Photo Credit: Camera
Billboard posted by CAMERA during a previous Hamas war against Israel.

Nicholas Kristof’s thesis is basically, yes Hamas attacked Israel in a brutal manner, but did Israel have to respond with such force. Perhaps Kristof should consult with John Spencer, a retired military officer who is the chair of Urban Warfare Studies at the Modern War Institute at West Point. Spencer has stated that Israel has done more to prevent civilian casualties in Gaza than any other known army in the world. He has compiled all the actions taken by Israel to protect Gazan civilians. I urge Kristof to avail himself of this information before carrying on with his Israel is murdering innocent children shtick. One more thing. Children taught at an UNWRA school in Jerusalem are taught that stabbing Jews is the way to restore honor to Islam. Israel confronts a formidable populace devoted to killing Jews. I’m sorry this reality is absent from Kristof’s piece and from the New York Times editorial policy.  Larry Shapiro,


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