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'All you need is love."

(From the pen of the ever-sardonic. master of mayhem, sire of sarcasm, Larry Shapiro)

Scholars for Peace in the Middle East
PO Box 2241
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004


Dear Scholars,

I note that you carried out an online program called World Crimes in which Israel’s crimes were highlighted. For reasons of security, I can’t tell you how I discovered this information, but out of respect for your good works would like to share a brief list of other Israel crimes for your curriculum.

The Israeli Department of Health issued a bulletin warning Israeli Jews not to use the blood of Muslim children for their Passover baking. The reasons given were that Palestinian blood is contaminated because of centuries-long inbreeding that according to the Department of Health exposes Israelis to birth defects and lower IQs.

Another crime while not exactly perpetrated but which reveals Israel’s racist ideology is the refusal by IDF soldiers to rape Palestinian women and girls. The military’s code of conduct booklet states that Palestinian women are not hygienic and must be avoided. This is nothing but abject racism. Palestinian women are better looking and cleaner than Israeli women.

Another crime is the systematic interdiction of Palestinian prisoner’s sperm that is smuggled out of Israeli jails to the wives of prisoners so the wives can get pregnant and give birth to babies often called Triumph, Hero, Noble Valiant and Plucky.

Another crime never reported is how clandestine Israel policemen and women cut the brake lines of Palestinian vehicles resulting in Palestinian cars and trucks accidentally running into groupes of Jews resulting in the execution of the drivers. This totally relives Israel of any responsibility for the summary execution of Palestinian drivers.

There a number of other Israeli crimes I could tell you about but for the sake of brevity have only chosen to share these few.

Good luck with all your endeavors.

Larry Shapiro,


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