Photo Credit: Courtesy of NY Consulate General of Israel
Elan Ganeles, who was killed in a terror shooting in the Jordan Valley, February 27, 2023.

Letters to the EditorLos Angeles TimesDear Editor,Elan Ganeles the most recent victim of Palestinian terrorism was a dual Israeli American citizen, but unlike Shireen Abu Akleh who was a dual Palestinian American citizen, the FBI, Washington Post, CNN and the New York Times will not initiate an investigation into the circumstances of his death. Members of Ganeles’ family will not be making the rounds of Cable news channels pursuing condemnation of Palestinian terrorism, and unlike the hysteria over Akleh’s death, the UN HRC will not hold a year of rage against Palestinian terrorist gangs. It’s a sad day when the world can’t muster an ounce of sympathy over the murder of an innocent Jew but goes into a full court press over the death of Innocent Palestinians. And we wonder why there is such a huge rise in antisemitism.Sincerely yours,Larry Shapiro

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