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Dr. Anthony Fauci's

April 25, 2021

Naomi Wolf


Dear Naomi,

Tony Fauci can’t catch a break. Trump influenced his followers to hate Fauci to the extent that he is under protection following death threats by white Nationalist goons who believe that Fauci is part of the apparatus that wants to take away their guns and cancel their freedoms by having to wear masks. And now here we are with the great Naomi Wolf on the left with her own conspiracy narishkeit about how Fauci is has been bought out by the malevolent Jewish state that for some reason feel that curtailing people’s freedoms will make it more popular.

You have just proved that conspiracies are not an exclusive mental disorder suffered by people on the right but by left-wingers too whose obsession with Israel has turned their brains into porridge leading them to blame all the world’s ills on those hook nosed, money lending controller of governments.

As for Tony Fauci. If you knew anything about medical science and Anthony Fauci’s contribution to curing AIDS and his historic work on infectious diseases, you wouldn’t question his large salary and position in government, you would send him a casserole with your thanks for his service and put on your God dammed mask.

Larry Shapiro


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