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Department of Social and Cultural Analysis

New York University


20, Cooper Square, Manhattan, New York, NY, United States

Dear Members of the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis,

We are very proud of you for boycotting your satellite campus in Tel Aviv to protest Israel’s  human rights violations. We are heartened that our American brethren are actually doing something to put those Israeli Nazis in their place.

Maybe once your Tel Aviv campus is closed, you will be able to save substantial  amounts of money. We are desperately in need of funds to continue providing pensions to the families of our martyrs and heroes who have perfumed our sacred earth with the blood of Israelis. Israel has cut these funds off, and the world community has been very slow to provide financing for this program.

Having the support of the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis gives us the energy and inspiration to carry on, but without funds to pay families to eliminate the Yahuds, we are helpless to defend our honor.

Dear NYU professors, it is not enough to boycott the Zionist Entity. That only requires cancelling trips and lectures. You must provide funds to help us carry on with our work.

Respectfully yours,

Ismail Abu Ali

Chief Financial Officer

Palestinian Martyrs Pension Fund

10122 West Arafat Lane,

Ramallah, Palestine 2119


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