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Beth Hillel Temple on August 26, 2020.

If Not Now

Dear Members of If Not Now


Re: Your validation of the vandalism of the Kenosha synagogue.

I was relieved to learn that you withdrew your criticism of the vandalism of a Kenosha synagogue because upon second thought the spray painted slogan, free Palestine appealed to your better angels. I agree that Kenosha’s Jews are entirely responsible for occupying Palestine particularly my 90 year old aunt Sophie who brings her soft cookies (kichel) to those praying in the sanctuary. Many years ago Aunt Sophie bought some State of Israel bonds to give to her nephews and nieces for their bar and bat mitzvahs. Little did she think that her support would lead to Jews stealing blood from Arabs to use in their Passover baking. I’m sure the spray painted message on the synagogue will teach her a valuable lesson.

I need some advice, I was walking in our city center and was approached by a large man carrying what looked to me like a semi-automatic rifle. Upon noticing my chai bracelet he stopped me and asked if I was a Jew. When I said yes, he reached into his backpack and pulled out a yellow star armband told me to put it on. He warned me that if I took it off I would be dealt with. I haven’t had it off for several weeks even in the shower. What is your advice to me? Should I take it off and hope we never run into each other, report him to the police who I worry are white supremacists themselves, or just move to another city.

Thank you for your help.

Sincerely yours,

Larry Shapiro
Address withheld over fear for my safety.


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