn’t care to write this. I would ignore you like I do the other members of the small, but rabid and vicious, young, self-hating, American Jewish community who pop up here and there to scream and yell and wear keffiyehs and write patronizing and ignorant articles and tweet nonsense that no one notices, but you are different. You have been thrust onto the national stage as a “director of Jewish outreach” for the Bernie Sanders campaign, and for anyone who knows what you stand for, that should read like a The Onion headline. Normally, I try and keep infighting in the Jewish community to a minimum, L-rd knows we see a lot of it. But you are a rotten apple, with the ability to ruin the whole bushel, and you must be called out. You will be known to large swaths of the American population as a “Jewish representative,” and that fact makes my stomach turn. What you are saying is not new, not innovative, nor progressive or cool. You are not a great Jew because you call other Jews “yids” or have bagel and schmears on Sundays. You are not open-minded because you went to Berkeley, a bastion of anti-Semitic hatred in the bleak and anti- Semitic UC system. You are somewhat more notable because of the extents to which you have gone to try and destroy Israel, I will give you that. You joined (and led!) blatantly anti-Israel groups, you wrote anti-Israel articles, heck! You even opposed university legislation trying to curb campus anti-Semitism! So when I say you are similar to other self-hating, liberal Americans of Jewish lineage, I don’t mean to demean your efforts- you are certainly at the forefront of this vile movement. You must be, or I don’t believe Mr. Sanders would have chosen you for your current position.


But this letter is going to focus on the Facebook message that is now making the rounds (I’ve inserted it below for whomever reads this and is unfamiliar) on the Internet- and I’ve included the uncensored version you posted first, not the sanitized version you edited once you realized that the original version might come across as, well, insane. Kudos, by the way, for not letting your political aspirations keep you from voicing your truth. Before you changed your truth to suit your political aspirations.

We can start with your beautiful summary of my several-times democratically elected Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Aside from being a war hero, a scholar, a head of state and someone you’ve never met in your life, you use the most nasty language to discuss the leader of an ally of the United States. The biggest ally in the Middle East, incidentally. It may have missed my attention, but would you please direct me to any similar posts calling out Bashar Assad, who is implementing genocide on the Syrian people? Did you write a similar rant about Khaled Mashaal, Mahmoud Abbas, Hassan Nasrallah, Ahmedenijad, Khameini- you know, leaders who are promising the death and destruction of your fellow Jews, both in Israel and abroad? I would love to see the tweets and Facebook posts you wrote railing against the incitement of Palestinian leadership that has caused innocents to be stabbed and run over and shot with abandon here in Israel these past 5 months. Oh, you haven’t? Only Bibi is singled out and told “f— you”? Nice.

You talk of Bibi’s fear mongering. Fair play, coming from some American Jew ensconced in Berkeley or NYC (where I’m from, actually!) Tell me, would you have the gall to say that to my face as I sat in my building’s bomb shelter, praying for my life, 4 days after I moved to Israel and made it my home. Would you say Bibi is a fear-monger to the thousands of children from Sderot, Ashkelon and Ashdod who live with PTSD at age 5 because they have lived under the wail of a siren from incoming rockets their whole lives? You know, ever since Israel gave away Gaza in hopes of peace, only to watch their greenhouses turned into rocket launchpads and tunnel-building sites for Hamas? Would you like to go to Sderot and tell those people that Bibi is an ultra-nationalist, blood-lusting, fear-monger who only wants war? I dare you.

Let’s move on to him “sanctioning the murder of over 2,000 people” in a “brutal military occupation.” I’m going to go out on a limb and say you probably are not a big fan of the IDF. You probably love “Breaking the Silence” and whatever anti-Israel former soldiers who decide to put the love of leftist American Jews, before loyalty to their families and country. I am nothing like you. I love the IDF, the most moral army in the world. Aside from the fact that many past and present members are family and friends of mine, I know who and what they are and I am so proud to have them to defend me. Let me tell you who they are. They are generally 18-21 years old men and women, who have been drafted and asked to give up a chunk of their young lives to protect their family and friends. They are essentially kids who realize that to live in a Jewish homeland, one needs to make sacrifices. Some of them will die. That is a tragedy. I mourn for each life lost like I would my own family member. And I know that if there was no Arab threat to Israel, none of them would ever be killed. They exist because we are under constant threat in Israel and have been since before 1967, before 1948 and before 1929. Either you are entirely ignorant of history, or you are willfully ignoring it. This isn’t about Gaza, or 2-states, or even our one state. It’s about our existence, in Israel, in America, on this earth. Yours and mine, actually, as we are both (inexplicably) part of the same Jewish people. I’m just not naive enough to think hugs, kisses and capitulation will change reality.

About the Iran deal. How dare you gamble with my country, my people and my life because you think Obama knows better than Bibi about what’s best for Israel. Let’s say you’re right (you’re not). Why is Bibi wrong for taking Iran at their word that they want to destroy Israel. It’s a matter of public record, in video and print. They want Israel off the map, they will have the tools to do it, an infusion of US cash and they are run by radical mullahs. Why shouldn’t Bibi do everything possible to protect his country? Why should you, some know-nothing leftist, sitting safely in hipster Brooklyn think you know anything more that a certifiable genius with mounds of intelligence in front of him? Who ARE You?

I will end with how you signed off. Unfortunately, you are a leftist American Jew who cares more about literally everything than Israel and your people. It is evident from everything I’ve read about you (considered me obsessed with you, but not in a good way). You speak for a loud, arrogant, willfully ignorant group of disillusioned young Jews who are regrettably growing in ranks.

You are so dangerous to American and world Jewry, you can’t even imagine. I do hope you see the error of your ways, as you call yourself “a thinking person “although I know you won’t. I see you rising in the self- hating ranks in your future career- I’m relatively certain there’s a lot of money and prestige in selling out Israel at every turn.

But please know that as loud and vocal as you will be in your life, calling for boycotts, giving anti-Semites ammunition against American Jews and shaming our nation; I will be here on the other side, defending Israel, our people and our right to exist, just as strongly and with the might of right on my side.

JPreess Online blogger Jordana Brown proudly waving the “Blue and White”

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Jordana is a right wing, Zionist young woman who made Aliyah single from NYC in the summer of 2014. Follow her adventures through Aliyah and life...


  1. I went to high school with this horrible creature. She has been to Israel hundreds of times, lived there for several semesters in high school and college. She is a disgrace to the Jewish community, she should know better. UC Berkeley brainwashed her!

  2. "you are a rotten apple, with the ability to ruin the whole bushel, and you must be called out."

    Brava, Jordana. It is you who are the true example of a young, proud Jewish woman. Not this sorry excuse of a leftist idiot who has been selected by the Jew hating Jew, Bernie Sanders, as his emissary to the Jews.

  3. Because the democrat machine is consciously blind to what really goes on in Israel, the only people that will read this letter are the true lovers of Israel. It's a shame that this is only preaching to the choir. Too bad so called liberals aren't required to read Jordana's response before supporting Sanders or Clinton. They prefer ignorance.

  4. Bravo Jordana for speaking truth with a heart. These people are not 'Jews by choice'. The people at the foot of Mount Sinai 'chose' to be Jews. She is not one of them. She, like Chomsky and Finkelstein, and Sanders, and so many others are the modern Court Jews who use their so-called Jewish lineage just to get social acceptance.
    They have no independence of mind. They just go with the mob, no matter how ignorant or evil that mob might be. Human history is full of them. The Nazis counted on people like them to get their power.

  5. How else these perei adam – 1/2 animals, half inhuman – can succeed if not by attacking Jews, it has always worked with tsarists, nazis, spain catholics, portuguese catholics, arabs who conquered north africa and ensleved the jewish polutations, et al. This ugly phonemen falls in the most despicable categories on this planet. Less than animals that respect their kin. Jerks of this calibre won't be able to open their stiking mouths outside of the US, let alone in an Arab country which she is working for.

  6. What's most despicable about Bernie Sanders in his choice of Simone Zimmerman for "Jewish outreach" is that Sanders didn't intend her for Jewish outreach at all.

    He did this for Muslim outreach in a city, New York, where he already knew he would not be getting much Jewish support.

    The afternoon of the day he announced the Zimmerman hire, 12 liberal Jewish Democratic members of the NYC Council jointly endorsed Clinton for the primary.

    By contrast, the anti-Zionist Arab neighborhood rep from Queens, Linda Sarsour, very enthusiastically praised Sanders — and believe me that she will be getting out the anti-Zionist Arab vote for Sanders in her district in Queens.

  7. Thank you, Jordana, for stating what most of the world's Jews would like to say to this piece of filth, Simone Zimmerman. There is no anti-Semite so evil as a Jewish anti-Semite. If, heaven forbid, we Jews ever vanish from the Earth, it will not be at the hands of Egyptians, Romans, Russians, Germans or even Arabs/Muslims. It will not be by crusades, pogroms or even holocausts. Indeed, it will not be at the hands of non-Jews, but by the enemies from within, the Simone Zimmermans among is. Unfortunately, their numbers are ever-increasing. Evil Jews such as this must be confronted frequently and harshly, as you have done here. Zimmerman should never be allowed into a synagogue, Jewish Center or Jewish cemetary. She should never be allowed into the State of Israel.

    Thanks again. BTW, I just read that Zimmerman has been suspended from her position as Sanders' "Jewish Liason". And comments like yours helped accomplish this.

  8. a Facebook post in which she used a vulgarity and described Mr. Netanyahu as “arrogant, deceptive, cynical” and “manipulative.” She then used more aggressive language and continued that he had “sanctioned the murder of over 2,000 people this summer.” She's right, of course.

  9. Thank you for this well written article about the vile anti-Semite, Simone Zimmerman. Bolshevik Bernie has apparently fired this stupid girl but the fact that he hired this nasty creature in the first place is one more reason why the pied piper of pipe dreams and blood libels against the Jewish state is unfit to ever be in the Oval Office.

  10. what does it mean to be jewish to you?..jewish blood? about your country..u.s.a. ,talk about your president,,enjoy getting along with your dear friends the leftist american "jews"
    leave the real jews worry about israel and their president, they voted for him in a democratic nationsanders the lunatic and you the stupid deserve each other

  11. The absolute stupidity of Zimmerman and those who support her is mind boggling. If they had any brains, any knowledge, they would know that under International Law Israel is not occupying anyone. The world has it backwards and that's bad enough, but when foolish, though probably well meaning, useful idiots start to parady our sick world's reasoning, that's too much. Hey idiot Zimmerman and all those who support her, why not look up real international law that emanated from the San Remo Resulutions in 1920 and see who is really occupying who. If you go by the law and law alone, it is clear that Palestinians occupy Jewish land and not the other way around. I don't care that Obama, the UN and others say differently, they are also unaware of the law or choose to ignore it. I expect that from much of the world but I don't expect it from those who profess to love Israel.

  12. I think it's a mistake to label Zimmerman and Jewish people like her as self-hating. I think it's just the opposite. Her self importance says that her opinion represents not only herself, but those of her generation and background. It would be laughable if it wasn't so sad. If you would like to figure out how she became this way, look to her parents and the decisions they made for her education and her surroundings…. just another entitled child who never really grew up. A child whose outbursts have gotten her fired. In Simone's world, it's all about Simone.

  13. I would like to add that America Jewish community is a copy of the German Jewish community price Hitler time. Above sixty % interested marriage. Hate any thing that smells as jewdeism. Will try to destroy Israel and as the German Jews vote for Hitler the first time around so are all thise like Simmons. It happened Iin Bavel. It happend in Paris the argument between Rabbi Yochanan from Paris and amumar jewelry. In the Inkeviztzia in Spain again a mumar jew. I can count endless numbers of so call Jews that their biggest purposes in life was to destroy jewdeism. They probably will do the same thing to their grand grandparents. It is as they say the same " lady" different clothes. We will survive it as our grandparents survive it. The question is always what is the price

  14. As others mentioned I also do not think there is any point wasting too much effort on Ms. Zimmerman.
    What I would like to say is that Jordana's letter proves "being Jewish" is much more than simple heritage or keeping certain fashionable customs.
    Being Jewish means a very deep emotional state, belonging that transcends time and space.
    It means an unbreakable commitment to the unity and mutual responsibility our forefathers pledged to at Sinai, which unity and mutual responsibility has been the lifeline of our Nation.
    Whoever disconnects from this, or turns against it loses much more than simple political support or respect.

  15. Legume Duprix she attended a private school that catered to jews. there is a difference. in place of a proper torah education, she was given the concept of "tikun olam". to simone, israel was all about going and planting trees. she has no concept of the jews as a people, or eretz yisrael as the home that hashem has given to us. and so, she is a product of a failed system. and unless the conservative movement's leadership wakes up from their slumber, there will be many more simone zimmermans coming from their ranks

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