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Sarah Halimi was tortured to death and thrown from the balcony of her Paris apartment by a Muslim assailant chanting Koranic verses on April 4, 2017

His Excellency
Emmanuel Macron
President of France

Dear President Macron,


The Court of Cassation’s Supreme Court of Appeals upheld rulings by lower tribunals that a killer of a woman should not stand trial because he was too high on marijuana to be criminally responsible for his actions. This is a terrific gift to criminals who can avoid going to trial for their crimes by smoking a couple of joints right after they commit their crimes.

Here is a wonderful irony so reflective of French culture. In France, Marijuana is illegal for personal use so criminals who use it in large quantities before or after they commit crimes to avoid prosecution can achieve immunity by committing another crime.

Vive la France without criminal prosecutions.

Respectfully yours,

Lawrence Shapiro,


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